Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with head coach Jason Garrett during a timeout from the game against the Oakland Raiders during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Cowboys Fans: Say Goodbye To Jason Garrett

Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) reacts after getting sacked in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Forget the 2013 season.  It’s over.  Yeah, yeah I know the Cowboys are not mathematically eliminated and if Philadelphia lost to Minnesota than it is completely rational to think they will also do so to the Bears and even Dallas but forget it.  It won’t matter.  Why?

Because the Dallas Cowboys will not win another game this season.

Blame it on the quarterback who can’t shake the rep of a choker, mainly because he continues to feed it at the most inopportune times.

Blame it on the defense who can’t stop a first string or second string or third string quarterback from leading his team up and down the field at will.

Blame it on the injuries… like other teams don’t have those too.

Blame it on the egotistical, delusional owner who thinks he has a team so close to a championship.

Blame whoever and whatever, it doesn’t matter.  This team accomplished its goal.  The Dallas Cowboys will not finish 8-8 this season…

They’ll finish 7-9.

In the latest mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, train wreck of a game, Dallas once again found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Up 26-3 (you know, much like the Lions game from 2011 which you can relive here if yesterday was not already enough pain –…) DeMarco Murray was only given the ball seven times even though…

A. He had 93 yards and a touchdown prior to that point.
B. He was averaging 5.85 yards per carry on those final seven runs.
C. Dallas had a lead almost the entire time.
D. Running the ball keeps the clock going and when coupled with an almost six yard average likely means you will gain multiple first downs.

The excruciating thing is that I have mentioned twice in the last couple of weeks that the Cowboys are undefeated when Murray gets twenty carries.  This game, he got eighteen.  Two more would have likely ended the game in a much different manner.  With 2:58 left on the clock, Green Bay had just used their second time out to stop the clock after Murray got four yards on first down.  Instead of running the ball once more to exhaust the Packers’ final time out and likely gain more yards, a play-action pass was called.  Green Bay sent a run blitz because, you know, the Cowboys SHOULD BE RUNNING THE BALL HERE and was able to force a bad throw from Romo who was moving away from his body.  Interception.  Running the ball twice would have definitely eliminated the Packers from stopping the clock.  It’s also fair to assume, that even factoring Murray getting half his average per carry, Dallas would have picked up the last first down needed to win.

I am aware that it was Romo’s decision to change the play to a pass.  Assuming that is true, he should no longer be given to deviate from the play call.  Yet and still, Garrett is supposed to be the HEAD COACH.  He took ownership of the play call process (their favorite word).  He has a voice and it should be the loudest.  For Garrett to not impose his voice and demand sticking to the original call to run it shows a weakness that cannot be tolerated from someone in a position of authority.  That one play does not answer why there were not other attempts with a bigger margin for error to continue to attack on the ground.

So now, with yet another lost season coming to an end, one has to wonder if the defensive coordinator will not be the only change that is made this offseason.  If Jerry is ever serious about winning, it is clear that it cannot be done with the current regime.  Three years and a few other games of nearly pristine mediocrity was enough to make a change.  The robotic coach speak and constant refrain of “process” and “all three phrases” rhetoric falls on deaf ears when there is no improvement to behold.  The countdown to Garrett’s firing began when the clock read 0:00 Sunday night.

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  • Crewe

    I don’t think it’s fair to fully judge any coach under Jerry Jones because we never see that coaches vision, all we see is what JJ gives him to work with which is rarely a good thing

    • Earl Robertson

      Yea that right. Garret may not wanted to give Romo all freedom. I can’t help but think of what Parcells said about Romo he always had to rein him in. But with stupid Jones who has no business saying what he says but he goes to the media and announce to all the world he wants Romo to have freedom on play calling Garrett is thinking WTH?? But he has to do the best he can with the situation. I don’t think Garrett knows how to manage a game he shouldn’t be a head coach but he doesn’t have a chance because of Jones and how he loves to talk to the media who is going to play and who isn’t and what they need to do on offense and defense

    • Ware94

      I’ll bet money that Jason is NOT fired . The team switched D coordinators & schemes last offseason. No way they scrap it after 1 year. I can see Bill Callahan not being back but that’s about it. As a matter of fact , I think Callahan will be gone & the team will hire a new OL coach & get this, Jason will be back to calling the plays next year. Jason will get 1 more year. Not saying that he deserves it but Jerry & Stephen both like working with him . If Stephen was pushing for a fresh start then maybe Jason would be gone but that’s NOT the case. I predict what I just said plus that the team goes heavy Defense rounds 1-4 of the draft. You can also say goodbye to Spencer, Hatcher & possibly Austin & Ware. Salary cap wise, it makes more sence to cut Austin after the 2014 season with the way his contract is written. I can see Ware taking a pay cut to stay with the team but I think Hatcher has priced his way out of Dallas. This team will have money to spend in free agency in the 2015 off season . That’s when you will see a new Head Coach, a new staff & 2-3 big names free agents signed.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Who will Jones hire in Garrett’s place? The answer is nobody worth their salt because there isn’t a coach out there who wants to work for meddling Jones. Are we even sure Garrett had the authority to change the play that probably cost the the Cowboys the game? Most likely not. Garrett is another puppet of Jerry Jones just like any coach he hires in place of Garrett will be. The culture of the Cowboys is what needs to be changed and it starts at the top.

    • Jd

      There was a report apparently leaked from inside the Cowboys organization that had a hand written list of possible coaching replacements on them.
      I called my brother in law, who lives in Texas and he said he heard the same rumor. It was 4 college coaches: miles, meyer, Briles and Sumlin.
      I doubt the validity of it at all. I don’t think Garrett is going anywhere. As for Callahan and Kiffin, I have no idea about their futures in Dallas.

  • Earl Robertson

    Romo shouldn’t have pass but he probably was thinking we run don’t get a first down punt the ball with a min and a half Matt Flynn will drive down and score a TD the same way the Lions did. So it is noboy’s fault but one person and that is Mr. Jones! If you look in the dictionary on how to win championships you will see Robert Kraft pic and then at the bottom it will have the opposite and there would be Jerry Jones plastic face!!!

  • Dave

    I am not sure why the author isn’t coaching in the NFL .Cowboys have been living on past accomplishments for far too long, so have some fans. I truly believe Garrett is working to change that. It will not happen overnight however. Install a new defense and not successful in the first year, and fans are shocked? Most fans do not understand football , not surprising they make such foolish comments or have knee-jerk reactions.

    • Jd

      Part of what you’re saying is true, especially about the defensive part. But, in order to play a successful Tampa 2 defense, you need an elite safety, period. A Tampa 2 defense is based on zone reads which in turn creates pressure on the qb. Problem with running that style of defense with Dallas is, you’re asking Carr, Claiborne and Scandrick, whose strength on defense is man to man, to play zone reads. That is impossible to do. Dallas does not have an elite safety to help coverage over the top. Nor do they have that safety who can cover the slot receiver one on one, or step up and stop the run. And to make matters worse, with a front 4 of Hatcher, Ware, Slevie and whoever else they find working at K mart that week, get absolutely no pressure on the qb. This team has neither the talent or the depth to compete on defense. Yet, somehow they actually played well in the first half on Sunday, nuild up a huge lead and then inexplicably continue to throw the football. And the excuse fans have given is, Romo had to throw the ball because he knew Greenbay was going to stop their run and he didn’t want to put it back to Greenbay, because we would have lost anyway.
      That is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      When you have a back averaging 7.3 yds per carry and you have a 2nd & 4, and you audible out of the run because you see the blitz coming, insane.

      Let’s look at the play again. The blitz came from Romo’s left side, Dallas was in an off I back set, Murray to the right. So, 2 things must happen on that play. 1) you audible to a pass play & you move Murray to the left side to pick up the Blitzer, which didn’t happen. Or 2) you actually stick with the running play and believe that your offensive line is going to block an already beaten front 7 off the line and Murray is going to get at least 2, 3 yards. That would have forced Greenbay to use its final timeout. Thus, leaving Dallas with a 3rd & 2. And at that juncture, with the clock stopped, you make a decision on whether or not you run behind Smith or play action & hit Beasley or Murray in the flat for the 1st down, game over.
      Yesterday’s loss isn’t on the defense, regardless of what anyone says. The reprehensible play calling of throwing the football with a 3 score lead is why they lost. Dallas had 4 possessions in the second half that lasted less than 2 minutes and 40 seconds, that’s inexcusable.
      And also. There was no hot read on that play, Austin or Williams didn’t run an inside slant there. If you read blitz and audible to the pass, and there was no linebackers dropping back, someone should have been running a slant rout.

      And as for your Garrett comment, I do agree that things are moving in somewhat of the right direction. He just needs to take control more of the situation when things start getting out of hand.

      • Richard

        I hope JJ accepts the blame and gets a strong new coach. We also need to consider drastic action. While I don’t blame Romo who doesn’t play defense we need to consider trading him to a team that thinks its a quarterback away. Consider the Houston Texans. They are a quarterback and coach away at least in there minds. Romo’s contract might make this trade impossible but if not, I would consider trading him to the a Texans for their first and second round picks in 2014 and JJ Watt. With the Texans first round pick which will be in the top 4 we could draft our new QB or draft Clowney and use the second 1st round pick or even the 2nd round pick on the new QB. Loyalty is usually a fine trait in a person but it’s the wrong way to run and NFL team. Romo has maybe 4 or 5 years left and the Cowboys are at least 2 to 3 years away. With no cap space we have to get draft picks to rebuild the team. Only Romo and Dez could bring multiple draft picks. It’s time to blow it up and rebuild. The only players I would not trade would be Tron Smith, Sean Lee and Dez. No one else would be safe.

        • Jd

          I would like to see them at least get a future qb in here. Kind of like how the Pats have Mallett. The Jets could also be a destination for him. They’re have been talks about the Jets possibly going after Cutler though.
          The issue with Houston, I’m not sure they would want to deal with the Cowboys, but you never know.

          But from what I’ve read, it seems like Romo is going to be here at least one more year.
          I do like the idea of trading him and getting another 1st round pick. And using them both on defense and then be able to get a qb in the later rounds.

  • yingyangpalms

    Dallas fans can be angry about any particular game they want and they can blame Romo all they want but the reality is that no team with such a terrible defense could survive in the playoffs against the best QBs in the game.
    This team was going nowhere. And it’s astounding to see Romo scapegoated AGAIN when there were many costly errors that created the Cowboys mess and humbling loss.
    The game against Denver said it all but still Cowboys fans refused to listen. Now theyre mad because its almost official. Did Cowboys fans actually think this team could beat the Seahawks, Saints, 49ers, Bears, Panthers in the Playoffs??
    This team had no more chance of getting to the Super Bowl than the Jags. Only difference is that their fans thought they did.
    Well its December. And thats when the annual Cowboys delusions of grandeur face the reality of losing…again, again.

    • Jd

      I get What you’re saying. But let’s look at a few things here.
      Romo being a scapegoat:
      Since 2011, Romo’s 4th quarter stats.
      First 10 minutes
      68.1 comp % 16 td’s 0 int’s 131.5 PASS Rate
      Last 5 minutes
      60.3 comp % 2 td’s 8 int’s 59.7 PASS Rate
      Numbers don’t lie.

      And as for anyone thinking Dallas could beat any of those teams?
      Who thought the Giants were beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, either year? Who thought Seattle, at 7-9 was going to beat the Saints in 2010? Who thought the Giants were beating the 9ers in the NFC championship game 2 years ago?
      Who thought Baltimore was beating Denver in Denver last year? Who thought San Francisco was beating the Saints 2 years ago?
      You can ask that question about a lot of teams, regardless of records.
      The name of the game isn’t, who thinks who can beat who, it’s get in & go from there.
      And I don’t care how bad our defense is, we all know it’s epically atrocious. But I’d rather actually see them finish off December by winning the division and getting in the playoffs than losing & not even get in.