An Optimistic Schedule Breakdown of America's Team

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Well what a way to come off a bye-week for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only do you return after getting your butt whooped by the New Orleans Saints, but the division title  that you thought was sealed has officially become a four-team race. The Philadelphia Eagles took the lead; the New York Giants have rolled of four straight wins to being a game back of the Cowboys for second place and don’t count out the Washington Redskins yet. The Cowboys have a lot of work to do, but don’t let this ruin your holidays. I have a schedule breakdown of the final six games that is going to warm you up more than chestnuts on an open fire.

Romo TD vs GiantsNew York Giants:

The Dallas Cowboys travel to MetLife Stadium to face the New York Giants who are on an incredible four-game winning streak after everyone in the league thought they were dead. They are doing their annual resurrection from the depths of hell to save Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s job and make an improbable run at the Super Bowl, which will be at their home stadium this year.  Usually this would be a loss for the Cowboys, but the win streak is truly flawed. The Giants defense has played the likes of Josh Freeman, Matt Barkley, Christian Ponder and Terrelle Pryor.  That lineup of terrible quarterbacks can make any team look elite. Now the Giants have improved and they will still be a stiff test for the Cowboys, but they are still weak at certain positions and the Cowboys are still the more talented team. Look for the Cowboys winning this one 33-31. Record 6-5

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