Cowboys Coach Garrett Stays... Because???

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Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

24-22.  Season. Over.

Another year.  Another disappointing finish.  As an organization and a fan base, what do we as Cowboys Nation have to look forward too… comments like this from our owner, Jerry Jones:

“I said that a month ago,” Jones reiterated Sunday night, “I stand by what I said a month ago.” 

In case you forgot, here’s what Jones said a month ago:

“I’m disappointed we don’t have a better record, but he (Garrett) has got us in position to win the division and got a team here I firmly believe has the ability to be one of the better playing teams at the end.  A lot of this story is to be played out. It does not have a bearing on whether or not he will be our coach next year. It has no bearing on that.”

And then again this morning…

“One thing that is positive is we have been in it.  We have been it (for the playoffs) right to the final game the last 3 years.”

So, 2014 appears to be season number four of the Jason Garrett era.  My question is simple.


The unwritten rule in the NFL is that you are given three years as a coach to produce.  Year one is reserved for clearing out what the previous regime left.  Year two is supposed to be when you start to implement your plans and ideals and by year three, we should all start to see something in the way of progress.

Garrett has had three years and eight games.  His record is 29-27 including 8-8 records in 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Where’s the progress in that?

I want to pause for a moment here to be quite clear about something.  I have nothing personal against Jason Garrett.  I genuinely like him and think he has the potential to be a great coach but I can separate how I feel about someone and the reality of a situation.  If I was in love with my girlfriend but she constantly disappointed me, broke my heart and killed any hope that our relationship could show any promise, I would make the necessary changes and bring in somebody else.

Someone needs to tell Jerry that being “in it” is the worst case scenario.  See, when you don’t bottom out, you can’t draft high and when you fail to make the playoffs, you can’t win a Super Bowl.  So you’re stuck in no man’s land.  NFL purgatory.

So here is where we separate facts from feelings.  Let’s evaluate Garrett matter-of-factly.  Here are two key components to being a head coach and how Garrett fares.

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