How Much More Will Dallas Cowboys Fans Take?

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Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers fans celebrate during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Dallas has lost three games this season by one point. And get this: when scoring more than 35 points the Cowboys are 1-2.


That’s Cowboys Nation. Whatever disease the offense and defense has, well, consider it infectious because the fans got it. And there doesn’t seem to be a true recovery pill.

Well, there might be. It’s called a running game, which actually assembled behind a positive effort from the offensive line.

All offensive coordinator Bill Callahan had to do was swallow. Yet, he didn’t. Nor did Jason Garrett. Puzzled?

Join the club. Don’t be upset if there is a waiting list.

With two games left, the Cowboys surprisingly still have a chance to make the playoffs by winning out. Pray. A lot.

And with that in mind, I wonder how many fans will continue the 2013 journey or abandon ship. Sure, you’ll have those die-hard fans. But every bond has a breaking point. Even the best fans break.

You can only take so much. And this season has had its share of zingers.

It’s one thing to start packing the bags early. It’s another thing to go from hope to dark, to some more hope to curtain.

It’s always fun to watch the balloon full of hope sail around the winter sun. But as we know, the balloon eventually lands. It’s probably best to cover your eyes when it does.

Who knows what another loss like this can do to a fan.

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