Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown in the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders at AT

Dallas Cowboys: Time To Get Aggressive

Well this is an interesting change.  The Cowboy’s getting better as the season progresses? 

Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) intercepts the ball in the end zone against Oakland Raiders receiver Jacoby Ford (12) in the fourth quarter during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

At the risk of speaking too soon, we appear to have traded our seasonal November/December collapse for something the Cowboy’s haven’t given us much of in the last few years…consecutive wins.

Don’t get me wrong, these last two games were far from perfect.  We certainly had our share of embarrassing moments (special teams, Carter & Heath).  The difference being when we had to come together as a team, and when individuals were called upon to make big plays, they triumphed. 

Ultimately that’s what makes for a winning team, right?  It doesn’t always have to be pretty, as long as the big plays are made when they need to be.

The defense played very well despite the absence of Sean Lee, who I look forward to having back next Monday if all reports are correct.  Although I still want to see the same level of aggression from the offense.

I’ve said before that the Bronco’s game was our most impressive offensive outing, I believe the reason for that is because we came into the game playing like we were behind.  From our first snap of the ball we played as if we were trying to make up a 30 point deficit. 

We played in a similar fashion with the loss of Sean Lee.  Knowing that our defense was going to struggle with the absence of such a key player; our offense came out, once again, as though we had a deficit to overcome. 

Now, imagine our defense is at full strength; we aren’t playing the Broncos, and we still come out offensively with the same intensity and aggression.  Not only does that sound promising, it sounds like playing our type of game.

I have long theorized that we have no idea what type of game we play.  We come out every week and let our opponents set the pace, leaving us to constantly adjust and try keep up.  Why has Romo led us to so many fourth quarter, come from behind victories?  Because we are playing our backs against the wall aggressive offense and it works. 

This aggressive, back against the wall style IS our game.  It’s what we do best and it clearly seems to be what Romo is most comfortable with.  Now the obvious downside would be the likely increase in turnovers.  But haven’t we been putting the ball on the ground anyways?

Even with the possible increase in turnovers, I think our defense can get the ball back for us.  Plus, the increase in offensive production should well offset it.  I would rather have 14 points and an interception over three possessions than a few consecutive three and outs.  Wouldn’t we all?

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  • SmartThinking

    Everyone I talk to about this season’s Cowboys team points to the Denver game and views it as how this team plays. I contend that game was the exception rather than the rule. Admittedly, Dallas played out of their heads football. But not since.

    Week in and week out, no one really has known which team will come onto the field. Their losses have been dramatic, close and almost every one could have been prevented. And the wins have pretty much all been close and, equally, could have gone the other way, too.

    What this tells me is this team still hasn’t found itself and identified its true personality yet. These past two wins against New York and Oakland were close. What impressed me the most from these two games is how Dallas regrouped when they were down, took a breath and went about the business of winning the game. That has been the impressive point in this season so far.

    There’s a whole new level of team facing Dallas this next game. Chicago has everything to win and nothing to lose. They’ve better and they’ve been a lot more consistent in winning than Dallas has looked at their best.

    If Dallas can overcome all the obstacles coming together to hurt them in this Chicago game, then, they have a real chance to be the team we’ve all expected them to be. But overcoming this December’s boogie man tradition goes directly through Chicago.

    And until the Cowboys erase that horrible, ugly loss last year to the Bears, they’re not the team we all want them to be. we’ll know a great deal about who this team is after next Sunday. They’ll either be a playoffs contender or on their way to letting December screw them up once again.

    Time will tell.

  • Jack Farguson

    Problem is that even with Sean Lee the defense isn’t that good. They give up way too many points. That is why Romo has to play with his back against the wall. That’s why we didn’t win the game against the Broncos. I do agree they should be playing that aggressive football all of the time.