It’s Time The Cowboys Fired Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin

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Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) makes a catch while being defended by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) during the second quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

But former NFL scout and current analyst Bryan Broaddus blames Monday’s night entirely on the players and not the coaching staff:

“Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick allowed the Bears receivers to beat them up all night. When they needed to be physical, they were not, and that was going to be the way you handle them. Playing with B.W. Webb didn’t help and as the game went on, it was obvious he was not up to the task. You can’t blame it on zone or man coverage. It’s just going out and doing your job, which these corners and safeties did not do.”

Then Broaddus turned his attention towards DeMarcus Ware:

“This defense needed Ware tonight and he was not a factor at all. He did manage a sack in the late going, but that was not nearly enough. For him, it was a big fat no show. There were too many times, where he was spending time on the sideline instead of trying to get his teammates off the field. Last season, Ware tried to carry this team on his back and into the playoffs; it just wasn’t good enough. This year, they need him to try and do the same, but he had better hurry up.”

So what’s the easier solution? To find the right players to fit this scheme or fit the scheme to the players we have? Again, there is no time to find these alleged “right” players to fit this 4-3, Cover 2 scheme. How long will that take anyway? A couple years…if we draft well? Free agency isn’t an option in Dallas as they are an estimated $31 million over the cap next season. The buy-in for this Kiffin scheme is too costly and based on old school thinking that has been figured out and broken by NFL offensive coordinators years ago. If Kiffin’s schemes were any good anymore, we wouldn’t have found him toiling in mediocrity at USC.

Bottom line: It’s time to fire Monte Kiffin. And it’s also time to install defensive line coach Rod Marinelli in his place. We have three weeks to right this ship and we need a shake up desperately. And Marinelli is our best option going forward.

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  • SmartThinking

    This mess starts much further up the ladder than Kiffin.

    In my opinion, no one’s job is secure, starting with the General Manager’s down. Further, not one player’s job should be secure either.

    Jones needs to assess every position on this team and begin the pink slips with himself. If the product we watched unfold itself last night is Jones’ best work, as he’s quick to point out to anyone with a microphone who’ll listen to him, then he absolutely must accept the responsibility and step down as GM.

    It’s time to rebuild this team from the very bottom to the very top and no one should be exempt from criticism and responsibility for the kind of performances we’ve had to endure as fans of this team this season.

    Jones owes us fans the ultimate apology. We deserve a better team with a better owner than this mess Jones calls his best work.

    • Old Frog

      Agreed. Trade everyone with value for draft picks except maybe Smith, Bryant, and Frederick. Then start systematically trading every player when it’s time for them to sign the big contract. Do this every year until you have a team that is truly dominant then pay those guys to stick around for a few years before you start the process all over again. I would rather be in the cellar for 3 years then win for 3 years than have 20 years of mediocrity.

  • ctcowboy1968

    RR did not get the injury excuse, why should anyone else? Don’t wait to fire Kiffin. Do it now! Promote Marinelli. Everyone knows this is going to in the offseason. Don’t wait. My biggest gripe with RR was when he only rushed 3, that never worked.
    This whole system is based on the DL which we don’t have. Need to draft DL first two rounds next year. Look at the Panthers. They drafted two DTs with their first two picks. Both are starters. They have the #1 D against the run. Last year, they were #14.
    Problem is that JJ will think that Crawford and Bass coming back from IR next year will be enough. Not true. Heydan is playing above his head. Selvie is not getting it done anymore. Hatcher will be gone. Ware is not an impact player anymore. Ware has one move, speed rush to the outside which takes out of the play.

    • Jeff

      It’s time to realize we are in the Al Davis zone now with the cowboys. There is no possibility of anything being fixed without first having the man at the very top depart, be it voluntarily or or be it Devine intervention. He’s already given 73 year old Kiffin the vote of confidence for gods sake. Until JJ is gone the cowboys will never eclipse 8 wins in a “good” season. You can’t fix stupid and you certainly can’t fix egomania

      • ctcowboy1968

        Absolutely correct. JJ was a good friend and admirer of Al Davis. Unfortunately, JJ will never get past his ego and stupidity. It’s all about him. He doesn’t want to win unless he gets all the credit. We are stuck with him. He has ruined this team. There’s no end in sight.

  • Unc Forrever

    We need to scheme for the next 3 plus games (ok Im being hopeful) based on what we have. I cant understand why we havent made significant changes when this defense in predicated on PRESSURE and WE CANT GET IT!!

    • Gordon Meller

      in all honesty cowboys defense sucks the big one,last time i checked run defense was 24th pass defense dead last.i said at the beginning of the season monte kiffin isnt the answer to defense, first off im not fond of 43 or tampa 2..basicly it takes 2 to 4 years to rebuild a defense to fit that scheme.they should have reverted back to the 34 defense cause we had the most ppl for that schem granted bruce carter isnt the right linebacker for that scheme he was always hurt not to mention that drafted him as an injured player. ware and spencer both excelled at the olb position,we were getting sacks left and right .we need another 34 defense coach