Fans Losing Faith as Cowboys Prepare For Giants & Raiders

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Winning football doesn’t have to be complicated. Like my good friend, Dallas Cowboys fan and famed golf instructor Dalton McCrary likes to say – “Folks, it ain’t rocket science”. We just require little adjustments and fine tuning. A small twist on a guitar peg. Moving a golf ball an inch back in your stance. Rolling a bowling ball two boards out. Little adjustments can go a long way. Whether the Cowboys make these adjustments and end the season on top is yet to be seen. I’ll be there with my glass half full attitude because I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan – Win, Lose or Tie, Til I Die.

Cowboy License Plate

Cowboy Nation is strong in the Nations Capital. Photo taken from twitter – via @andy_boothe

Final Notes: My next stop is Chicago where I hope to get invited to a tailgate party and freeze at Soldier Field with real Cowboys fans. I’ll bring the Tito’s. I also want to share this awesome photo making it’s way around the internet. I may need to contact my DMV – I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this.

My Prediction: Cowboys 85 – Giants 3




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