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The Real Reason Garrett Remains Cowboys' Leader

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Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Fans arrive before a NFL football game on Thanksgiving between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at AT

After another heartbreaking 8-8 failure of a season, Cowboys fans are once again left alone in the cold by their team and owner.  Many are now scratching their head as to why Jerry Jones continues to back the failing Jason Garrett.

Count me in the category of 100% disgusted no change was made at the top.  It’s been 3 mediocre years.  Jerry Jones can use every excuse in the book for Garrett, but after 3 straight failures you simply are what you are.

In Jason’s case, he’s a 29-27 head coach.  Let’s create a scenario using safety Matt Johnson.  Matt has been injured and not played a regular season snap in either of his first two years with Dallas.

Management and the coaches are high on the youngster’s ability and that’s fine. However, what happens if Matt gets injured again before the 2014 season and is unable to compete?

Does the team keep him hoping a 4th year will change his luck?  The circumstances around each injured year were different.  Wouldn’t they take that into account? Absolutely not.  Matt would be cut so fast his head would spin.

The reason is that those involved with Pro Football determine that after 3 years you are what you are.  If you haven’t shown you can be successful in the league with one team by then, you are predominantly done.

So why does that not apply to Jason Garrett?  When did Cowboys fans begin to view 8 wins and missing the playoffs as a somewhat successful season?  The only difference between 6-10 and 8-8, is the 6-10 team gets a better draft pick.

Let’s take a real look at why Jason Garrett gets an unlikely 4th special pass from his boss and buddy Jerry Jones…

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  • Ivan

    Good article. I agree, as long as fans buy tickets and merchandise, Jerry is laughing all the way to the bank and there will be no progress of the Cowboys. I have been a Cowboy fan since 1962 (beginning of Don Meredith era and pre-Roger Staubach), but this days, I’m ready to cheer for the Rams. Of course, we could always stopn ling Jery’s pockets and then, he will get it.

  • SmartThinking

    8-8 next year? Take a close look at the schedule and make me believe Dallas will be better than 6-10!

    I agree with your analysis of Garrett’s position in relation to Jones, who is a bonafide ego-maniacal micro-manager. But here’s the problem: other than coach Phillips, who landed decently, and Johnson, of course, who had the intelligence to leave when Jones started taking credit for Super Bowls won, every other coach who’s moved on from this team has been tainted with Jones’ stink in finding a decent, relevant job. Parcells retired rather than coach again.

    Garrett became head coach, for whatever that title means in this system, too early in his career. He’s really just a back-up quarterback channeling a head coach rather than vice versa. Other than talking his philosophy, Garrett is a paper action figure stuck in front of Jones for the benefit of the crowd.

    When Jones gets his fill, probably about halfway through this next season, of Garrett and fires him, it’ll be really tough for Garrett to land a relevant job because he’s been so retarded in his development by Jones and his, well, crazy behavior.

    Garrett’s best move is to slog forward with this team and this owner and hope he can motivate a better win-loss record next season, which I, unfortunately, seriously doubt will happen. I’ll bet you Garrett’s come to the realization that his goal of being an NFL head coach meant he struck a deal with the devil in the guise of Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys.

    • Earl Robertson

      Good point smart thinking

  • BradAustin

    I agree with both of you guys. What I find incredibly strange is just 2-3 years back we were talking Super Bowl runs each year. Now Jerry sadly just points to making the playoffs. We are the Dallas Cowboys, when did this low expectation garbage become acceptable to our fanbase? We used to be unwisely labeled by many experts as one of the most talented teams in the league. A team only a few moves away from competing at the highest level. Cowboys fans had hope, yet deep down we all knew this was fluff with the way our team is mismanaged. Yes, a good GM and strong coach would have made those guys play well enough to maximize their potential and compete deep into the playoffs. But the reality is the organizational set-up here is toxic and fatal.

    I accepted long ago that Jerry is and will be the GM, that’s not changing will he is able to do so. But accepting this mediocrity at head coach is just sad and now gives us little hope and excitement. We honestly have zero reasons to believe we will do any better in 2014. New coordinators won’t do it. Jason will still have his meddling mits all over the offense. New players won’t be enough as we’ve created too many holes by waiting so long to make a move. The funds are low for free agency as usual. Where’s the change? Where’s the new hope? As long as Jerry and Jason hold the team hostage together, there is absolutely no reason to expect anything better than 8-8 at best. I’m just shocked that this mediocrity has become acceptable to so many Cowboys fans..

    • Old Frog

      Unfortunately what we call mediocrity, the NFL and Players Assoc call parity and they think it’s a good thing. Good for the owners, good for the players, and good for those fans who are willing to drink the kool-aid.

    • MercWithaMouth

      What fan says its acceptable first off? As fans there is NOT A THING we can do about the team winning. I guess Denver fans gave up and stopped buying tickets and tebow jerseys so thats why owner decided to hire a retread coach and take a chance on a washed up qb? Sorry to say but someone not buying a TShirt or Draft Cap won’t do crap to make JJ change how he runs things …. As of right now reading any blogs there is about a 85/15 split on those who want garrett fired. But what good does that do? Gives us yet another new coach and another “fresh restart” with our stars at the end of their careers. At 3 straight years of 8-8 there is nowhere to go but up or stay the same…. Give up on the “bail on the Cowboys, don’t buy anything, that will show Jerry rah rah chants” all that shows is that not only is the Cowboys team quitters so is their fanbase, at that point what is left to play for? Go jump on that NE or Denver Bandwagon just like you did on the Cowboys one, we don’t want you here anyway….

      • BradAustin

        That’s the problem. I was a diehard Cowboy since a child and long before Jerry. And will be until death. When you put so much energy and emotion into this team weekly, it truly effects your life when you constantly are rewarded with losing half your games, missing the playoffs, and little real effort to improve.

        So unfortunately I’m stuck with whatever I get served my way. But it surely doesn’t mean I have to sit back and say okay well maybe next year this will work with the same 2 cluster f;’s running the show and patting each other on the back.. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting better results. 8-8, hire new coordinator and assistants…8-8, hire new coordinators and assistants, 8-8 again and what will happen now??? Possibly replace the coordinators and rotate in new assistants. Maybe not even that.

        Do you want to compete for a Super Bowl next year or in the near future, or hopefully just make the playoffs? Garrett will never win us a SB title and every realistic fan knows that. He was a 4th and 12 away from 7-9 and not even playing for the NFC East title in the last game Tell me he would be here if Murray got stopped short on that prayer of a play.

        But apparently you’re okay with just making the playoffs as the main goal. Myself and real diehard fans want more in the true Cowboys tradition, The fan that needs to pack up and find a new team is the modern one who all they know is Dallas winning one playoff game in 17 years so they settle into that garbage.. In Dallas, real fans put all they have into fighting for wins, and expect our owner to do all he can to make a Super Bowl run every year. Not simply stick with the status quo because the boat isn’t rocking too hard and Jason just might win the NFC East sometime.

  • Earl Robertson

    This is a good article but we all know why Garrett is still the coach but still I like what you said Fans have to quit giving Jerry money. But even then I think the stadium will still be full of the visiting team and Jones don’t care about that. At the Denver game almost half of the stadium was full of Broncos and the Joneses commented how they thought that was a good thing!

  • Realistfan

    Bitter. Party of one…
    Let’s ignore rebuilding without going 2-14.
    Let’s ignore injuries.
    Let’s ignore coach and coordinator turnover.
    Let’s ignore lack of performance by some “stars” and Jeremiah Ratliff.

    OK, lets blow it all up, drop Garrett, get….who?
    lets’ go 2-14, 4-12, 7-9 as we rebuild and wait another 4-5 years before we smell playoffs.

    I’ll bet the Texans would have been glad to be us this year and have a shot at anything. I can htink of another couple teams that way too.

    Washington no closer to the SB.
    NYG seeing the decline, and fighting to tread water.
    Philly, slight rise, but can they sustain/hold on? Wow, one game better than us and one and done i the playoffs – not impressed yet.

    Lots of factors, lots to fix other than the Red-head, I believe.

  • Realistfan

    And any argument not to go to the games or stop buying merchandise is about as solid as boycotting 7-Eleven gas because Hugo Chavez and Venezuela were providing most of 7-Eleven’s gas. It won’t get support or work.
    You’ll need to find another way to get change to happen.
    And I have to think JG is making the effort to rebuild – look at draft choices. Regardless of the wins, those Wade teams went nowhere, and dropped off fast. See Texans again.

    • Christian Blood

      Jason Garrett isn’t rebuilding anything. In the last two drafts, Dallas has one third-string tight end in two Round 2 selections … and Garrett was stoked about Gavin Escobar!

      Sorry, but Garrett isn’t the answer to anything but the comfort zone of Jerry Jones. Brad is exactly right with this piece.

    • Old Frog

      I keep suggesting that some avid fan create an online petition to address what ails this team – namely JJ. It might not change things but it would be fun to read the subsequent articles and hear ESPN talking about how 1 million Cowboys fans have signed on to replace Jerry Jones and hear what he had to say about it.
      I would do it but I’m an Old Frog and don’t have the energy or know how…

    • haka

      Congratulations “realist fan” you just made and proved the point Brad is making. Excuses, endless excuses. As if other teams don’t have injuries and coordinator turn over. Ever seen the Pats go through any of thosethings? But your solution is just lay down and do nothing. Why do you think Jerry keeps gettinay with it. Suckers like you excuse everything. Just keep doing the same things and expect different results. dummies on steroids

  • HUteP66

    Forget the last three years of 8 and 8. Let’s go back to our last Super Bowl win against the Steelers. That was accomplished, despite the fact that Barry Switzer was the coach, with a veteran team put together by the real mastermind behind the Cowboy’s resurgence, Jimmy Johnson. The best thing that Jerry did prior to that season was pick up Sanders. It put us over the hump. It was also the worst thing that happened in retrospect because it gave Jerry a false sense of his acumen as a GM. Fast forward nearly 20 years and we have how many playoff wins – 1 or 2? Does Cowboy Nation realize this is the worst run in team history? It beats the time between 1977 and 1992, the previous gap between Super Bowl victories. And didn’t Jerry buy the team and kick Landry to the curb because he was tired of watching his favorite team, America’s Team, lose? Well, thanks to Jerry, this franchise is a perfect reflection of its owner – All flash and no substance. It won’t matter who’s coaching, who’s playing, what everyone else is doing, injuries, no injuries, how high we pick in the draft, who we pick in the draft, how high over or low under the cap we are – none of that will matter as long as Jerry is calling the shots, and if he keeps at it another 10-15 years as he has indicated, what hope do Cowboy fans have? Until he recognizes that he is the problem, we’re screwed. If Jerry hasn’t gotten that message by now, he never will.

  • Cowboyfan7764

    We Lost 5 games this year by 3 points or less!! and since Garrett has Taken over 39 of 53 players have been replaced and we still go 8-8 3 years in a row and have a chance at the NFC East Championship and Damn sure would of won it had Romo Played the last game Healthy!! We’ve had a TON of injuries the last two years and still were in it till the end and all I hear from supposed Boys Fans is Crying an Complaining!! i’m So Tired of hearing it!! if all your gonna do is Bitch and complain Constantly do me a favor and Start liking the Skins or Eagles or Giants but DONT like my Team….”The Dallas Cowboys”!! I’m a True Fan who Bleeds Silver and Blue Win, Lose or Tie!! I love to win as much as the next Fan but winning Every year is just not Realistic so if we can go 8-8 and have a shot at the NFC East Championship during the years we are redoing our Roster i’m happier then a pig in Shit!! this year we fixed our O line and this offseason we’ll fix our D line and then Watch out Boys fans cause I believe Jason Garrett is going about building a winning team the right way and for those of you who don’t believe that….Get to Steppin cause Frankly as I’ve said before i’m tired of all the Belly ache’n and complaining!! Have a lil Damn Faith will ya!!

  • Brian

    Well said and I agree with you 100%. Im done going into each year with hope, only to flop. I have gotten to the point I can’t even watch a Cowboys game because it is too painful and disappointing.

    I have been a Cowboys fan since 1977, and always will be. But I will not buy any more gear. I wont watch any more games until Jerry fires himslef as GM & Garrett as coach. I like Jason Garrett, but he is an 8-8, coach. I also wont go in to next year with hope of any more than 8-8.

  • Pete Vieira

    Great article. I can’t believe some of the response from some of these brain dead ,kool-aid drinking ,myopic fans. Been a diehard fan for over 40 yrs .I’ve never felt the loses so deeply.It wasn’t just the losing, it was the heart wrenching way in which we lost .Americas Team,..of course who doesn’t like a good joke.
    Brad is dead on and old-frog is got it right. A million cowboy fan petion, would probably not make JJ step aside but would probably catch some media attention ,starting to wear the paper bags at the games would certantly catch and eye ,Cowboys being Americas team and all. The point is,lets just make it uncomfortable for this arrogant businessman. We real fans can! do something . Forget about these defeatist, Kool-Aid drinking fans. And to be clear for some of you less intelligent ones ,nobody is saying jump ship.
    The numbers don’t lie, 18 yrs one playoff game, our drafting is a debacle, our salary cap a mess and nothing to show for it. We are the NFL laughing stock .A while back teams feared us ,now everybody wants to play us so they can either break a team or personal record. Jerry is the only constant. And pls.stop saying at least we’re not the Browns ,these WERE the Cowboys.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    If the writer thinks changing puppet coaches will make a difference he is either delusional, a fan of Jerry Jones or just flat doesn’t know the major reasons for the team’s continuing mediocrity. Jerry Jones has at least done something right for a change………he has temporarily stopped the carousel of coaches.

  • Dallas Fan 1977-2013

    Great article. I have been a fan since 77, when dallas beat Denver in the super bowl that year. I was only 7 years old, living 30 miles from the vet, home of the eagles. I drew a picture of the cowboys helmet the next day and have been a fan ever since. You cannot imagine the absolute shit I have had to go thru being a cowboys fan in the philly area. I stuck thru thick an thin, even the 1 win season watching aikman get sacked 9 times by the eagles in one game. my family turned on me every football season. Anyway, for the past few years, I have lived in Orlando Florida. This year, for many reasons you mentioned in your article, I am cutting or firing Jerry. I have decided to burn all of my cowboys gear from the years. I have several jerseys, cups, glasses, posters, autographed stuff, framed pics, jackets, hats, all kinds of stuff. I am burning it all. 2 hours from here are the Jaguars, one hour is the bucs, and three hours are the dolphins. The dolphins had that bullying crap, so I have no respect for that crap. The bucs fans are weird and clueless to the game. The jags have only one way to go…….up. their bandwagon is stopped. Nobody will mind a new fan getting on. I am officially going to be a Jags fan this year and fire Jerry. He makes me sick. He ran the best coach he ever had out of own…..Jimmy. by the way, I will be burning an autographed hat by Jimmy…..because of Jerry. I am done!!!