Nov 10, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett against the New Orleans Saints during the first half of a game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Should We Be Rooting For The Cowboys To Lose?

It’s going to take something drastic for the Dallas Cowboys to change. Owner Jerry Jones and company seem content to let this thing play out, hoping to win a playoff spot in the worst division in football. They seem to be content with 5-5 as long as everyone in our division is in the same boat. After this many years of losing, I guess they’ve just become accustomed to being mediocre. It appears the only thing that inspires Jones to change is losing. But should we, as Cowboy fans, be rooting for them to lose?

Like many others, I’m done with the whole Jason Garrett experiment in Dallas. He constantly preaches results and culture, but for all his efforts the Cowboys still sit on the precibus of a third straight 8-8 season with him at the helm. While we’ve been waiting on Garrett to blossom, we’ve lost opportunities to hire other successful coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Andy Reid and Sean Payton.

I’m also done with both Monte Kiffin and Bill Callahan. Although Callahan has done a great job with this offensive line, that’s the only responsibility I’d give him. Kiffin needs to find a rocking chair somewhere and begin a life monitoring his yard from pesky neighborhood children.

Dallas needs a shake up in the worst way. And the Cowboys current salary cap doesn’t allow us to make many player changes. Not unless your willing to trade names like Romo and Ware. So firing this piss-poor coaching staff is the next best thing. It actually should have been done last year. In fact, the only coach who deserved to stay was defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who was subsequently fired in January. But my fear is it will not happen at all if the Cowboys can somehow bumble their way into the playoffs this season.

If the Cowboys do make it in the post-season, they are likely not to do much once they get there. But it will probably be enough to justify Jerry Jones allowing the Cowboys coaching staff to keep their jobs for one more year. And as I fan, I’m not sure how much more I can take of this. I might actually have to start hoping they don’t get in the playoffs this year. And that just sucks as a fan.

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  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    You wrote in your article that Dallas needs a shake up in the worst way. And the Cowboys current salary cap doesn’t allow us to make many player changes. After ranting about how bad the coaching is you finally came around to identifying the real problem….lack of talented players. It’s funny how you now list Andy Reid as a better option to Coach the Cowboys. I guess you don’t recall Reid being fired in Philadelphia due to losing. Truth is, Andy Reid is winning now because he has better players. And is Harbaugh’s team progressing this year? And have you taken note of the quality of the players on the New Orleans team? Until the Cowboys have a legitimate general manager to manage the salary cap and obtain quality talent it is unfair to judge coaching. I have posted before an old saying that still holds true……….”You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken S_ _ t.

    • Jd

      I agree to a point with. But the Kansas City point, not entirely. Yes, adding 40 new players definitely helps, having 6 pro bowlers returning definitely helps & Reid makes a big difference. But let’s tell the whole story about Kansas City. They play a last place schedule this year and amongst all the other divisional leaders & teams in second place in their respective divisions, Kansas City has played the weakest schedule, next to Seattle. But the teams Seattle has beaten are far superior to the Chiefs win. AAnd while I absolutely agree with having talent wins, the schedule you play has a big part to do with it.
      How many times have we seen teams play an avg to decent schedule, have a bad year, under 500, maybe 6-10. Then play a 3rd & 4th place schedule then the next season end up in the playoffs with 10 plus wins? That happens all the time.
      And while I absolutely agree about our gm situation being terrible, how many teams in this league do you think could survive with losing 3/4 defensive lineman, a starting linebacker, twice, their number 2 receiver, starting running back, starting defensive back, starting safety and 2 offensive lineman?
      And be fair about answering the question. Because as much as our gm situation & coaching staff have failed, simply saying we lack talent is not true. What other team, besides the Colts, who beat Denver, went toe to toe with them and had a chance to win? We didn’t lose that game because of talent. What other team could have given up 600 plus yards and still, only needing 1 first down to win could have done that with a depleted roster? If Kansas City lost their entire front 4, 2 starting linebackers a starting corner and safety, they wouldn’t have won 4 games.

      • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

        You are right. I did not take into consideration the other reasons Kansas City is winning. So do you still think Reid would be the right coach for Dallas? I think you made my point. And I am very aware of the injured Cowboys but the main reason they have no quality players to fill in for those injured players is due to lack of depth. Then you have to look into the reason for not having depth………salary cap issues. And the reason for the salary cap issues? Jerry Jones.

        • Jimmy D

          Don’t mistake what you said as I’m not with you. I’m completely on your side. Especially the cap issues, that’s disgraceful. And our depth is sad & inexcusable. The thing was, going into this season, I was hoping we’d be healthy enough to be what most experts said we’d be. Shame on me for that right?
          So here’s the questions for you. Would you keep Garrett, Callahan & Kiffin, rebuild the ol & defense through the draft & cut the fat so to speak in terms of miles, Murray, Hannah, Durant, either scandrick or Claiborne, cut ties with ware and Hatcher too? Or bring in new coaches, draft our future qb, build our defense through the draft & still get rid of those players for cap space or trade them for picks?
          I’m just stuck with which direction they should go. This mediocrity is ridiculous. And I’ve seen quite a few of your posts on a lot of these blogs/articles, which are really good comments btw, great points.
          Because I think we can both agree, Jerry won’t do the right thing & step down.
          So what would your course of action be? Something I asked/suggested or something completely different?

          • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

            Time to make some drastic changes in the organization is long overdue but things are so bad now it might take years to realize any progress even when making all of the right moves. Most NFL games, especially the important ones, are won in the trenches. Therefore, I would concentrate first on obtaining top defensive and offensive line players including quality depth. As you have indicated, this will require letting some of the existing players with large contracts go in order to help alleviate some of the salary cap issues. Some players,like Miles & Hanna aren’t productive and some others like Ware appear to be on the downside of their carriers. Skill players would be next with an eye on a future quarterback. In regard to whether or not to keep Garrett. Since Jerry Jones is here to stay, Garrett is, in my opinion,the best choice. Jerry seems to believe in Garrett and Garrett is the only legitimate coach that would probably put up with Jerry Jones. Also, as I have said before, it is difficult to fully judge Garrett’s ability as a head coach when everything else around him is so screwed up. Musical coaches has not served the Cowboys well and it is time that they begin having some sort of consistency and the best place to start is with the head coach. One thing I have noticed about Garrett is that he has been able to motivate the players better than any of his predecessors other than Jimmy Johnson and Parcells. I prefer a motivator who makes mistakes over one who depends on players to be self motivated and makes perfect game decisions (if there is such a thing). There isn’t enough space to list all of the specific changes I think are needed but in a nutshell I Would keep Garrett,let Garrett choose the other coaches, rebuild the offensive & defensive lines through the draft and/or trades & cut the fat by letting certain players go. I would then concentrate on the skill positions that still need to be filled. This course of action will not be easy and the cowboy organization would be highly criticized.

          • Jimmy D

            Great response & couldn’t agree more.
            I do believe it’s time to say goodbye to Austin. And I’m having issues believing Williams can be that true number 2 receiver for us. But maybe with maturity and coaching he could be.
            And I have heard some whispers about Dallas being interested in nicks next season. Now I don’t know how that would be possible unless they make significant cuts in salary. Would you consider Nicks an option next year, if the financial situation was there?
            And regarding our future, specifically the qb position. I myself am a huge McCarron guy. I think he’s a stud who can absolutely be a franchise qb. Would you entertain possibly drafting him this year?
            And lastly… I’m also a fan of Mallett in NE. Would you even consider a possible trade with them to get Mallett from NE, or do you think it’ll cost us too much in terms of draft picks to aquire him?

          • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

            I think it is a little early to make a judgment about Williams as a second receiver and I believe Dallas has too many other personnel problems to be concerned about Williams at this time. Also, I don’t think the Cowboys’ financial problems can be resolved in time to even consider paying for Nicks who will obviously demand a big payday and they have already had too much of that type of business. But who knows? Jones has been known to bring in star studded players before even at costs that have been detrimental to the salary cap. As has been noted by several other writers, Jones is more concerned about financial gain than winning and Nicks being on the team would certainly sell tickets. I like McCarron. He is definitely a winner and if the cost is not too high (what you might have to give to move up in the draft) I would do so. He is not spectacular but he takes care of the ball. I would rather have Ryan Mallett but I would stay away from that possibility because trading with another NFL team for a potential marquee player usually costs too much. That having been said, I would not be in a hurry to obtain another quarterback because there are some good ones coming up like Johnny Manziel from A&M, Marcus Mariota from Oregon and Bryce Petty from Baylor who is a very good quarterback and may be a bargain come draft time. I say let’s take care of the offensive and defensive lines first and then concentrate on the skill positions. I am not saying ignore the skill positions but rather to not to give them priority. Although Romo has had his problems he will be more than an adequate quarterback during a rebuilding process. Despite what may be said or written about Romo, history has proven that teams with quarterbacks of his caliber are capable of winning superbowls. It would be nice for the Cowboys to be in a position to obtain quality players now but unfortunately if Mr. Jones continues his mismanagement it will not happen.

          • Jimmy D

            I agree about Romo winning with more pieces. Especially if they can sure up the ol & Absolutely look to fix our defensive line woes. I guess it will depend on our draft position. I would assume we’d take a d lineman or de. But I think I would think it may be hard to pass up Mosley from Bama if he’s still there. But then again, it’s Jerry. He may draft a tight end in the first round lol.

    • Corey Butler

      Andy Reid is clearly a better coach than Wade or Garrett. Reid simply needed a change. We all need a change at some point in our lives. Reid proved himself to be a very good head coach in Philadelphia long before he started losing there and OWNED the cowboys in the process. How can you say that Reid is winning now because he has better players? That is totally false. Reid in Phila. had Vick, Celik, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin and pro bowlers on his defense when he got fired. The Chiefs still do not have more talent than Eagles. The Cowboys have had as much talent as any team in the NFL over the past several years and have nothing to show from it due to poor head coaching. In 2007, the cowboys had 12 pro bowlers and did not win a playoff game after a 13-3 season. This was not because of the players,.

      • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

        You have made some good points but they seem to be bias and not very convincing. It is obvious you are an Eagle fan which is okay. Management is the problem with the Cowboys not coaching. The last time I checked the Kansas City Chiefs have six pro bowlers and if my memory serves me correct, the Eagles had zero (0) in 2013.

        • Corey Butler

          I am the biggest cowboys fan on the planet.

  • Juanito Juanito

    garret is a loser because he allwas play not to lose, he never play to win, he never take risks to kill the other team and thats why he fail frequently

  • SmartThinking

    Regardless of how poorly they play, or, whatever better draft position they might gain from losing, no true Cowboys fan wants to see them lose any game, anywhere, at any time.

    Drafting higher in the draft isn’t the Cowboys’ problem. It’s drafting the right player wherever they fall in the order. And this team’s failure to marshall their draft picks and bargaining potential falls directly on Jerry Jones’ shoulders.

    • zim

      WRONG! Alot of us true fans want to see them lose, and not for a better draft pick. Thats just a bonus. JJ needs a kick in the balls to change this attitude of doing just enough to get by and pray for a miracle, and hope that by dumb luck they make the playoffs and make a run. Nobody with any sense believes this can happen with this team. They are out game planned, out coached and out played almost every week! Are you watching the games? Blame JJ, JG, the other coaches, or the players. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, its always something. Nobody is taking accountability. JJ is so focused on winning under his command so he can finally get the credit he believes he deserves, that he has become delusional. This team is not close, and only losing badly will get JJ’s attention. Staying 8-8 isn’t convincing enough for him, as his record since Jimmy left is .500. This ego maniac isn’t getting it. They need to lose badly for his eyes to see clearly. They are 2 years at best from contending, and thats only if they bring in a good coaching staff, get rid of bad contracts and aging superstars, and load up on draft picks and pray they use them wisely. As is, this team can’t even win the division when its bottom to top, BAD, as you will sadly find out in the next few weeks. Its a rudderless ship going no where fast.

  • californy

    I would never admit it in public. But what do we really gain being 8-8 every year and missing the play offs

  • Corey Butler

    All of you are WRONG! The problem in Dallas is Jerry Jones. He is responsible for the poor coaching staff that does not know how to win and show an inability to prepare their players for games. The cowboys have gotten rid of countless players over the past 10 years and yet our record is 133-133 since 1997. How can this be Terrence Newman, T.O., Dez Bryant, Romo or Martellius Bennett? This is a dysfunctional organization and the dysfunction started when Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson and assumed control of this team.

  • Sam Lane

    No need rooting, the Cowboys are going to lose without the effort. Too many player personnel management issues for the Cowboys to have a fighting chance. Coaching has proven to be a failure and many players have proven not to be consistently completive, either by being injured or just not up to the challenge on the field. Bottom line, management of the team IS the persistent problem. Jerry Jones as GM is not working and have I zero faith it is going to change anytime soon. The only positive recourse, I see as a loyal fan is to stop contributing to the Jerry Jones delinquency, by purchasing tickets or merchandise. If Jerry starts losing revenue and attendance, he will eventually get a loud and clear message, drastic changes need to be made and implemented.