Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) walks off the field as photographers capture images after the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Should the Cowboys Fight? Or Concede Defeat?

The Cowboys are backed up against a wall. They have control of their own destiny, but things don’t look well. The month of December has been horrible for the Cowboys. So far the Cowboys had an ugly beatdown by the Bears. This was shortly followed by a meltdown against the Packers. Coming up next is a foe we are all too familiar with, our hated rivals the Washington Redskins.

Most Cowboys fans were confident that we would be able to handle the Bears and Packers. Both teams were struggling on defense. Both teams had backup quarterbacks leading the offense. Both games should have been a Cowboys win. However, we continue to amaze ourself with our ineptitude. The defensive woes were at its worst against Chicago. Against Green Bay, our coaching staff had a grand showing of their incompetence. The Cowboys are dysfunctional right now.

There’s good news though. The Washington Redskins are one of the few teams that are more dysfunctional than we are. However, is there a point to the rest of the season? The last two performances showed that we aren’t a playoff caliber team. If we do somehow make it to the playoffs, the Cowboys will surely be quickly eliminated. Perhaps we should just concede defeat, and secure a better draft pick. We would force a new coaching staff into the locker room. Maybe Jerry even resigns as a GM after having an epiphany of the error of his ways. It seems like there’s nothing to lose with conceding defeat.

I personally think we should fight. For those who wish to concede defeat, I respect your decision. Ultimately, you’re looking for what’s best of the team. We all are. While it seems unlikely that the Cowboys will make the playoffs, nonetheless the Super Bowl. We still have chance. We still control our destiny. Until we are officially eliminated, I want to see some fight. You play to win the game after all. One of my favourite quote with football is, “Any given Sunday”. There’s never a guaranteed victory in the NFL. Both teams will always have a chance at victory. While I may be discouraged from the outcome of the last two games, the Cowboys might be able to turn it around. There may be no evidence of it, but it’s still possible. Maybe I’m delusional, but that’s a part of being a fan. You have to have faith. There is still a chance right now; no matter how small I have faith in my team. This is what being a fan is all about.

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  • SmartThinking

    It’s a personal code anyone who competes with someone else has learned and long ago taken to heart … even these decimated, poorly coached Cowboys.

    Leonides of Sparta said it best. “Come and Take it!”

    • Pete Vieira

      Smart thinking yah .Personal code? Competing? How many more teams have to break their own records against us .Conceding is just a more elegant way than laying down You can’t say much about my analogy so you criticize my grammar and spelling,,I’ll take it. You should however think football and modern day sports a little better ,comparing this cowboy team to the Spartans of ancient Greece is a joke LOL who’s Leonides ? You ,Jerry ,Carrot ? they could have said ” Come and take it” wks ago, it seems more like “come and get it” We need to tank this season and rebuild,” and live to fight another day.”.338 bc ,uhm who said that!

  • Pete Vieira

    Concede!!! ,faith that we’ll win is about as dumb as those parents that would not take their kid to the Dr.because they had faith he would miraculously get better… give me a brake maybe stupid fans rely on faith ,If we go to the playoffs we’ll get our ass handed to us Bears and the Pacs embarrassed us, neither will probably make the post season,We need to rebuild ,need players on D specially a big broozing fullback,to help Murray and the choke master Romo ,Yes of course we need a whole new coaching staff but first and fore most WE NEED JERRY GONE or nothing will change he’ll be looking for scapegoats after the season don’t fall for it !!!HE IS THE CANCER!!!!!! PLS BOYCOTT TILL JERRY STEPS ASIDE

    • SmartThinking

      Please learn to spell. And, while you’re at it, get someone to show you how to use grammar.