Giants Revived? Win Streak A Fraud

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The oft-injured and freshly returning Michael Vick entered the game at less than 100%.  It’s wasn’t a shocker when he had to be relieved in the middle of the 2nd QTR by rookie Matt Barkley.

Vick only threw 9 passes to that point.  In comes Barkley and the rest is history.  I will save you the suspense, Barkley has the second to worst QBR (47 of 48) in the league (players with 50+ attempts).

With a QBR of 44.6 and only above the Jaguars’ Blaine Gabbert, Barkley is downright awful.  He’s been useless to his team with 0 TD’s and 4 INT’s.

The Giants led 12-0 when Barkley entered, 2 ½ quarters remained for a comeback.  New York could only muster 3 more points and won 15-7.

With an erratic Barkley in the game, the Eagles still outscored New York 7-3 in the final 37+ minutes of game play.  Imagine if Vick would have closed it out.

Let’s not forget the Eagles already faced them 21 days prior to this game.  With the QB combination of Michael Vick and Nick Foles, they defeated the Giants handily by 15 points (36-21).  Along the way, Philly threw for 302 yards, 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s.

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  • californy

    A win is a win. FYI Giants have the 11th best defense during their 6 game losing streak, The Cowboys are like 22 yards worst than the 31th team in defense. If there was 36 team, most likely Dallas would be 36th. If The cowboys think they are a better team than the Giants they must show it again on the game field and not on the blogs.

    • Jd

      First of all, you know that’s a skewed statistic, because it’s based on yards given up per game, not points. And the lowest point total the Giants have given up during their 0-6 start was 27.
      And yes, I completely agree that a win is a win.
      But using a 4 game winning streak against 4 of the top 10 worst rated qb’s in the league, 22 of which were 3rd string qb’s, and 1 of them was on the practice squad for most of the season, isn’t saying much. And the Giants haven’t played well in any of their 10 games this year, at least not a complete game. And yes Dallas got drilled by the Saints in New Orleans. But I remember 2 years ago, a healthier Giants teamtthan Dallas was, went into the same place & got absolutely embarrassed.
      And let’s be serious for one second. Do you actually think the Giants will lose by 1 to Detroit, when they play them, if they gave up 600 + yards? And if we’re going to get a little deeper, the only reason the Giants haven’t given up as many yards as they have is because they turn the football over all the time & teams have short fields.

      Now, if we’re going to be honest about this game, I don’t think Dallas is going to win. And not because the Giants are better or Dallas has x amount of injuries on defense. It’s because the Giants have been there & done that. Games like these the Giants find ways to win & Dallas always finds ways to lose. They haven’t won a must win game in what, 4 years? And you have to go with Eli over Romo in this spot. Eli doesn’t get rattled. He may have that, deer in the headlights look, but that’s just Eli’s look. Romo always makes mistakes in these games & let’s be real here, Romo is due for 1 of his vintage 3 or 4 pick games. & although Eli hasn’t played well in really any game this year, what better team to have that game against than Dallas.

      And until this team proves me wrong in this spot, I can’t see them winning.

  • californy

    I also heard the same argument The Saint have not won a team with a winning record. How did that turn out for us.

  • BradAustin

    There is a HUGE difference in the argument you are dismissing and the real argument of the article. Think about it, nothing alike…

    Vikings: Dallas defeated starter Christian Ponder > Giants beat Josh Freeman.

    Green Bay: Dallas will likely meet star QB Aaron Rodgers > NYG defeated Scott Tolzien

    Eagles: Dallas faced Nick Foles for roughly 3 quarters (45 min), then Matt Barkley (15 min) > NYG had 22 min of Mike Vick, before final 38 min of Barkley .

    Both get to face Terrell Pryor (but as a part of the streak I showed just how awful his numbers and QBR has been).

    The point is all 4 QB’s Dallas face/faced on these teams are starters (minus Foles, but he is same as starter). When it was the Giants turn they got 3 of 4 horrible back-ups, and beat the ineffective Pryor during the streak. You wanna tell me Dallas wouldn’t go 4-0 against those 3 back-ups and Pryor? I guarantee you the Giants wouldn’t go 3-0 against the starters Dallas will have faced on those teams (Ponder, Rodgers, Foles). The Giants were handed gift-wrapped victories in at least 3 of 4. Look at the numbers behind those back-ups, it’s ridiculous.

  • Joe

    Terrible article. It was like you were talking yourself into believing int his team. Have you seen them? There is no part of this team that makes me think they won’t fail. They go through the motions, they get hurt, they make mistakes, and they get embarrassed on national television. When the players that quit on this team in 2010 are off the 2013 team we might have a chance. They ARE NOT good enough.