Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

An Open Letter To Jerry Jones

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dear Jerry:

Well, you’ve finally accomplished what I did not think was ever possible.  This will be my last article for The Landry Hat.  After watching yet another complete collapse this past Sunday by your Dallas Cowboys, I’ve finally reached the breaking point.   I’ve been a loyal fan all of my life – 51 years.  But, I believe the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  After what is now approaching 20 years of embarrassment and countless heart breaking defeats like what we saw Sunday, I’ve literally had an epiphany.  It has finally hit me that this is about all we can expect from you and your teams in the foreseeable future.  So, I’m deciding to do something different from here forward.

I guess I really should thank you.  Because I’ve now decided to leave you, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NFL in my rear view mirror.  There simply has to be something more enjoyable and fulfilling that I can do with my Sundays (Mondays and Thursdays too).  I will go to church, volunteer, or find a hobby – something that doesn’t leave me empty and cold inside.

I used to be proud to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team” and one of the few franchises to have won 5 Super Bowls.  I’ve bought and proudly worn countless jerseys, shirts, socks, pajamas, hats, flags, license plates, etc. all emblazoned with the Cowboys name and star.  I own a brick set in the sidewalk outside your enormous monument to mediocrity.  But, that allegiance has now become a source of shame.  It is literally a weapon that everyone I come in contact with uses against me.  Even the casual NFL fan finds unfathomable glee in the weekly demise of the Cowboys and in taunting or torturing me for it.  And, your teams oblige by not just losing half your games, but by losing them in spectacular, shocking, and embarrassing ways.

Being originally from Arizona, I used to scratch my head wondering how anyone could continue to be a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, long known for being an awful, bungling team since relocating from St. Louis.  Now, they are clearly a more promising franchise than the Cowboys.  They can at least claim to be heading in the right direction.  Now, it is the Cardinal fans that look at me and wonder what my major malfunction is that I would hang in there year after year after year.  What can Cowboy fans hope for?  A generational continuation of your mismanagement and excuses as control of the team inevitably passes to your bungling, equally egotistical, equally clueless son cut from the very same cloth as you.  This is not a rebuilding year – it is now stretching into a second rebuilding decade with no signs of any logic or common sense breaking through the fog.

Look, I get it.  It’s your team.  You bought and paid for it and continue to reap unbelievable financial rewards from it (which sure makes all the losing easier to stomach for you I’m sure).  You can do whatever you want with your team.  But, I retain the right to decide to participate in it or not.  And, I’m choosing to stop the insanity today - right now!

I’ve removed every shred of Cowboys paraphernalia inside and outside my home and I’m donating every last piece of it to charity (although I feel just a little bit guilty making some underprivileged person have to wear that stuff – their life is hard enough already, isn’t it?).  I will stop watching any NFL games or supporting the NFL at all.  It’s become a watered-down joke of what it used to be anyway with all the rule changes and the awful, arbitrary officiating.  It’s just not that fun to watch anymore.

There are plenty of folks who will call me a quitter or will say, “Good riddance.  He wasn’t a real fan anyway”.  To all of them, I say walk a mile in my shoes before judging me so harshly.  For what it’s worth, I’m not changing allegiances from the Cowboys to another NFL team.  I’m walking away from the game entirely.  But, regardless, I am at peace with the decision and they can call me whatever makes them feel better about their continued participation.  And, having once been a ravenous fan, I totally understand their position.  I hope it brings them even a tiny bit of the joy I experienced when the Cowboys were dominant and the NFL was not full of pulled hamstrings and concussions.  But, that joy is gone for me and has little hope of returning looking out into the future with Jerry and Stephen Jones in ownership and their complete mismanagement of the roster, the coaching staff, and the salary cap.  So, farewell and good luck. Those fans that are going to continue to follow this team will need everyone’s prayers and support.  As for me, I am - in the immortal words of MLK – “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I’m free at last”.

Jerry, you are without a doubt the worst owner in the NFL.  When that day comes that you pass over to the other side, I hope and pray Tom Landry is there to greet you first.  You have a lot of explaining to do for what you’ve done to what was once the greatest organization in the NFL.

Goodbye Jerry,

Todd Toombs

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  • NYCowboysFan

    I totally get where you are coming from Todd. I too have been a loyal fan since 1970 and have spent thousands of dollars on Cowboys games, shirts, hats, jerseys, clocks, etc. I am very very close to doing the same thing you are. The only thing holding me back right now is Christmas. Every Christmas my family members buy me Cowboys articles and clothing. I don’t want to tell them that I am leaving the team just yet. I will talk to them after the season and help them all understand how leaving the Cowboys will improve my health and keep me around longer. I’m sure they will all understand. My wife may have a heart attack and probably won’t believe me until next season starts, but it is going to happen. Thanks for the article, just wish there was some way I could sign it also.

    • Todd Toombs

      Today, I got a gift in the mail from a family member – a new Cowboys jersery! LOL. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. I actually printed out my letter and mailed it to JJ. I hope it actually reaches him, but I’m pretty sure it won’t. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders – it’s Redskins week and I’m thinking and doing other things instead of stressing over all the injuries. I highly recommend it. The NFL is a business so like a business they have to earn your time and attention. They just haven’t earned it from me in a long time. Take care and best of luck!

  • Michael Vu


    I sincerely hope this isn’t true — you leaving. At the same token, the same thought has gone through my mind, if I am being honest myself. This season has been a bit too much to take. And I get all the “glee” going at you, as I live in the DC area.

    I’ve given myself the summer to reevaluate my loyalty. But you are right, Todd, how much will actually change in the summer with Jerry Jones still at the helm (who thinks this is his best work)?


    • brownsfan

      Oh, poor Cowboys fan! Try being in the shoes of a Browns fan or Lions fan. You have 5 Super Bowls!! Any of those fans would love to know what that feels like just once. Cleveland has not had a championship in any sport since 1964!! I don’t want to hear you whine. When you have gone through 50 years of crap then I will listen.

      • Scott Mattson

        I can’t resist…this is exactly what I tell others about being a Cowboys fan right now: if you complain, who’s going to listen?!?!

    • Todd Toombs

      Take care Michael! I appreciate your note very much. My brother lives in the DC area too so I know exactly what you mean. Best of luck to you my friend!

  • everyone

    Your are an immense toolbox

  • dm5150

    Dude whatever, try being a Viking fan for 47 years we haven’t had a good team in a decade. One thing I’ve learned over the years is stop taking the game so seriously, its a game! I read this and could not figure out if it was in jest or what but if your serious…..just wow. Your what we call a spoiled sports brat!

    Things aren’t going your way so your just gonna take your !@#$ and go home, please!
    At least you have great memories of really great teams, it could be worse you could have grown up a Browns fan or a Vikings fan where the last time you had a great team was back in the Nixon administration.

    • Doug Kaufman

      I saw the Browns win in ’64 and have passed this maddening loyalty of the Browns onto my son and he then onto his daughters.
      Living in NE Ohio I saw the sway of loyalty from the Browns to the Steelers in the 70s but I stood firm. I would never consider following any other team.
      Just one Super Bowl Before I Die.

  • james george

    had jones not meddled with the team from the very beginning jimmy Johnson would have stayed longer. the cowboys won three super bowls in the nineties and conceivably could have won four or five had jones let Johnson run the show. jones is an egotistical clown who missed his calling. he should have been a snake oil salesman.

    • Scott Mattson

      Not true…read “Cowboys have Always Been my Heroes” by Peter Golenbock, great read and sets the Jones/Johnson story straight. I’m not that fond of Jones, but believe in being accurate.

  • Doug Kaufman

    Todd I had to laugh at your frustration – you have no clue – A Cleveland Browns Fan.

    • NYCowboysFan

      There are a lot higher expectations in Dallas being that they are America’s Team.

      • Doug Kaufman

        A self proclaimed label only the Cowboy fans acknowledge.

        • ctcowboy1968

          Actually, NFL Films gave the nickname to the Cowboys.

          • NYCowboysFan

            Which all Cowboys fans know.

  • Michael B

    Can’t agree with you enough. Every year is just one more sign JJ has no idea what he’s doing as a GM and owner for that matter. The latest being the defensive debacle of firing Rex Ryan. Even having one of the best QB’s in the league you can’t put together anything that resembles a defense. I too have gotten rid of ALL my Cowboys crap and decided to follow the Bronco’s, the Colt’s and the Seahawks.

  • Old Frog

    Time to be an observer, not a fan. Being a fan is not healthy at my age. And to the Cleveland fans, don’t worry. With the prospect of JJ turning the reins over to SJ at some point, the Cowboys could be looking at 50 years between Super Bowls

  • Mike Brown is worse

    Isn’t this the textbook definition of a bandwagon fan?

    You had no qualms when the team won playoff games and Super Bowls. Now the team endures prolonged futility, and you can’t stomach it.

    TRY BEING A BENGALS FAN … you couldn’t.

    • Todd Toombs

      You’re right. I couldn’t be a fan of a team with such horrendous uniforms.

      • Michael Vu


    • RespectTheStar


    • Fed Up!

      No, this is not a bandwagon fan! Sticking it out for 17 years of mediocrity is called being fed up with an owner who is more interested in his wallet than he is his fans. His hobby is being a GM for the Cowboys! You want bandwagon, visit Redskin fans. I live in DC and can’t find many wandering around until they’re winning. Hopefully, they’ll have something to cheer about after Sunday!! I’m hoping they put us out of our misery! I’d rather lose to them and not make the playoffs than being someone else’s bye week IN the playoffs!

  • DC Fan 4 Life

    If any of you people (I Will NOT call you Fans cause YOU ARE NOT!) want to donate your Dallas Cowboys items to me I will GLADLY take them off your hands AND be more than happy to wear and or display them.

    • NYCowboysFan

      Send me your address.

    • TOOSE

      You really need a life dude!!

    • RespectTheStar


  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    The only reason I stay with the Cowboys after being a fan since 1963 is to not take them seriously any longer. Much of what happens year to year is actually very funny. Take for instance the last game against the Packers. How many teams would have lost that game after being up in the third quarter by a score of 23 to 9? To top it all off, all they had to do to assure the win was to run the ball! My daughter and I were yelling into the TV….”run the ball”. The Cowboys are now the joke of the league and in order to be a fan you have to find the humor in all. After all, the team is a reflection of its owner and Jerry Jones is a clown. So, stay on board and lets have some more laughs!

    • NYCowboysFan

      They were actually up 26-3, but I get your point.

  • Stu

    I get the sentiment and understand the action. However, I elect to remain a loyal fan (just not as intense a fan as I once was). My loyalty goes back to 1960 when my dad took me to that very first Cowboys game against the Steelers. Through the years I always enjoyed the process of the braintrust building the perennial contender almost as much as watching the games. In truth, some of the best teams were sort of boring to watch. Come on, there were times Emmett was 5-6 yards past the LOS before being touched. And Roger or Troy were machines almost always completing the key pass when needed. Now I get to marvel at the current braintrust bungling things repeatedly and have the genuine satisfaction of knowing I could do better. Any Tony Romo is easily the most entertaining QB in the NFL. One play I am in absolute awe of him, wondering how he just did what he did; then I get a play wondering why he did what he did. Never a dull moment. As I have gotten older, I just realize that being a fan does not mean living or dying with my team’s success or failure. It just means (for me) finding new ways to be entertained. And Jerry produces great entertainment. Of course I wish it wasn’t the Theater of the Absurd….but I am always entertained. GO COWBOYS!!! (however you manage to go)

    • StayGold

      I had the same reaction. They do provide great entertainment. They don’t just lose, they do so spectacularly. I love Romo, just like I loved Danny White. They were good, but never quite good enough to win it all. As Tony audibled away from the run on that 1st interception play, I’m sure I could hear Tom Landry’s voice, imploring “No, Tony, no!”

      Hey, we had Landry and Staubach and Aikman and JJ, can’t complain about a little White and Romo. We’ll get back there someday.

      • David Perez

        Yeah, someday.

  • thiswritersucks

    a horrible article. The guy is fed up, fine. He’s frustrated that the
    team is a shadow of its once former great self, ok. He doesn’t see any
    change coming on the foreseeable future, I get it. However, taking your
    ball and going home isn’t the answer. How do you think the Lions fans
    feel when William Ford, THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FORD CAR EMPIRE, took
    control in 1963 and haven’t won a championship since 1957! The same
    thing can be said about the Vikings, The Brown’s and even the Dolphins
    who haven’t won a SB since the 70s. Yes Cowboy fans, this is a great
    article to read and see what a spoiled frustrated fan is who obviously
    can’t stick with his team when they are obviously going through their
    tough times. As a Dolphins fan, I’M EMBARRASSED for this writer and this
    whine letter of an article.

    • NYCowboysFan

      Tough times? LOL…It’s been 17 years and will be another 5-6 before we get out of salary cap hell that Jerry put us into. I agree with him 100% and am also telling the Cowboys to take a hike after 44 years of loyalty.

    • Marquette Sampson

      People dont understand the Vikings had hope atleast every 5 years…the moss years, chris carter years, Adrian Peterson…even Dolphins had some good years when Jimmy was there and now this yr…what where saying is this has been 17-18 yrs 137-137 ill record since 1997 thats messed up and im leaving to after this season until we hire a new GM without the last name Jones…..oh p.s. Jerry Jones family is the director of scouts so dont think Jerry really dont hand pick the players smh DONE

    • Todd Toombs

      I read every comment by the way. Trust me, this isn’t whining. The Cowboys and the NFL are a business. They have not earned my loyalty for a long, long time. If you still enjoy watching the NFL, good for you. I’m not going to call you names because I disagree with you. My article didn’t suggest anyone do anything different. This was between me and Jerry and I decided to publish it so that other frustrated fans might live vicariously through my experience. Many have responded that they agree with me and have been supportive. I realize there are other teams that have lost a lot of games. Not being a Cowboy fan as you admit in your comment, you wouldn’t understand that this team doesn’t just lose games – that in my opinion would be easier. But, every year they build up your expectations that they will return to glory and then they botch and bungle every chance to break through. They don’t just lose – they do it in very public, very egregious ways. No one really cares about the Dolphins – but everyone has an opinion about the Cowboys. They either love them or hate them – and when they lose in such spectacular fashion the ugly comes out of even the nicest people. I’m just choosing to remove myself from the cycle. You don’t have to feel threatened and lash out. It will be okay. At least the Dolphins are smart enough to hire a GM.

      • RespectTheStar

        live vicariously thru your experience? LMAO now THAT is funny! You published it because you are weird… and like attention.

        • David Perez

          That’s so disrespectful.

    • Jd

      I understand what you’re saying, but it’s 2 totally different situations. When someone mentions the Dolphins the 2 things people always say is, the only undefeated season in NFL history and the fact that you’re franchise had the greatest qb to never win a Super Bowl because he never had that running back to afford him the luxury of not having to win games by himself.

      When people mention the Cowboys, no one talks anymore about the 5 Super Bowls they’ve won, or having 2 Super Bowl winning HOF quarterback’s, or the fact that Dallas has the all time leading rusher in NFL history and one of the greatest backs of all time, not even close. All that is talked about Is how this franchise is being ruined by Jerry Jones, chokes away the playoffs year after year. How Romo can’t win big games. And how they are the most talented, over hyped team every year. &, don’t forget, the Dolphins play in a division with the Patriots and Tom Brady & coach BB. Now you want to say that, well Dallas plays in a division with the Giants? Regardless of Eli and Coughlin, and the Giants winning 2 Super Bowls since 07, still no comparison.

      Comparing the Dolphins and Cowboys situations throughout the years is like comparing the Islanders in hockey to the Detroit Redwings.

  • David Perez

    Todd has taken a bullett for Cowboysnation. He has the balls to do what many of us can’t.

    • Todd Toombs

      Thanks David! Appreciate the support!

  • SmartThinking

    No! Wait! Don’t beat this guy up for what he’s doing. I think it’s damned brave of him.

    I absolutely do understand his frustration at what is easily the worst owner in football history – Jones has easily surpassed even Al Davis in stubborn egoism and boneheaded errors in judgment and administration. He’s taken the greatest sports franchise in history and turned it into a laughing stock for his personal pleasure and hubris.

    Believe me when I tell you I was there in the stands -a kid- rooting for Eddie LeBaron, etc. during their first pre-season, and I’ve supported them every season since. But, even I can only take so much.

    Maybe Jones needs to read, like, 10,000 more Open Letters to the Owner. Maybe every one of us should send him a letter to Valley Ranch and tell him what we think of what he’s done to this franchise and this team.

    We can’t reach him through the media. Maybe 10,000 letters might get his attention.

    Any comments?

    • NYCowboysFan

      I wouldn’t waste my money on the stamp.

    • Todd Toombs

      Love that idea!! I actually printed my article out and mailed it to Jerry Jones. He’ll never read it, but it sure felt good.

  • Rowdy

    There’s plenty of room on the Seahawks bandwagon for fair weather fans like yourself, Todd. See you never.

    • Todd Toombs

      Thanks Rowdy! That means a lot coming from a guy wearing a mascot head. Internet makes you brave, doesn’t it!

  • George Ontiveros

    You have just stated EVERYTHING that I have felt for the past several years. I am frustrated beyond measure. I live in Kansas and all I hear is how “great” the Chiefs are. You can just imagine how week 2 was for me!! Look man, I don’t know you but I do know this…You sound like a true Dallas fan. All the time and money you have forked over to just be slapped in the face is enough to make any normal fan break. That is just it though, we are not “normal” fans. We are Dallas Cowboy fans. People are going to hate on us regardless if we are good or not. Now, I agree until JJ decides to relinquish some power we are going to sit in mediocrity limbo. Nothing we can do about that. What we can do, is hope. Hope that this egotistical yahoo gets it. Because I tell you my friend when/if he does the Cowboys will be back on top. Don’t lose the faith my friend…Silver and Blue until I am through! Good Luck…I hope you find some peace in whatever you do!!

  • Doug Kaufman

    LOL self proclaimed title not recognized by any fan of any other team.

  • MC

    All that needs to happen is for the fan base to stop contributing to this man’s bank account by refusing to buy tickets, merchandise and not watch the games to get his attention. When his income is impacted in a negative way you will get his attention and he will change his ways. Money is his weakness. So don’t give him anymore and force him to make the changes the fans want.

    • Todd Toombs

      Exactly! I’m voting by withholding my time and attention. Will it make a difference? Probably not to Jerry – but it will to me!

    • Old Frog

      Totally agree but unfortunately it’s like howling in the wind. Too many fans will continue buying tickets and merchandise. For those of you who are frustrated and still go to the games, how about hoisting some signs or banners, “Fire Jerry Now”, “Jerry has ruined this team”, etc. You will get TV exposure I’m sure and if enough do it, it might make a difference…

  • jrcowboy49

    Good article Todd. Please take that ass called jerrah with you!

  • Chewy

    I’m a Lions fan

  • Jared Torrence

    For all of those fans of other teams saying ” try being a fan of the Vikings or the Browns” ect. When you win 5 super bowls there comes certain expectations. There are only a handful of franchises that have 4+ super bowl wins. I’m sure your a avid football fan and know who these franchises are. Take a look at all of them. They are usually either contending or rebuilding to contend. Multiply it with the fact that fact that this Dallas team have been dubbed as “America’s Team” and the media watches this team more than the defending super bowl champions. Could you imagine having these expectations and being neutral for almost 18 years? That is where Jerry Jones has put this team. I could see if you would accept this team if they were wearing Cleveland uniforms. I could see Cleveland fans saying ” decent season,, we’ll bring it home next year” I am not saying you don’t have pain and that it is worse than ours. I am saying the pain other Dallas fans and I feel is different. We are the most hated fans in the NFL. Constantly called band wagons, people who live in the past and are ridiculed for our franchise having just one play off win in how ever long (and for those who say that, since when did they give out Lombardi trophies for play off victories) When our team preforms like this season with all of this on top of it you as a fan get sick of it. As a 26 year old fan obviously my family and the cowboys have a long way to go before I’ll say good bye, but I could see how someone older could push the eject button and jettison out this situation. So mock us and say we don’t understand pain. You haven’t walked in our shoes just like I hope we never walk in yours.

    • Todd Toombs

      Great comment Jared! Thanks for your clear headed support! Best of luck to you and the Cowboys.

  • Pete Vieira

    I totally agree with your sentiments ,been a fan since 1970 it was the first game I saw shortly after arriving in Los Angeles from Peru all I new about football at 8 yrs old was that cowboys were cool ,this didn’t sit well with the family next door all 5 boys and their dad diehard Ram fans you can only imagine the rest .I had a great childhood thanks to Stauback ,Lily , tootall ,Dorset and the always familiar face of stoneface Landry. I never liked how Idiot fired Landry but stayed with my boys and just when Jimmy had it going in all fours this idiot Jones starts thinking its all cause of him ,so his bloated ego will not allow him to accept that in spite of him we won in the 90s and keeps hiring yes men and throwing money at the problems thus creating the cap problems that will haunt us for some years ,Rob Ryan was a strong personality so he gets the ax.Its not the losing its the way we lose I would have taken it better had we lost 44-0 remember the Bears ? 1987 ,I will boycott anything cowboys for now ,but its very clear to me these are not the cowboys anymore these are not the same type of players that beat the giants in ?91 that kept the giants from going undefeated that season despite our losing record but you saw the direction they were going .I’ll stick around for now but Jerry must go PLS COWBOY NATION BOYCOTT LET GET OUR TEAM BACK.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    Good for you Todd! The Cowboys have a .500 record since the last Super Bowl we played in (vs. Steelers) There just doesnt seem to be any accountability anywhere. Yet the kool-aid drinking minons keep blindly marching into Jerrah’s ‘palace every Sunday. But I’ll hold on to my Walt Garrison & Lee Roy Jordan jerseys since they hold no connect to Jones.

  • Ted

    I Can’t help but feel a similar way. I love the NFL and the Cowboys but ever since JJ decided he knew more about football than anyone else the Cowboys have struggled. To me it is simple. The organization does not have a commitment to excellence and therefore cannot be excellent and therefore cannot win consitantly. The Predident and GM of the team have been the same person for far to long. They are not held accountable for their peformance over the last 15+ years and because of that they cannot hold the people below them accountable for their performance. Until the President and GM go the team will basically be a .500 team with a few slightly up and slightly down years thrown in for flavor. Oh and yes I do realize that JJ is the President and GM and that is the point. He as the owner isn’t holding himself as President and GM to a standard of excellence so the organization is mired down.

  • RespectTheStar

    WOW… Everything you said about JJ is true.. However.. I will NEVER give up on the BOYS! They are the ones I am there for.. not JJ. JJ just happens to OWN the franchise. Hell.. with all of us fans.. maybe we could put our money together and buy it from JJ.. he is always out to make a buck! Built the awesome new stadium and then sold it to the highest bidder. As for myself.. i will be a LOYAL COWBOY FAN til the day I DIE! Not sad to see you go or anyone go that isn’t LOYAL. Understand the frustration.. but not disloyalty. However.. you want the attention so thats why you are sharing. Ten minutes of fame doing it for ya?? buhbye

  • Main Event

    This guy is a Mook, your not and we’re you ever a true fan…. good riddance!

  • Pedro Hegge

    Go Pack Go !

  • ctcowboy1968

    Spot on Todd. I feel your pain. I have been a die hard fan for 45 years. Not an easy thing for someone that lives outside NYC. It’s not just that they lose, it’s how they lose. I have had to bring my game emotions way down. Like NYcowboysFan, I know that I will be getting Cowboy gifts next week. Hard to display these things now. Like Parcells once said, the joy of winning doesn’t last as long as before and the agony of losing lasts longer than it used to.

  • Unc Forrever

    Mr. Toombs! Best wishes! Thank you for saying to Jerry what he needs to hear and understand. I myself am a fan from age 7 and I am 52 so I agree with your frustration. Not ready to give it up, but very disappointed.

  • DC Cowboys

    Todd, the article is excellent. I have given up on purchasing any more Cowboys jerseys, shirts…. because the best way to get Jerry’s attention is thru his pockets. Jerry is an excellent businessman but not a good GM at all. In fact Jerry himself stated in an interview that he would fire the GM if it wasn’t him. So you know what the major issue is and you refuse to fix it. Then don’t expect me to help support your cause with my money. Finally EVERYONE knows it was Jimmy selecting the players and Jerry signing off on them. Why not go back to what actually worked?

  • Connie

    Todd, I was at the exact place you are at about 5 or 6 weeks ago. It was after the lions game. I was ready to do the exact thing you are doing. This is what I posted on Facebook after that game:
    ok guys, so here we are again. same cowboy time, same cowboy channel. I was at my daughter’s house thinking the game was in the bag for the boys and playing on the floor with my 6 yr old grandson. I turned around for a second and my son in law says holy shit the lions are going to score…yada, yada, yada….and we all know how it ended. I was broken-hearted beyond belief. I said out loud….”That’s it….I am done with the Cowboys and I’m done with football. I’m taking up crocheting….and that’s that.”…..My little 6 yr old grandson Billy, says to me, “Don’t give up on them grandma.” And I asked him what else can I do? They keep breaking my heart, should I just keep letting them do that?” And he said….”I think you should give them one more chance.” So I said, “Well, Billy I will be here on Thanksgiving and the Cowboys will be playing that day…should we give them one more chance and see how they do on that day?” And he said yes….that is what we should do…give them one more chance. So, for the sake of my grandson, who apparently likes the fact that I am a Cowboys fan, I have to give them one more chance….If I “unjoin” every Cowboy and football affiliations I have on Thanksgiving Day….you will know they burned that chance. If it wasn’t for my little guy saying this to me today…I really don’t think I’d ever watch another football game. (Love the way Ware grabbed Dez by the collar and shook him around) WOW!
    So here we are week 16 in the books, knowing the cowboys will be humiliated next week by the eagles, and even if they aren’t, they will be eliminated from the playoffs in a swift and humiliating fashion. But, thanks to my grandson, I’m sucked back in….who knew the kid “liked” me being a Cowboys fan so much? His dad is a Giants fan, but I think he secretly love Romo!!!! Well Todd, I guess I’m stuck in this at least till the end of the season, but I’m with you man….I’m totally fed up with not only the Cowboys, but the whole NFL. I would never consider changing my allegiance to another team….it’s either be all in or all out of NFL fandom.