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Dallas Has No Hope Until They Become a Team

I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan for a long time and after this season I’m not ready to jump ship like some other fans have nor will I refuse to give up on a team I loved enough to get a tattoo of.   But for Dallas Cowboys fans the road between Superbowl wins seems long and winding and yes even for the old timers (older than I am) it probably seems so long ago since Dallas was on top of the world.  The cold hard reality is this team isn’t a team; it’s a group of individuals that collect money and show up for their stardom moments on television.


Yes, I said it.  I’ve spent the last week with no Cowboys football over-thinking things and one of the things that really popped in my head was the article on former safety Will Allen stating that there is a rift between players and the team is so micromanaged that they aren’t allowed to get close.  Yes that would be a big problem.


You see Jerry Jones has created a monster and sadly has begun to tarnish what was once a great franchise.  The Dallas Cowboys are no longer the distinguished “America’s Team” but more like America’s Circus.  Whether Jerry is sincere in his I want to win or if it only “entertainment” and he doesn’t care about his fans anymore, it’s obvious that this mindset of making money has trickled its way down to the players.


How can I say that? Quite easily, name me one player that has team loyalty?  If you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise (I only know this one because I’m related to Steeler fans) many of their players will take pay cuts to stay a Steeler because they have team loyalty and they have a team.  Dallas on the other hand, has players who steal money and run, like Anthony Spencer this season with his franchise tag.


See a pattern here? The team is a reflection of its owner and in our case, our general manager as well.  So until the Dallas Cowboys decide it’s time to become a team, Dallas fans can expect each season to be “groundhogs day”; the same song and dance over and over again.




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  • joerockt

    Three issues. JG has the personality of a wet noodle, not a leader of men. You have a QB that will always collapse under pressure. And you have an owner who refuses to not only recgnize these things, but recognize that he can’t continue to be GM by himself. The Al Davis syndrome has set in deep with the Cowboys.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Good article. Unless the culture of the Cowboys changes they will not be a winners. You can’t blame the players for adopting the mindset of the person who give them there paycheck.

  • SmartThinking

    You cannot hold making the most money a player can make during his short football lifespan against him. And you can’t equate wanting to earn big money with team loyalty. To make that money, sometimes a player has to go where the money is.

    I had a client tell me once about twenty years ago, ” If you want loyalty, get a dog.”

    Teams think nothing about releasing a player or trading him when he doesn’t perform to their expectations. Players playing quid pro quo is only fair, in my book. That’s what the term, ‘negotiation,’ means. That’s got nothing to do with” stealing money and running,” as you so eloquently put it.

    Hatcher and Spencer have given an awful lot of themselves for this team and, other than their pay checks, what have they gotten in return? Certainly no playoff opportunities. Isn’t that what these guys play their entire careers to achieve?

    You take a guy like Ratliff. He left abruptly in a cloud of controversy because Jerry Jones did something to him that forced Ratliff to make it plain that he’d retire before playing another down for the man. I put that squarely at the feet of Jones, not Ratliff.

    In my opinion, your expectations of professional football players are heavily skewed toward the management view. The average for all players combined is something like two and a half years playing time. For a whole lot of these men, if they don’t make all they can in whatever short time they have, they and their entire family might suffer for the next thirty years.

    So, who are you going to give up your body to? Your team. Or, your family?

  • RM

    Typical female thinking in this article, knows nothing.

    • Chris Dingman

      Typical comment from a nutjob that’s jealous that a female knows football better than him! It’s unfortunate that your shortcomings lead you to be a sexist prick! Kim was absolutely spot on with this post!

      • Denise

        Just proves how much an intelligent woman imasculates someone of your weak character.

    • Chris Dingman

      Keep em coming Kim! Don’t let miserable trolls like this punk get to ya!

    • Mary Smith

      Wow, knows nothing!? Are you serious? We have only had a hand full of players who were willing to renegotiate their pay to help us along in the last few years and that is a FACT. I really enjoy Kim’s articles and what she brings to thought. I tried looking up articles you had written but unfortunately could not find any. If you did not get any food for thought from that maybe it’s you who knows nothing.

    • Bill Daniels

      You obviously don’t know Kim. I’d be willing to put money that she knows much, if not more,about football and the Dallas Cowboys than you do. She’s spot on with the article, and you obviously know nothing about teamwork. Yes,i understand making all you can,while you can, but that’s not all she’s talking about here. Riffs between players, players basically stealing money and not performing (Miles Austin, Anything Spencer, Marion Barber…to name a few) will kill a team. Jerry, while a horrible GM…is a great owner and would Steinbrenner his payroll if it were allowed. He’s more loyal to his players than they are to him…to a fault.

    • Colleen Case

      When a man becomes intimidated by a woman’s intelligence his brain disengages from his mouth and tongue and he lashes out without thought. Obviously this is your problem RM. I would put Kim up against any 10 men you choose to answer questions about football and I would bet all my money that she would answer more questions correctly than all of the men put together. Kim is spot on with this article. I have been a fan of the Cowboys since 1960 and as much as I hate to think that such antics were going on within our club, I know it to be true and it saddens me. Yes there are one or two guys on the team that show that loyalty but it truly is only one or two guys. The team is just not in sync with one another. I hope they pull it together and that mentality changes, because I would love to see the team come together again and act like a team that cares about the star they wear. Look at Hatcher who is quick to say he wants to shop around for more money, rather than consider how he could stay with the team.

    • Sandy’s Wingingit

      Rudeness… How about presenting an opposing argument rather than throwing around some flippant, petty insults, so we can judge how much of a know-it-all you are?

    • April Shepherd

      Typical male…opening his unintelligent mouth when he should just sit back and be “pretty” because it is obvious you have not been following Kim’s blogs and know she knows football better than most men I know! Shhh..just sit back, read, and learn!

  • Earl Robertson

    You say you will be a fan no matter what that is great because as long as Jerry is alive you will be tested with your loyalty trust me

  • Denise

    I agree with you that Jerry just does NOT seem to care about the fans. If he did he would step off his high horse, fire himself and higher a REAL GM! I have been a Cowboys fan my entire life and will always be a fan, regardless of the tests Jerry puts us through. And in response to the comments, I guess anyone who has to attack the gender of a person and has no other imput but to say women know nothing, shows how lacking he truly is. Not a real man by any means. Have a nice day.

  • Juanito Juanito

    dallas cowboys, only business, if the owner only cares money, why the players should think different, no football, no playoffs, easy…………………………….super bowl ? cmon

  • Juanito Juanito

    jimmy johnson said, fear give you rings, friendly no ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • codyfoxwy

    There is not one owner in the NFL that does not want to win. They will obviously make more money if the team makes it to the playoffs. Why would an NFL owner not want to win? Did you not see his reaction when Orton threw that last interception? I have no argument against Jones being a bad gm. He has proven that year after year. The Cowboys are projected to be 20 million over the salary cap in 2014. This is the main reason good players are going elsewhere this year and next year. Some players get frustrated and leave, it happens. Jerry is a bad gm. All Cowboys fans know that. The lack of defense and being pass happy are the things that killed the Cowboys this year.