Fans Losing Faith as Cowboys Prepare For Giants & Raiders

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Y’all gone make me lose my mind – Up in here! Up in here! I’ll get into football in a minute. I just want to ask the driver to speed up the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon so more “fans” can jump off. It’s disgusting. I don’t care if you’ve been a fan of the Cowboys since the 1960 expansion team that went 0-11-1. I don’t care if you’re a “realist”, don’t use it to justify your doom and gloom forecast for my team’s future. Don’t offer your lame predictions about the Cowboys losing this game or that game.

Dallas Cowboys Fans in during my tailgate in Tampa Bay, FL - Photo by GameDayDog

Dallas Cowboys Fans in during my tailgate in Tampa Bay, FL – Photo by GameDayDog

As a real Cowboys fan, someone that bleeds blue & silver, I’m blindly optimistic as I’m supposed to be — as you should be. It’s embarrassing to have fans like you wearing our team colors while screaming that we won’t win the division or make the playoffs. You would never stand for a soldier in uniform telling his fellow warriors that they will lose the next battle. Don’t put on The Star, the symbol that unites us, believing we are going to lose.

There are teams with better records and worse records, but every team has a chance to win or lose – just ask fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Jacksonville Jaguars. I choose to believe my team will always win because that’s what loyal fans do — complete with my superstitions, rituals, good luck charms and Jobu voodoo magic. If having some faith, confidence or swagger is asking too much from you, then join the rest of the fans that have jumped ship. I want to cheer beside fans that still believe after having shared the highs and lows provided by the emotional rollercoaster known as the NFL season and America’s Team — The Dallas Cowboys.

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