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Would You Trade Tony Romo for Johnny Manziel?

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Here’s today’s poll question:

Would You Trade Tony Romo for Johnny Manziel?

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Here’s my take:

“Yes, this is a bit of fantasy football. But I did write an article two years ago about how the Cowboys should have traded up in that draft for Standford quarterback Andrew Luck, if at all possible. And I think Dallas would be in a far better position today with Luck at quarterback over the aging Tony Romo. That being said, Manziel has more question marks surrounding him than Luck. And it appears most experts are simply polarized about the kid. Either he is going to be the greatest player ever or a bust. I like the kid myself. I think Dallas would be wise to trade Romo and their first round pick for Manziel, especially considering Tony’s age and recent back injury. It won’t happen, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great move for the future of the franchise.“

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  • Scott Aldridge

    I hope not but there would have to be a trading partner in the first 10 picks. Not seeing a team there who is a qb away from the Super Bowl and willing to take on that salary of a 34 yoa qb.
    Dallas needles to go dline

  • Old Frog

    Last year was the window to trade Romo. As Phil Simms said, “teams would have been doing cartwheels to get him”. This year not so much.

    • Chesney Blair


  • SmartThinking

    I’m indifferent on Romo. Some days, he’s the best there is! Hitting guys on the run and stomping the competition. Other days, he throws interceptions in the clutch and guides losing games by a point or two.

    But, here’s the thing: he’s kept his ego firmly in check and thinks of the team.

    In Manziel, we have a less than 6′ tall 50′ tall ego in the making. He can barely run. His throwing motion is worse than Tebow’s. It’s all about him, except when he’s on the field.

    The guy does pretty much everything wrong on the field … except he wins. Is he a pro-style quarterback? Nope. Is he a three or four- year project? Yep.

    Does Dallas have the luxury of taking on a one-man media circus and making him a Super Bowl winning quarterback? I say, not on your life. But Jerry functions in an alternate, bizarre universe where the boneheaded moves he consistently makes all make sense to him in some weird, self-serving way.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to one day see Manziel wearing The Star if, for no other reason, because it will put butts in AT&T Stadium seats, at least until the new wears off.

  • Jeff

    Trade Romo and a 1st round pick for Manziel?? Are you kidding me?? Manziel does not have near the arm as Tony and the defense still sucks. Sorry, Dallas needs to fix their defense, not their QB. Romo is 32-33yrs old, Manning is 38…Romo has plenty of year left on his wheels…

    • Pridenpoise

      Manziels arm strength is being compared to Favres, so get over yourself.

    • charles wright sr

      No keep romo and get johnny because not we still will be left with ore he suck he worst then romo.

    • Chesney Blair

      Romo is 34 and has had two back surgeries in the last two months. The difference between winning organizations and losing ones are the winning organizations know when to call quits with aging players. Do you think Romo has the same upside as Manziel? This is all a moot point though as no one is stupid as Jerry to honor Romo’s contract. Maybe the Browns.

      • Viper4

        You have no clue about the kind of surgery Romo had, do you? He was home the same day and research shows offensive lineman who had similar surgery but who place much more stress on their spinal columns because of their considerably heavier weight and consistent squatting returned to playing at a pre-surgery level for three years or longer. THREE YEARS.

        So, Doc, spare us your prognosis that Romo is done.

        • Chesney Blair

          I was pointing out his age and injuries as a sign of need to find an eventual replacement. There’s been talks that after the hit on NYG game he wasn’t the same and that he played with pain throughout the season. So you think we should just take your prognosis and not even look for a replacement for an aging quarterback? Not have a Plan B in the most important position in the NFL? Thank you GM Genius.

          • Viper4

            It’s not my prognosis: it’s rep[licated peer-reviewed research of NFL players having THIS kind of surgery–as I said offensive lineman–who take much more of a pounding every play than quarterbacks and who returned to their previous level of play as starters.

            And for what it’s worth, you did not say initially “look for a replacement for an aging quarterback.” You said, based on Ropmo’s injury, ”

            “…winning organizations and losing ones are the winning organizations know when to call quits with aging players.”

            Your intended meaning was clear: Jerry should cut Romo. And why: because he had two back surgeries. Apparently, the removal of the cyst hardly had a negative effect: Romo had 31 touchdowns, 10 picks, through for almopst 4,000 yards and had a quarterback rating of 98.7. Furthermore, he rated higher than five quarterbacks whose team made the post-season: Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, and Colin Koepernic.

            But I’ve digressed: you’ve backtracked at warp speed when confronted by the very good medical prognosis for Romo and now suggest you weren’t implying you want to cut him but a team needs a “plan b”.

            Obviously, which is why they have a back-up quarterback that is one of the best in the NFL but rolling the dice on Luck by trading Romo and a first-round draft pick
            or by cutting Romo is utter nonsense.

            You apparently don ‘t remember, either, when Darren Mcfadden was entering the draft with the same “can’t miss” status. In 2008, he was the biggest name in the draft and went to the Raiders with the fourth pick.

            Let’s see if he’s taken before Bridgewater and if he’s not, why not?

          • Chesney Blair

            Well since you are writing essays I will try to address your points one by one.

            1. I stand by my words. The reasons why we are in such a cap mess is Jerry’s doing. He signed and overpaid for players like Barber, Ratliff, Spencer and Austin and this lead to our current cap numbers. That is where I was coming from. I didn’t he should cut Romo immediately. I know the restrictions we have due to the money owned to him and the idiotic contract Jerry drew up last year instead of just tagging him. I was just saying that we should get Manziel if given opportunity or eventual successor to Romo. Jerry tends to hang on players too long. While Romo still can compete, he certainly was on a downward turn this year. I don’t care what numbers you throw, the only one that matters to me are wins, and he is just not winning enough chap! He misses open receives, his deep balls have been almost non-existent, and makes poor and asinine decisions in the worse situations. The last three years he hasn’t pulled out very good wins against good teams. He constantly loses to teams like Bears and Lions which are hardly world beaters. I only judge by what I see in games, and what I see is an uninspiring quarterback who is regressing. We had hard time defeating the woeful Redskins, Vikings, and Raiders. Do you actually watch games or just look at box scores? You can see what you want to see. Romo is thirty four, had two back surgeries which we don’t really know the true extent of it. As I said to you it has been speculated that he was in pain most of the season.

            2. We don’t have a great back up plan. We haven’t developed any quarterback behind Romo. Romo is not getting any younger, we need to find his eventual replacement.

            3. I don’t think anyone mentions Manziel being as lock as a a pick as Mcfadden. He is a good prospect. If you can get him where you are in the draft, or with minimal loss I say pull the trigger.

            4. I didn’t mention a trade with Romo. You are just going of the tangent making things up as you go along. I am all for moving up for a first and third for Manziel. You can have two quarterbacks in the roster you know. Actually it will be great getting Manziel, or any developmental quarterback in mid rounds. Hopefully it would give Romo an extra will to do better.

  • Pridenpoise

    This article was a good laugh, what makes you think, Dallas had any chance of getting Luck, delusions.

  • Juanito Juanito

    could be good for romo, to have a chance to win a ring, because with jerry jones he will never could

    • Chesney Blair

      Romo can never win a ring with or without Jerry. He simply doesn’t have it.

      • Viper4

        And I’m sure when Jerry bought the team you said, “This new owner is just what the Cowboys need. They’re going to be the first team to win three Super Bowls in four years.”

    • Viper4

      Another guy with supernatural powers. So, you can see the future, huh? Did you see Kurt Warner as a Hall of Fame quarterback when he was stocking groceries? Did you see Romo when Dallas grabbed him as a free agent breaking passing records held by Staubach and Aikman?

      But you can see now he just can’t get it done as a Cowboy. I guess you made a killing in the gold market during the housing crash, too.

      • Chesney Blair

        Since you are so high on Romo please explain what makes you think otherwise. Is it the one win during his ENTIRE career or the 3 8-8nseasons? Which one have you?

  • charles wright sr

    IfeeI we should keep romo and still pick up johnny. And move ore to third string.

  • Chesney Blair

    I might be wrong but I think the Cowboys will really really regret passing on this guy.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Would you trade Kate Upton for Nancy Pelosi? Dumbest question evrr

    • Viper4

      Dumb question. It depends on what I need. Do I need a beautiful face for a movie or a career politician who has proven she can play hardball with the big boys when tough legislation has to be passed?

  • Viper4

    That’s why this guy has a blog and not an office in any NFL organization.