Dallas Cowboys: The Four Quarters (Week 12 Edition)

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Giant disparity… 


I discussed this in my column earlier in the week but it is such a huge part of the story, it needs to be brought up again.  Four weeks ago, the Giants were an 0-6 team and while no one had run away with the division, they were certainly on life support.  As it seems to every year, a huge lifeline was cast upon the team.  This year, it was not an unlikely helmet catch or a dropped pass by a wide open, sure-handed receiver.  This time, it has been injuries to the most key position on the field.  The last four games, three of which have been at home, have seen the Giants face the following quarterbacks.  Josh Freeman, who was with Minnesota for approximately two weeks, in his first game coming from Tampa Bay.  Matt Barkley, who replaced an injured Michael Vick with Nick Foles also injured.  Terrelle Pryor, who was playing with a sprained knee and not exactly a threat even when healthy and Scott Tolzien instead of Aaron Rodgers.


Now let’s look at the six quarterbacks they faced when they lost.  Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Nick Foles and Jay Cutler.  These six have a passer rating that is 38 points higher (99.5) than the four mentioned above (61.6).  These six QB’s have 32 interceptions in almost 1,900 pass attempts.  Freeman, Barkley, Pryor and Tolzien have 23 in just under 500.  Call me crazy but I think New York is in for a Giant reality check when Romo makes his second appearance against them this Sunday.  


Enough is enough… 

Aug 4, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware (94) during the 2013 Hall of Fame Game against the Miami Dolphins at Fawcett Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


It seems like every year, I bring this up.  Probably because every year, the Cowboys find themselves in the same exact spot.  This year is no different so here we go again.  Here is the “mental toughness” part of the season.  This is the game that Dallas needs to find out who they are and where they want to be.  I think it is fair to say that the Giants are not a team to fear.  This isn’t a road trip to Seattle or New Orleans.  Winning in New York is certainly doable, especially this year against this team.  A win tonight and all of a sudden, the gray skies get a little more blue.  After this game, the Cowboys have their annual home Thanksgiving day game against an extremely beatable Oakland Raiders team followed by another mini bye before having to face Chicago on Monday Night Football.  This could be against either a less than 100% Jay Cutler or a backup quarterback.  All of a sudden, 8-5 looks like a very real possibility.  But it all starts tonight.  Do you want to continue to perpetuate mediocrity or is enough truly enough?  I believe this game will tell you all you need to know about the 2013 Dallas Cowboys.


The prediction:  Cowboys 27, Giants 21



Here are the picks for the week… not like it matters since I am having the worst year I have had in the eight years I have been keeping track of my prognostications.  It is what it is.  Hopefully, the Cowboys are like me though and don’t quit.


LAST WEEK 5-10 (.333)
SEASON RECORD 72-89 (.447)
THIS WEEK 0-1 (.000)

Tampa Bay at DETROIT -9
Jacksonviile at HOUSTON -10
+4.5 Minnesota at GREEN BAY
San Diego at KANSAS CITY -4.5
-4 Carolina at MIAMI
+2 Pittsburgh at CLEVELAND
+1 Chicago at ST. LOUIS
N.Y. Jets at BALTIMORE -3.5
-1 Tennessee at OAKLAND
+2.5 Indianapolis at ARIZONA
+2.5 Dallas at N.Y. GIANTS
-2.5 Denver at NEW ENGLAND
-5.5 San Francisco at WASHINGTON

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