Cowboys Fans: Who Do You Blame Most For Sundays Loss To The Packers?

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Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end Edgar Jones (55) reacts on the bench after the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Obviously, there is more than enough blame to go around in the Dallas Cowboys locker room for Sunday’s devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers. As if losing to yet another back-up quarterback wasn’t bad enough,  the fact that this loss came when Dallas had a chance to  reclaim first place in the NFC East makes it even worse. Let’s examine some of Sunday’s biggest offenders.

The Dallas Cowboys Defense – 36 points should be enough to win any football game. Taking a 23-point lead into halftime, the Cowboys had to simply play the “clock management game” in order to win. Unfortunately, the Packers made some amazing halftime adjustments to score 34-points in the second half. And the blame for that sits squarely on the shoulders of the Cowboys defense, who officially became the worst in franchise history on Sunday by already allowing the most total yards in team history with 5,982.

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  • doc holiday

    But,but lil’ Jason looks soooo cute on the sideline.

  • Old Frog

    Obviously the play calling was great during the first half and especially the first quarter which might be the best they’ve played all year, but during the second half the play calling went down the toilet on both sides of the ball.

  • californy

    The lost is mostly on the coaching, They have to understand the Defense needs halo and going 19 passes to 2 Run in the 4th quarter is not the way to help your defense, and keep in mind your Running game is averaging more than your passing game 7.4 average to 6.9.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    As the HEAD COACH Jason Garrett is in charge and has total ATONOMY. Callahan comes up with a play…gives it to Garrett…and Garrett passes the play to Romo. Garrett should have put his foot down and told Romo…..NO MORE PASSES. But he didn’t do anything. Just stood there with hands on hips…

  • Jeff Muetz

    lol..You just played the real America’s team! Go Pack Go!

  • Realistfan

    Defense. If you don’t allow three 80 yard drives and five TDs in the second half, you never have to thrwo the two passes for interceptions.
    We have the # 3 scoring offense in the NFL and we are 7-7.
    Because of Defense (injuries, and lack of quality players).

  • NYCowboysFan

    Becoming a BIG fan of this site. I have been a member of Blogging The Boys for 4 years and posted close to 8,000 comments, but I have had it with the moderators over there. If they don’t agree with your comments, they delete them and warn you. They have a no swearing policy, which is good, but the rest of their rules are ridiculous. For instance, if someone is throwing Romo under the bus and I don’t think he should be, I will argue the point with them. I don’t swear, but I am passionate about my team. Reading the comments from other fans here, they look a lot more intelligent and educated. So if it’s ok with everyone, I am becoming a regular here. I absolutely LOVE the writers and their articles. Keep up the good work.