Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Time Is Running Out For Coach Red

Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with head coach Jason Garrett during a timeout from the game against the Oakland Raiders during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

When Tonight Show host Jay Leno makes a joke about the costly interception thrown by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, you know life for America’s Team is just getting unbearable. On Sunday afternoon, the nation saw a team unravel as they gave up a 23-point half-time lead to the Green Bay Packers. The heartbreaking loss may have ended the season and probably ended Head Coach Jason Garret’s tenure with the team.

I don’t want to say it but I feel like the writing is on the wall for this team.  They are talented yes, but their flaws are too big to let them ascend to join the teams that contend for the Lombardi Trophy. Injuries have escalated to a ridiculous level, play-calling has been brought down to nauseating logic, and the unstoppable force of father time has started to take an effect on some of the team’s star players.  We could blame the Owner/General Manager, Mr. Jerry Jones, for all the problems with the team and rightfully so. But, we as fans know better than to blame King Jerry, he owns the team and will run it the way he sees fit. The only other man to blame is Garrett and it might not be fair.

The approach that Garrett went about was the right mindset a coach should have with any team. Having a process to building the team slowly, getting the right kind of players, and executing to perfection is a perfect way to help build a contender in the NFL. Unfortunately, that won’t work with this team, especially when the franchise has been close to twenty years without tasting glory. Not when your owner and general manager wants to win before his own window starts to close in on him. The city of Dallas is a winner’s town and the Cowboys are held to that standard more than any other team in the city. There is no place for Garrett and his process mentality with the silver and blue. He has to go and make room for a Coach that can get results now.

The team needs a coach that can get the team motivated, energetic, and focused on getting back to the playoffs. A breath of fresh air will liven up the stale efforts of the team and help get some playoff success for much of the veteran core. Also, a coach that can work with King Jerry will always go a long way. Easier said than done unfortunately, but that is the type of coach that will end the mediocrity haunting this team.

I have no doubt Garrett will be a head coach again in the league and probably a pretty good one. But for now he is not the answer for this team. The second-half of the Green Bay game showed us that already. Look closely at the game tape and you might notice Death lurking behind his shoulder. Times running out for Coach Red.


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  • Paul Prims

    Time is running out on Garrett. But with all due respect, do you watch this team? You think Garrett will be a pretty good coach someday elsewhere? Are you kidding? The guy is lost as a head coach. This is coming from someone who was very happy when he was hired. But he has been awful as a head coach. We keep hearing the team “will look at the tape and clean up the mistakes and get better” and it NEVER happens. The “process” is a bunch of nonsense. The team has regressed under his leadership.

    And do I have to discuss the games he has mismanaged? In case you forgot in just the last 3 seasons I can list off the top of my head these games in which defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory: at NYJ, at ARZ, at BAL, at DET, at WAS, at KC, vs DEN, vs DET, vs GB. Should I go on? I’m sure you know what happened in those games and they were losses because Garrett has not learned how to manage the game. I am shocked at how bad he is. He may be the worst coach in the league right now. Look we all know Jerry is the main problem with no clue as a GM. Maybe Garrett can pick players and if so kick him upstairs. But we all know that isn’t happening so he must go. He will never be a successful coach in this league if he doesn’t learn how to manage a game. I’ve seen enough to know this franchise cannot afford to let him learn on the job any longer. He should have mastered it all by now. Get him out of here.This fan base is not stupid. It can see that as beloved as he was as Troy’s backup, he just does not have what it takes on the sideline. Again, I am shocked at how bad he is but this experiment has to end now.

    • Ehsan Azad

      While I see your points, I disagree. Garett as a head coach can work, but not here.
      I truly believe any head coach would have failed with this team. Jerry and bad luck set him up to fail.

    • jrcowboy49

      Garrett should apply at Texas!

  • Old Frog

    Seriously, how does any coach motivate players that are guaranteed such huge salaries? Answer: find the RKG but after that then what? It’s not like he can threaten or frighten them into playing better or harder if they don’t want to.

  • Ware94

    Jason is not going anywhere this year. Jerry & Stephen both like him a lot & if Stephen Jones is on board then you can forget about Jason being fired – at least for this year. I could see Callahan leaving but that’s about it. By the way, this team has no business making the playoffs anyway with this horrible defense. Keep your eye on Lovie Snith – starting next year. I could see that happening !

  • Josh Hart

    When does time run out on Jerry? That’s the only way “Americas team” (but not really anymore) will move forward.

  • jrcowboy49

    Good bye Garrett and take that idiot Jerrah with you!

  • ghostofakid

    The only way a coach will ever be successful in Dallas is if at his first press conference he says: “From this point forward Jerry Jones can kiss my ass. I will be making the final decision on who we draft and who we play and if we draft or sign someone I don’t want, he’ll never play a down or get a practice snap.”