Dallas Cowboys Can Wait Until 2015 For Heisman Quarterback

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Dec 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Texas A

Don’t get me wrong, Manziel has been an incredible football player with the Aggies and his potential for the NFL is noteworthy. The way he uses his legs to disable the very best of college football defenses is remarkable and his arm looked better this year than last.

On the other hand, Winston, at least from a physical standpoint, is a vastly superior athlete to Manziel. Winston, ineligible for the NFL Draft in May, has better height, probably better pocket presence, certainly more speed in the open field and definitely has better arm strength than Manziel.

The NFL is obviously a league where passing the football is vital. It’s also becoming more and more desirable to have a quarterback who can get some yardage on the ground.

It really looks like Winston, all things considered, is the better professional prospect when comparing the last two Heisman winners.

Now, we’ll see how Winston responds to such early success at such a young age over the next year or so.

Manziel had his share of distractions following his circus of attention dating back to latter 2012. He began the season in 2013 with a silly and brief suspension handed down by the draconian NCAA for supposedly receiving money for his autograph. He also managed to screw up an invitation to the Manning Passing Academy last summer due to the fact that he “overslept” following an obvious evening of nightlife the evening prior to his scheduled activities.

To be fair, Winston has already dealt with a sexual assault complaint dating back to December of 2012. Last month it was announced that Winston will not be charged due to a lack of evidence in the case.

Neither of these highly regarded quarterbacks have taken an NFL snap and it will be some time before each prospect does so. It’s hard to say which one is the better prospect, based on either physical qualities or character traits.

For the Cowboys it’s pretty simple: The career of starting quarterback Tony Romo might be closer to the end than any of us realized just weeks ago.

Preparing for the future would be the prudent move on the part of owner and general manager Jerry Jones. His recent declaration that he doesn’t plan on drafting a quarterback in the coming draft is actually a position that I agree with. Unless he plans on sacrificing numerous premium draft picks and other resources in an attempt to trade up higher in the first round for Manziel, the better idea is wait for another opportunity.

Remember that backup quarterback Kyle Orton has shown that he can direct the offense in Romo’s absence and the former Purdue signal-caller is signed through next season and could possibly stay in Dallas longer.

So, if Jones is planning to make a splash at the quarterback position in the future, 2015 is likely the year in which this takes place—Winston would be the ideal choice for numerous reasons should Dallas find itself in position to select him.

Hall of Fame quarterback and Fox broadcaster Troy Aikman recently commented about what drove him from football following the 2000 regular season. The numerous concussions Aikman sustained throughout his 12 seasons playing in the NFL were not what killed his career a bit earlier than expected at the age of 35. In fact, Aikman’s back was the real problem and Romo, who turns 34 in April, is obviously dealing with a similar predicament.

Jones doesn’t seem interested in repeating the years of quarterback-void that he faced when Aikman was done. Dallas doesn’t need another stretch of futility at the game’s most important position. Do names like Quincy Carter, Clint Stoerner, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe ring a bell?

Those names haven’t been forgotten by Jones, rest assured on that fact.

I doubt that the name Jameis Winston will be forgotten either.

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