Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Kyle Orton (18) throws under pressure from Philadelphia Eagles nose tackle Bennie Logan (96) in the fourth quarter at AT

What Is The Answer To Success For The Dallas Cowboys?

That’s another one in the books and was there any other way that it was going to end?
Whether it was Romo, Orton, or even Kitna, I think that game winning drive was going to be ended on an interception.

No matter the end, I think it necessary to commend this team for the effort they put forth against the Eagles. The defense came to play, Orton played an excellent game despite the final act and Demarco Murray once again gave us reason to bad mouth the coaches for not utilizing him.
Once again the play calling was very questionable but for once let’s step away from that and look at what can get this team from mediocre to contender.

I think as fans of this franchise we should once and for all take hands and let go of the Jerry Jones excuse. While it might be valid, the fact is he will be in charge for a long, long time so let it go already.

Here’s to a new year and perhaps some things that might need to change.

We have to keep Garrett for at least one more season, but it’s probably time to let Kiffin go. His inability to institute a serviceable defense and his stubbornness to adapt and make changes are good reasons to show him the door.

Next, the dismissal of Kiffin should be the beginning of a complete defensive overhaul. It’s time to trade Ware and get out from underneath his salary. It’s clear his production no longer matches his price tag. Get as many draft picks as you can for him and thank him for his service.

Then, let Jason Hatcher go. One decent season doesn’t place you among the elite. Look no further than Jay Ratliff or Miles Austin to see that sometimes it’s better to play the odds.
With that being said, I would dedicate this entire draft to the defense with the exception of maybe one offensive lineman. With a Ware trade and maybe someone else, this team can have upwards of eight or nine picks. Hire a defensive coordinator, hand him those picks, and tell him to go build his unit.

Now to the offense, I think Callahan has proven he is not the man for the job either. Go hire an offensive coordinator who at the least knows when the ball is moving on the ground to keep running it. So many games were squandered this year by poor play calling. Perhaps we can add this last one to that list too, but in short there is a need to fix it.

Obviously this season didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but the best part about it is that it seemed the team’s flaws were more obvious than ever before, which might mean they could be a little more obvious to address. Surely Jerry at least has the competence to address those issues.

The off-seasons are long, but maybe a few moves here and there might give us some reason to finally be legitimately excited about the Dallas Cowboys.

One thing is for sure though, had the team put forth the same effort throughout the season as we saw against the Eagles, I think this season would have been drastically different.

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  • Old Frog

    I agree with all of that…

  • Pete Vieira

    David really ,”Surely Jerry at least has the competence to address obvious problems”! Evidently you don’t follow the cowboys very much. And to disregard that the GM position be given to a more qualified football person, is NOT ACCEPTABLE, You’ve either been drinking the Koolaid or hoping that Jerry will send you few tickets, thanking you for your ridiculous comments ,Jerry has not shown any competence as GM since acquiring the job.,Although its obvious as to what our needs are Jerry will address them at a much higher prize with players that will be considered a bust.,It is not a foregone conclusion that he stays, and even if he decides to stay we need to make it really uncomfortable for him .Its articles like this that embolden this arrogant lunatic.Now is not the time to let up the pressure.

    • Erick Combs

      Unfortunately it is also not realistic to believe that Jerry will ever step aside to let a competent football guy take over. He is chasing his dream of building a championship team that he can take credit for since he has not been able to do it since Jimmy left and those 3 titles were obviously the team Jimmy built. He wants his due and he will chase it to his grave…..

      • fgoodwin

        Ahab chasing his White Whale. And we’ll all go down in his sinking ship.

  • Erick Combs

    And just what team do you think is going to be willing to take the underachieving, often injured Ware and his gigantic cap hit AND give up draft picks? You’re living in too much of a fantasy football world……

  • MCA

    Time to cut loose the players that are past there football primes/big contracts. JJ is very good to his players, but the players are not living up to the contracts they were givin. Get what you can now for them now (draft picks). Let Hatcher go to free agency. Trade Miles and Ware. Stock pile picks and hope that they draft well! Still have to re-sign Bryant, and Carter will have to prove he can play consistanly to earn a long term contract.

    • Old Frog

      I was advocating a trade of everyone before this year’s draft – Austin, Spencer, Ratliff, Ware, Witten, and even Romo for draft picks. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…we didn’t make the playoffs and now none of them are worth anything to another team.

      • MCA

        Still could get something for them. Hell, 5-7 rounders for these guys! Could find great young players in the later rounds. Pull that trigger NOW JJ!

  • Old Frog

    If a player retires before his contract is up, does he still get all the money?

    • MCA

      Depends on how the players contract is written. Maybe not all, but some will still be in the books for the Cowboys.

  • Old Frog

    If Romo’s career is over because his back can’t recover, and he gets to keep all that guaranteed money making our cap hell even worse, does that mean Garrett gets another 3-4 years while we acquire and train a new QB and rebuild a team without any money to spend?

  • Unc Forrever

    Nicely done! I agree! Were stuck with Jerry and another year with Garrett (whom I supported but now waver due to his repeated game mgmt issues) but a new OC and DC and trading some old greats for some draft pics and getting young and out of some of our salary cap issues might allow us to take a big step forward! I do think Romo will be fine and serve us a number of years to come! We can only hope lol! Go Cowboys!