Just the Facts: Cowboys-Redskins

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Much rides on the line for the Dallas Cowboys in this 108th meeting with the Washington Redskins, their arch-rivals. Not only do the Cowboys’ chances ride on the line, but also a chance to sweep their nemesis for the 17th time. For more info on the series, check out Page 2.

America’s Whipping Boy did it again last week against the Packers. Will he have another December meltdown against Jim Haslett’s 3-4 defense? Page 3 tells the tale.

Mike Shanahan is trying to stave off his 12th sweep of his coaching career. Check out how he has done in similar situations on Page 4.

Kirk Cousins is the new captain of Washington’s offense. Check out Page 7 to see how well the Redskins have moved the football this season.

Bill Leavy was the referee for Super Bowl XL, but how does he do when refereeing Cowboys and Redskins games? Check out Page 11 for the skinny.

Due to this being a rematch game, there will be no coaching connections page. For those, please click here


Series Facts — Page 2

Tony Romo Facts — Page 3

Mike Shanahan Facts — Page 4

Jason Garrett Facts — Page 5

Dallas Offensive Facts — Page 6

Washington Offensive Facts — Page 7

Washington Defensive Facts — Page 8

Dallas Defensive Facts — Page 9

Broadcast Facts – Page 10

Bill Leavy Facts — Page 11

Miscellaneous Facts — Page 12


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