The Real Reason Garrett Remains Cowboys' Leader

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Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Fans arrive before a NFL football game on Thanksgiving between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at AT

After another heartbreaking 8-8 failure of a season, Cowboys fans are once again left alone in the cold by their team and owner.  Many are now scratching their head as to why Jerry Jones continues to back the failing Jason Garrett.

Count me in the category of 100% disgusted no change was made at the top.  It’s been 3 mediocre years.  Jerry Jones can use every excuse in the book for Garrett, but after 3 straight failures you simply are what you are.

In Jason’s case, he’s a 29-27 head coach.  Let’s create a scenario using safety Matt Johnson.  Matt has been injured and not played a regular season snap in either of his first two years with Dallas.

Management and the coaches are high on the youngster’s ability and that’s fine. However, what happens if Matt gets injured again before the 2014 season and is unable to compete?

Does the team keep him hoping a 4th year will change his luck?  The circumstances around each injured year were different.  Wouldn’t they take that into account? Absolutely not.  Matt would be cut so fast his head would spin.

The reason is that those involved with Pro Football determine that after 3 years you are what you are.  If you haven’t shown you can be successful in the league with one team by then, you are predominantly done.

So why does that not apply to Jason Garrett?  When did Cowboys fans begin to view 8 wins and missing the playoffs as a somewhat successful season?  The only difference between 6-10 and 8-8, is the 6-10 team gets a better draft pick.

Let’s take a real look at why Jason Garrett gets an unlikely 4th special pass from his boss and buddy Jerry Jones…

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