Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) on the bench during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Is There Something Wrong With Tony Romo?

It’s officially a race between the teams competing for the NFC East title this season. The Dallas Cowboys are now not only chasing the Philadelphia Eagles for the division lead, they are also fending off the New York Giants who have stormed back into contention.  With the defense hurt and the offense out of sorts, one player on the roster must step up his game and put his team in a position to win now. That player is none other than quarterback Tony Romo.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a gaming winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of the game Minnesota Vikings at AT

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a gaming winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of the game Minnesota Vikings at AT

Looking at the stats you would think that Romo is far from the problem on this team.  He has thrown for 2,681 yards, 21 touchdowns and 6 interceptions through 10 games. His passer rating is at a high 98.3 and other than the Denver Broncos game he hasn’t thrown the dreaded 4th quarter pick. But, since that Broncos game his numbers have alarmingly dropped in the last few weeks.  He is only averaging 268.1 yards per game and his completion percentages have dropped every game since the Broncos game. In the first 5 games of the season, Romo completed on average 72% of his passes, while in the last 5 games he has completed 55% of his passes.  That is a huge drop off, especially considering that he has played some terrible defenses in the last 5 games. Only the New Orleans Saints were ranked in the top 5 of defenses, the rest were all ranked near the bottom of the league.

There is clearly something wrong with Romo, who usually puts up bigger numbers than this. It could be something with the play calling, the offensive line breaking down, or maybe he is still dealing with injured ribs. The point is that the team isn’t good enough or healthy enough for others to step up and win games. Even Dallas Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones commented that Romo has to get better down the stretch.

This upcoming game against the Giants is going to be a huge test for this offense and Romo. They need to get receiver Dez Bryant some open looks and Romo needs to sometimes just force it to his number one play-maker. Only then will this offense get out of this very strange slump.

Romo has done an outstanding job of taking care of the football and limiting turnovers, something his counterpart, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, hasn’t done.  But, Romo needs to realize that he is the key for success for this team, they will live and die off his arm. Romo has to get back to his gunslinger mentality and play to win, not to lose. He has to get his confidence back or his team will be sitting out of the playoffs for the fourth straight year. There is too much riding on Romo for him to fail now.

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  • Earl Robertson

    When Romo throws an int people cry and say how could he have done something so stupid!!! When he protects the football people cry and say What is wrong with Romo!!!! When will people learn Romo not the problem the problem cab be sum up with 2 letters J. J

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      Your are 100% right and as long as JJ is in charge the mediocrity will continue. We have read so many articles about how Romo is not the answer at
      quarterback because of his gunslinger mentality and now we have a writer
      saying he needs to get back to that mentality?

      • Ehsan Azad

        Romo’s numbers have dropped. He hasn’t been playing well. But in my defense , I’ve always wanted gunslinger romo.

  • SmartThinking

    Romo is not like any other quarterback that I can remember seeing. What motivates the others just washes over Romo. Only on a couple of occasions have I ever seen him chew out a player or try to motivate someone on his team to excel or succeed. I’ve never seen him get really excited or demonstrative with how his team is performing.

    In my opinion, he takes a very blue collar approach to leading his team in that he shows up, does his job and let’s someone else do the leading. He walks out onto the field before a game and does his reps. During the game, he walks out onto the field while the rest of the offense trots on. When the game is over, he calmly walks off the field. If he had a lunch pail in one hand it’d be the perfect fit.

    I get the sense from watching him work that if the team wins, great. If the team loses, well, that’s life!

    I think, in many ways, what’s wrong with this team can be seen in how Romo goes about being the quarterback. There’s little emotion, nothing to go out on a limb for, and no penalties for failing to succeed. This attitude, I think, has penetrated the entire team. I’m not sure anything will change with this team until the entire personality takes a change of direction.

    It’s a shame, too, because the history of this team is one of winning quality. And that’s something we haven’t seen from a Cowboys team in many, many years.

    • Old Frog

      I have voiced this opinion before. After Dez’s tirade I commented how Romo looked almost too calm every time the camera goes to him sitting on the bench. Seems like he’s lost the fire…if he ever had it. Maybe he’s got Doug Free-itis = too much money and not living up to it. Maybe he’s hurt. Maybe Callahan calls lousy plays. Maybe the wife and kids are suddenly more important. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

  • StayGold

    IMO the offense needs to be more aggressive. We scored 49 points against Denver! Romo needs to attack the defenses. If they double Dez, throw it to him anyway. He is a playmaker. He will make great plays if given the chance. But if you don’t throw to him just because he is double covered, then the defense has succeeded in its goal to take him out of the game.

  • Earl Robertson

    I think cowboys need to do no huddle all game also like Denver and NE so I agree with y’all about that. But is it Romo fault they are not doing that? I get tired of having conversations about what is wrong with Cowboys because when you got an owner doing things in the NFL backwards after Jimmy left there really isn’t a reason because nothing is going to change!

  • Jd

    We heard all off season about how Romo was going to become Brady & Peytonesque. Be in the film room watching game tapes after game tapes, finding every defensive formations weaknesses. Someone who is going to show growth in his preparation & be more diligent in his decision making.
    The truth is, that’s not what we’re seeing. We’re seeing a qb regressing. We see a qb not prepared every week & someone unsure of what he wants to do. Someone who looks confused at the defensive formations he sees each week. A qb who is hesitant with his throws and completely out of sync with all of his receivers. Someone, who in my opinion, shows no leadership at all. Someone who looks extremely uncomfortable. Someone who is afraid to make a mistake rather than waiting to make a play. He’s playing not to lose football as opposed to going out there and just playing. He’s afraid to fail and expects it to happen. He plays too cautious which is dangerous. He doesn’t believe he can succeed and win. And when someone plays like that, they will always lose.

    Fact is, all of what I just said is perception. It’s what I see when I watch Romo play. And I’ve had this perception of him for quite some time now. With all the talent that this team has had over the past 4 to 5 years. With the amount of times this team has been in big games & have pretty much always come up short. & the amount of times Romo has been right at the center of it all. When do you stop blaming the talent around Romo, Jerry, the coaching staff & bad luck?

    And argue with me all you want. But when you watch Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, Breese, Eli and Roethlisberger… They don’t play not to lose, they don’t play scared & none of them look like they’re afraid to lose.

    Sundays game vs the Giants, we will find out a lot about what Romo is made of. There are no excuses come Sunday. He has a full compliment of weapons. No more excuses of being gun shy, as he’s going to have 2 or 3 guys open all the time. Therrunning game should be more than effective. Which will absolutely give Romo time to find an open receiver.

    I’m looking for something different, something Romo hasn’t shown, but once, maybe twice this season. Be sure of his decisions & just play to win.

  • David87124

    He does seem to be playing worse since a couple games after he stopped getting the shots for the ribs.