Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Options Out of Run on Key Interception against Green Bay Packers

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Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

After the game, reporters probed Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett about why his team threw the ball instead of running in that key second to last possession, and Jason responded,

“That was a run call that he (Romo) threw the ball on.”

Turns out that Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan hadn’t lost his mind.  The call was meant to be a run, and Jerry Jones new player/coach Tony Romo called an audible away from the wise decision to run the ball and kill the clock.

Tony was asked about the interception and he had this to say,

“At that specific time, obviously, when I look back now you should run the ball because I threw the interception.  They overloaded the side we were going to run to…it was my fault for obviously putting the ball in a position where the defense could make the play.”

Tony owned up to his mistake as you would expect any good leader should.  He did not place blame and simply said, “I need to do a better job.”

But, the question in my mind which still remains is, who really is to blame for this loss?  Is it all Tony Romo’s fault?  Is it the defense’s for not stopping Green Bay after the ill-fated interception?  Is Garrett at fault for not being clear with his Quarterback in obvious run situations?  Is Jerry Jones the guy to hold accountable for allowing his franchise Quarterback so much decision-making power that he could audible to a pass overriding his coach’s decision?

My guess is that everyone shares some of the blame.  What I do know, however, is that this Cowboys team has shown a consistent inability to finish off games when they have placed themselves in positions to be successful.  On many occasions Dallas has had a chance to win, and they have failed to do so.  I wonder if this team’s losing characteristic will carry into the final games of the season, and so I put it to you, Cowboys Nation; who do you blame for the Dallas Cowboys loss versus the Green Bay Packers?

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