Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) is tackled by the Dallas Cowboys defense during the third quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Who Should The Dallas Cowboys Fire First?

Just fire em all.

By this time we’ve all read the blogs and articles about the state of the Dallas defense. And it’s all 100% true. They’re awful, and contrary to what anybody might say, I imagine you could put these guys among the worst in NFL history.

So let’s just start over.

How do we get out of a salary cap crisis? Just fire the entire defense. You don’t need a defense to do what these guys did Monday night right? So why pay anybody?

Let’s be specific though.

Fire B.W. Webb for being absolutely worthless, and I mean it, worthless. Where did we find that guy? Fire Jeff Heath for almost the exact same thing. Fire Brandon Carr for literally coming to Dallas and robbing us blind. All that money he got and he decides he doesn’t have to earn it.

Fire all of the linebackers for not trying to learn a little from Sean Lee. It’s probably their fault he’s hurt mainly because he has to make every tackle.

Fire Demarcus Ware, yes, even the great Demarcus Ware for just disappearing completely these last two years. C’mon man, you’re one of the greatest of all time. How about being a leader and stepping up.

Fire the guy who decided it would be wise to bring a hundred or so defensive lineman off the street and play musical chairs with them instead of bringing in a handful of guys that give us our best chance to win and sticking with them. I guess continuity and allowing guys to learn a system isn’t an effective strategy anymore.

This one is easy, fire Monte Kiffin for making the Dallas Cowboys a part of history for all the wrong reasons. Injuries are something you have to deal with, but great coaches find the strengths of what they have and tailor those skills to a strategy. These guys may be nobodies, but they have to have some potential if they made it to this level.

Wow, I feel better.

Nope, just kidding.

Fire the idiot who can’t figure out that Demarco Murray is destroying these defenses and not continuing to run the ball. If he’s going to hurt then you might as well run him until he does. Whether that is Garrett, or Callahan, or whoever just fire them.

Fire Miles Austin for pretty much the same reasons as Brandon Carr.

And jiminy Christmas somebody fire the incompetent strength and conditioning coach. Has there ever been a team in history with so many hamstring injuries? Maybe I’m overreacting now, but something tells me that isn’t just bad luck.

Man, maybe it is just time to blow this team up and rebuild. The Saints game was upsetting, but this one was just straight up unbelievable.

These guys are getting harder and harder to watch, but as any true fan would say, I will never turn my back on these guys.

No matter how bad it gets I’m a Cowboys fan for life.

To the bitter end.

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  • Snowed In

    And this Cowboy fan totally expects the bitter end to come, yet again, on the wrong end of a Week 17 primetime game.

  • ctcowboy1968

    You have some good points and some ridiculous ones. Fire Kiffin yesterday. Fire JG five years ago. Ware and Austin need to take significant pay cuts.
    The scheme is based on the DL which we don’t have. In theory, the scheme could work if we had Ware, Hatcher, Ratliff, Spencer starting and Crawford, Bass and Wilber to substitute. No one could have predicted our current situation.
    Webb and Heath were never expected to play beyond special teams this year. I don’t know why Wilcox is not starting. He is the future over Heath. Regarding Webb, ask Claiborne why he can’t get on the field. Can’t play D in a passing league with subpar DL and DBs.

  • Juanito Juanito

    this mess cant be fixed guys, to fix this mees need to fire the GM who is the guilty of this mediocre team, but the bad thing is he cant be fired and will not be fired, so all will know how this thing could end, sorry for us like fans

  • Earl Robertson

    Great article you took all the words out of my mouth

    • grkorbel

      The fact that two of you share this opinion is frightening.

  • grkorbel

    You may be a Cowboy fan for life but having read more than this kind of mindless garbage than I should have, than you reflect Grouch Marx’ observation “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

    If the Chiefs, for example, took your “sage” advice last year, you think they would be having the year they are this year? The eagles were 4-12 last year, weren’t they losing 10 games out of 11.

    Should Philadelphia, too, have blown the team up? If you had had your say the answer is resoundingly anr idiotically clear.

    I’ve been a member of the Cowboys fan base for longer than I want to remember but if it’s true that stupidity can be infectious (see Orson Welles “War of the World” broadcast), I may have to climb on another team’s bandwagon for no other reason than to insulate myself from abject ignorance.

    • apuestas5

      Have you ever heard of Sarcasm and Venting?

    • SmartThinking

      If you don’t like what you read here, then exercise your right to choose and, kindly, go elsewhere.

      We live in Realville here.

      Sugar coating reality is for the fairy stories you read to your grand kids.

    • Pad

      This is not a case of one bad year. This group has been consistently mediocre (or worse) for many years. So, I don’t see the Chiefs or Eagles being similar. Depending on your point of view, it is good or bad that Dallas is in the bad NFC East this year. I think it is bad because it artificially props up the record so people think the Cowboys are a piece or two away from being good. They are not. They need to rebuild. And, without even getting into the discussion on Romo, to top it off, they need to get a QB this year or next. That hurts when there is need so many other places. QB is deep this year….

  • apuestas5

    As long a Jerry Jones thinks of himself as a GM, “The Boys” are in trouble.

  • PJ Doyle

    Man, I’m with you all the way. I feel the same way. Lets fire Garrett too, while we’re at it. Dang, it’s been like a bad dream, or like the movie Groundhog Day, or just a bad three year nightmare.

  • Jason Triest

    Romo is far from being the primary reason the Cowboys are struggling this year, surely that must be apparent to even the most adamant Romo bashers out there.

    The defense is historically lousy. For how many years do we have to tolerate an inferior secondary. To me, it’s now apparent that Clairborne is a bust. I do still harbor hopes for Carr, but both safeties need replacing.

    Kiffin is two decades behind the times and MUST go (Rob Ryan was the unfortunate scapegoat, when in fact he did an amazing job last year considering similar circumstances)!

    Frederick has proven me wrong. When selected during the draft I was furious, but he’s been solid. Tyron Smith is having a Pro Bowl caliber season and looks to be one of the brightest beacons of hope we currently have. Beyond that, the O-line needs a makeover.

    Let’s place blame on those who are deserving versus just clumping them all together.

  • BigDawg72

    Agreed. If this team were a car I would have taken it to the junkyard a long time ago. Just too many things wrong to list. Maybe Romo is good but until he is surrounded by talented players, coaches, GM, then we will never know and, he isn’t getting any younger. I honestly hope Eagles win tonight and next week so that changes happen in Dallas, because we all know they will fold in 1st round anyway. I am afraid if they make playoffs then next year will be another disappointment with the same people at the helm.

  • Snidely Whiplash

    Fire the guy who fired Rob Ryan

  • TooShortJones

    Why did Dallas hire 2 coaching rejects from one of the worst SEC teams (sorry Vols Fans) to begin with and not trade Romo when he was worth something?

  • Brian L Hope

    The Cowboys have the material for a competitive franchise, but they will never come close to the Super Bowl again until both the coaches AND the general manager are fired, and Jerry Jones stops doing his imitation of Al Davis.