Cowboys QB: Pass The Keys to Johnny Manziel

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Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

The Dallas Cowboys won’t strike lightning twice. Tony Romo was a surprise. Even Jerry Jones admitted that.

No NFL team has drafted fewer quarterbacks than the Cowboys since 1989 — the year Jerry Jones took over. It’s time for this franchise to get serious about the future of the quarterback position.

After handing the keys to Troy Aikman in 1989, the Cowboys have selected three quarterbacks: Bill Musgrave (1991), Quincy Carter (2001), and Stephen McGee (2009).

That is it. Three.

In league driven by quarterback play, Jerry Jones must look beyond the 2014 season to keep the engine of this franchise running. Because, as we’ve seen before Tony Romo’s time, the inability to mold and craft the quarterback spot stalls progress.

And the franchise will stall for the rest of this decade if general manager Jerry Jones continues his strategy of pushing all the chips in. It does not work. It hasn’t.

Jerry Jones is cursed by early success; it has since then created a moving shadow of himself to try to catch each year.

Successful franchises build, then rebuild some. They groom quarterbacks because they understand the value of its coinage in the league.

Enter Johnny Manziel.

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  • Rob from SC

    I will cease to be a fan after 35+ years if they draft Manziel, end of story, period.

    • NYCowboysFan

      He’s not the RKG. We don’t need the drama anymore.

  • SmartThinking

    Jones is facing troubling choices with the Cap right now. How will he ever restructure Romo and buy Manziel without gutting the team of all it’s other good players with inflated salaries and sacrificing this team’s future for decades rather than years.

    If Manziel and his monumental ego-in-the-making comes on board, Jones will have achieved his dream of creating a true Texas Circus Maximus!

  • Krupinsky

    The Cowboys have a lot of holes, and to draft Manziel, it would cost a lot of picks (including possible future first rounders) to move into a position where it is possible. In the best case scenario, Manziel wouldn’t even be asked to contribute for 2-3 years. So, that’s giving up a LOT to get a guy who hopefully doesn’t have to see the field for a few years. It’s basically giving up and starting over again.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      You are right about the fact they would have to give up and start over again. However, that’s exactly what they need to do unless this team wants to continue its state of mediocrity.

  • Old Frog

    If Washington had it to do over again, would they stick with RGIII or draft Andrew Luck? Mobile quarterbacks are fun to watch but they get hurt. Ultimately Newton and Kaepernick will spend some time on IR. I’d let some other team take that risk…unless the GM is more interested in ratings and putting on an exciting show than long term success, in which case go get ‘im….

    • Krupinsky

      Well, in their defense, Washington never had that choice, because Luck was already off the board. I think most, if not all, teams would have taken Luck over RGIII.

      I actually think Manziel will be a very good NFL QB. He just isn’t right for Dallas at this point. It would cost too much to get him and there are too many other holes. He’s more Russell Wilson than Michael Vick, to me. A ugh who can run, but would rather pass.

      I also think a guy like Newton, who is tall and thick, is much more like Big Ben than RGIII. The guys who only run when they have to are much more successful than the guys who take off and run when their first read isn’t there.

      • Old Frog

        Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Washington was saying before the draft that they wanted RGIII but would be happy with Luck if the Colts took RGIII first.

  • n0ble

    I say Guiton in the 7th and leave Manziel to the people who will reach for him.

  • Brian

    Or, trade Romo to any of the QB needy teams in the top 5, (any that would actually make the trade) for their 1st round pick & then take Manziel. That is the only way I see getting him as possible

  • Kyle Norman CSCS, MS

    Is Manziel the best QB in the draft? I know he’s the most interesting, but how do his numbers compare to Bridgewater, Bortles, or any others? Is Manziel the next Tim Tebow? I don’t know anything about anything, I’m just wondering….

    What I can envision, is that the quest for the next Cowboys QB turns into Jerry Jones’s most god-awful shameful debacle ever. I can imagine an Exxon Valdez-sized spill of money and draft picks going to obtain what will become a dismal, embarrassing failure. Simply that it’s Jerry in charge of this theoretical project fills me with a sense of doom.