Fans Losing Faith as Cowboys Prepare For Giants & Raiders

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Y’all gone make me lose my mind – Up in here! Up in here! I’ll get into football in a minute. I just want to ask the driver to speed up the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon so more “fans” can jump off. It’s disgusting. I don’t care if you’ve been a fan of the Cowboys since the 1960 expansion team that went 0-11-1. I don’t care if you’re a “realist”, don’t use it to justify your doom and gloom forecast for my team’s future. Don’t offer your lame predictions about the Cowboys losing this game or that game.

Dallas Cowboys Fans in during my tailgate in Tampa Bay, FL - Photo by GameDayDog

Dallas Cowboys Fans in during my tailgate in Tampa Bay, FL – Photo by GameDayDog

As a real Cowboys fan, someone that bleeds blue & silver, I’m blindly optimistic as I’m supposed to be — as you should be. It’s embarrassing to have fans like you wearing our team colors while screaming that we won’t win the division or make the playoffs. You would never stand for a soldier in uniform telling his fellow warriors that they will lose the next battle. Don’t put on The Star, the symbol that unites us, believing we are going to lose.

There are teams with better records and worse records, but every team has a chance to win or lose – just ask fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Jacksonville Jaguars. I choose to believe my team will always win because that’s what loyal fans do — complete with my superstitions, rituals, good luck charms and Jobu voodoo magic. If having some faith, confidence or swagger is asking too much from you, then join the rest of the fans that have jumped ship. I want to cheer beside fans that still believe after having shared the highs and lows provided by the emotional rollercoaster known as the NFL season and America’s Team — The Dallas Cowboys.

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  • Old Frog

    Hmmm. I don’t like mediocrity. I don’t care for parity. I want my team to win 12 or more games every season and there’s no way the Cowboys are going to do that without high draft picks and lots of them. Blow the thing up and start over or I might have to start rooting for Seattle.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Mediocrity and parity sucks but it’s the state of the league. Have you seen the current standings of the NFC? Remove the Saints, Panthers and Seahawks – and you will have five teams with 6 wins, two teams with 5 wins, two teams with 4 wins and 4 teams with 3 wins and less. What do you think our record would be if the Cowboys blew things up? If you want to cheer for Seattle, go ahead. They have flaws too, but I’ll provide a good home for your Cowboys memorabilia. :)

  • SmartThinking

    The only prediction I can give you, lame or not, is that anyone who reads your entire cheerleading article will probably fall asleep before the end of the third graph.

    I was there for that 0-11-1 season you speak about, actually for the pre-season, too. I’m also a realist when it comes to judging football players and football teams.

    You can blather on about what a blue and silver fan you are, even in light of the major problems this team, this owner and this franchise are going through. You see, because I was there for the first season ….. and every season after that, I’ve seen quality Cowboys teams. I’ve seen the best this franchise ever had to offer its fans. This Cowboys team isn’t even in the same ballpark.

    So, go on and close your eyes to the truth, wave your little pompom, and keep your thumb firmly in that dam. That way you won’t have to see the flood of problems this team faces coming your way as that dam breaks.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      This team isn’t the best collection of Cowboys ever, probably starting with the GM down to the assistant trainer. So what? I’m choosing to support the team that I have. Crying that we can’t put Dorsett, E. Smith, Stabauch, Lilly, Pearson, Too Tall Jones, Randy White, Irvin and Bill Bates on the field isn’t going to help. I want a Porsche but I still hand wash and wax my Chevy – because it’s what I have. So blather on about how you were there for the first game and there wasn’t a tuck rule, or defenseless receiver or head slaps and players could smoke cigarettes on the sideline. We have – What we got. Simply love it or leave it.

  • Not a True Fan

    So I suppose since some fans can be truthful about this mess of a team that makes us not true fans? I’ve always wondered what gives RA RA Cheerleading fans the right to question anyone’s fan-hood. It’s sad really… because you would think as an article writer that you could be more judgmental and not so blind to the truth about this team. Perhaps you should take a page from other writers on this site!

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Where did this Ra-Ra cheerleader aspect come from? I’m truthful. Do the Cowboys have room to improve? Absolutely. I’m not blind to that. Some flaws are mentioned in the article. Why do you feel like the sky is falling in regards to the Cowboys? They are only out of first place due to a bye week. Philly thinks they have a chance, New York thinks they have a chance. You’re supposed to be a Cowboys fan, but you sound like they don’t have a chance. So yes, a defeatist attitude equals poor fan-hood. Don’t knock me because I haven’t quit on the Cowboys.

  • californy

    When reading the Cowboy blog you must read between the line. I have never been know to spread propaganda. I like to see myself as speaking the hard truth. There article on the other site how well Fredrick has improved but how do you measure improvement on a player without including the whole unit.. If you look at this number and last number and this year for the Cowboy we are down in most department. I wont even bother to mention the defense that a given.

  • californy

    Lets look at our pass number through 10 games We have 2508, that projects to 4012.8 for the year. That number is almost down 900 yards. Then look at the run game at 770 for 10 games, that projects to 1232 yards o the year that down 13 yards on the season. We are actually running it less this year ranking 31 in attempt in the league in running the ball

  • californy

    This is where we our numbers are up Tony projected TD to Interception come out to 34 td to 10 interception, that a big improvement from last year where Romo had 29 TD to 18 Interception. Last year Tony had 36 Sacks and this year he on pace for 35. Yup the OL improvement isn’t what you would think it would be with Frederick being a number 1 pick. You can verify all my projection from the number I got from NFl .com.

  • David Perez

    It’s hard to believe in our Boys after 17 yrs of mediocrity. The one constant has been GM Jerry. Our season could end in Jersey this Sunday or in Feb.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      The season doesn’t end in Jersey this Sunday. The Cowboys would still be tied for second and still have a better divisional record than the Giants and Eagles. The season is only over when the Cowboys don’t play the next week. (Reaching for my pom-poms) Hopefully that’ll be because they won the Super Bowl.

  • Old Frog

    Part of the problem with being a “true fan” is one tends to internalize the characteristics of their team. They win, you win and you feel great. They lose, you lose and you feel bad. 17 years of mediocrity feels real bad and yet we continue to hang in there like a like a bunch of codependent children from a dysfunctional family. In business you cut your losses and move on at some point. In sports, fans hang in there till they die always hoping next time it will be different. After 17 years of this nonsense what a bunch of masochists we must all be.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Shouldn’t credit be given for team loyalty? In an era where mafia guys are snitching to the Feds and everybody’s a rat. I can respect a fan that stays true. Me, I can’t even try on another NFL teams hat! At least we have Super Bowls, how many do Philly have? Every year the Cowboys don’t win the big one will just make it more rewarding when they do. Ask a fan of the Chicago Cubs.

      • Old Frog

        You want to talk about team loyalty? Then let’s talk about all the players making more than a million dollars a year agreeing to substantial paycuts to get the cap under control, or be willing to take less money to be a Dallas Cowboy than test free agency when their big contract year comes around. Player team loyalty is much more important in my opinion. Thanks to free agency and the CBA these guys jump ship as soon as someone pulls out a bigger check book. Why ask for more from the fans than the fans get from the players?

        • Robert H. Carroll

          Tony Romo wasn’t asking to be traded or threatening to retire. Palmer quit on the Bengals. Who knows how Romo would respond to other offers, but would you rather pay Romo or suffer thru another round of Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson or perhaps have Kyle Orton become a full time starter? If Romo did sign with another team, perhaps he’d finally be appreciated by Cowboy Nation.

          In regards to player loyalty, I do hate seeing guys switch teams, but that’s the state of the league. The days of guys playing their entire careers in one spot are pretty much over. Players and coaches switch teams. Careers in the NFL can be short due to injuries, so you have to maximize the value of your playing time.

          I love the Cowboys (obviously), but if Eagles Magazine offered me a $50,000 bonus, a company car, stock options, sideline tickets to away games, luxury box access, free airfare and reward miles – I’d have to wonder how good I’d look in their vomit green. (Since this is fictional, the answer would definitely be – NO!)

          In my ideal world, the players would produce first and then get paid. Why the system is backwards for athletes just baffles me.