Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) claps while in the bench area during the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Dez Bryant Had Right Idea In Dallas Cowboys Loss

I applaud Dez Bryant.

Spare me the garbage about him leaving his so called team on the sidelines. I’m tired of hearing about this team. I see no team.

It’s nice to see a little emotion from somebody who actually cares about the final score at the end of the game, someone who doesn’t say “all the right things” in the press conference afterwards.

The NFL is a business, I get that, but the more I watch the Cowboys, the more I realize that there may only be a handful of individuals on this team who actually care, and therein lies the problem.

Everyone wants to burn Romo at the stake, and I refuse to defend him this time, but let’s make sure we burn Garrett and Callahan with him.

These guys are a joke, and oh how I love Garrett’s post-game quotes of how he sees things in hindsight he could have done better as a coach.

Are you kidding me?

If he’s so ignorant that he can’t realize that Demarco Murray ran through, over, and around not only the Packers, but the Bears as well, or if he’s too dumb to realize that a running back is averaging over five yards a season and is only getting about 17 carries a game and almost none in crunch time, then I can’t imagine how said coach is even employed at any level.

I think even the biggest Madden nerd would have enough functioning brain cells to pound the ball.

And yet, this coach still finds a way to pawn the entire fault onto his quarterback who probably should have never been in the position to even throw an interception such as Romo’s.

I think it’s finally time for even us diehard fans to accept that this team is just not very good, and for those who have been saying that for years, I apologize. It may just be time to blow this thing up a la the Boston Celtics and start from scratch, and if I was in charge I might pay for some team to take some of these guys off our hands, but I won’t name any names, (cough, cough) Jason Garrett.

The players don’t care, the coaches are clueless, and yet we still choose to spend our time trying to decide if Dez is ever going to grow up.

Just keep walking Dez.

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  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    The writer makes some good points. The Cowboys just aren’t very good. Yes, they have talent but so do most of the other teams. One of the differences between the Cowboys and other teams with a lot of talent is that other teams seem to care. When Bryant shows emotion on the sidelines you can see the other players sitting on the benches like manikins with I don’t care expressions. You can even seen some of them walking away from Bryant rather than choosing to become emotional about the game. Garrett talks about having the right kind of guys. Well, the present day Cowboys just aren’t “The Right Kind of Guys” and until that changes neither will the Cowboys. Unfortunately, since any change in the culture of the team starts at the top don’t hold your breath.

  • Patrick Cardenas

    I completely agree and do not hold his protest against him. That loss was embarrassing, and absolutely unforgivable. To heck with decorum in this case, that entire team should be ashamed. And were I Dez, I would seriously consider asking to be traded. This team has lost its credibility.

    • Kyle L.

      Dez wasn’t protesting or trying to make a statement. All he did was leave the field because he didn’t want to see him get emotional. Not because of how he felt about the team or his teammates. That’s from Dez himself. And the fact Dez isn’t getting punishment is proof that the team sees that it was no more than that.

  • Kyle L.

    I understand what Dez was thinking. But Dez wasn’t showing emotion by walking off the field with 1:21 remaining. By his own account, he walked because he DIDN’T to make a show of his emotions. But you just can’t do that. Period. And Dez knows that. And I’m happy that he was not fined or punished. I think that fact is proof that the org. believes his reasons for doing so. But again, you just don’t leave a game like that. There’s no justification for doing that. DeMarco Murray had as much, if not more, of a reason to be mad as hell at the way that game turned out but he didn’t leave his teammates before the game was over. Say Matt Flynn were to fumble the snap when going to take a knee and the Cowboys recover. That would mean the Cowboys would have to try to win the game without the player they would need the most in that situation. Because the officials aren’t going to stop the game nor can Garrett waste the only timeout they have left so someone can run to the locker room to get Dez. So now you’re in a situation where a poor decision by Dez is affecting the teams chance at winning a football game. Is it still ok Dez walked off then? No, it’s not. You don’t leave the game before it’s over.

  • CDRinLA

    Dez has been the only player on this team since he joined that ever demonstrated the WILL and WANT to win. I would have walked away from that crap too.