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Keeping Faith In The Dallas Cowboys

Sunday’s loss was bad. Worst of the season bad. After Sean Lee went out there was no chance the Dallas Cowboys’ defense was going to stop the Saints. Drew Brees was on.

Offensively, the Cowboys were off. No one could get open, Romo was overthrowing them when they were, and everyone looked frustrated on the sideline. Garrett had on the most worried look I’ve ever seen him wear. Romo looked despondent. Dez, while holding it back, was obviously frustrated. Sean Lee looked sad.

It was tough.

Stepping back and looking at the season as a whole didn’t make anything better. The Cowboys still haven’t beaten a good team and, despite a strong start, have allowed their rivals back into the fight for the division race. Philly is tied for first, while Washington and NY are well within range closing in on the end of the season. And if you don’t think either of them can win it you’re delusional.

Dallas, at the moment, looks like the same team it’s been the past two years. One that will find a way to lose a division it has every chance to win. Every indicator points to yet another year ending in frustration, heartbreak, and humiliation.

But, whatever.

Sunday, despite being a bad game, was still a good night for me. My Dad came up from my hometown to watch the game. He happened to be going into surgery this week (everything went well and he is relaxing and recovering) and it was a great opportunity to spend some time beforehand hanging out and having a pizza and beer. The Cowboys were losing…but after years of watching with him that lent an aura of familiarity to the event. We had watched it happen before, and we knew it would happen again. There were bigger things to care about.

Yes, this season bothers me. I did not think it would be like this. I did not expect the same, tired mistakes (not closing out game, not capitalizing on opportunities, penalties) to be haunting the Cowboys again. And they are.

But, sometimes, I can’t help but be irrationally optimistic. Especially when other things in life are going well. The Cowboys are still in first place, and they still have a chance. That’s all you can really ask for in this life. Opportunity. And they’ve got it.

It’s a long shot. I know this. But there’s no fun in giving up with six games to go in the season. I believe. Why not?



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  • SmartThinking

    Your irrational optimism, as you describe it, is maudlin and amateurish.

    I’m of the belief that there is no “good” place to lose. And, in a blow-out game like the Dallas-New Orleans game, where Dallas was out-played at every position and out-coached on both sides of the ball, keeping the faith just doesn’t really satisfy my need to know what it will take to make this team come together and be a respectable team again.

    While you’re telling all us readers about getting together with dear old dad, I’m spending my time discussing how a seriously damaged team can right its ship and beat teams that are currently playing significantly better football than this one.

    Dallas is set to play New York next Sunday evening. They’ll go into that game with all three division team having won their games this Sunday. If they don’t win that game outright to remain tied for first, or, if their struggle to win it is in any way reminiscent of the Detroit or Minnesota games, I think you and dad will find there are going to be a lot of Dallas fans who’re gonna need a lot more encouragement than ‘keep the faith,’ to make it through the remainder of this dismal, wasted season.

    • zim

      Idiot! Who’s irrational? The writer spent his day doing something worthwhile and meaningful. Spent time with family. You wasted your day playing couch GM. Pathetic! What good did it do you? Is Jerry on your speed dial so you can exchange ideas with him? And you have the nerve to scold the writer for spending time with his dad. Thats pretty funny. I agree the Cowboys are going no where fast and the coaching is average at best. I too could go on all day about the mess this organization is and how dillusional JJ continues to be about how close they are. Difference is I don’t waste much time worrying about things I have no chance of changing. You need to do something more constructive with your time dumba$$. Call your Dad… BTW, Washington lost to the Eagles today.

      • SmartThinking

        Sorry you disagree with me. This writer’s story doesn’t belong in a sports discussion forum but in his diary. People come to this site to read and discuss football, not some third year J student’s trip with his dad.

        As to where I was when I wrote it, I was sailing my boat, sitting in the sun. Wonder where you were?

        I care about professional football, specifically, Dallas Cowboys football. Have since 1960. And my knowledge of all things Dallas Cowboys is pretty much in your face. If you’re going to tell me something about Dallas, then I’m all in. If you’re going to take up space with a travelogue or Dear Diary entry, keep it to yourself. It’s called relevancy.

        • zim

          Well I was flying to Spain on my Jet with 2 Playboy bunnies. 2 can play that game. Back to reality, I actually just got done helping my son with his homework and jumped on the computer for a bit while he read another one of his assignments. Guess you must be offended I also wasn’t spending my day wondering how I can fix this team and sadly wasted it spending it with family. The author was writing about the Cowboys. (pretty sure they are sports related) You chose to focus on the 2 sentences he wrote about watching them with his dad as he had done his whole life, instead of all the issues he spoke of in regards to this teams failings. Even though most rational people know better than to get their hopes up with this team as its a train wreck, we all still hold out hope that they will win in spite of JJ and the poor coaching and game plans. And just like any train wreck, we all just have to look. Enjoy your sunset on your boat today. I just wish you would hurry up and solve this teams problems.

          • SmartThinking

            Where do you buy your aviation fuel? Oh. Also, what did you feed the rabbits?

    • The stars are bright deep in t

      By comparing how the writer spends his time (having pizza and a beer with his father prior to surgery) with how you spent yours, are we suppose to conclude you are professionally cold-blooded?

    • David Perez

      40 first downs. Nuff said.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    As of this post the Philadelphia Eagles are now 1/2 game in front of the division. Not withstanding the New Orleans blowout, from what I have witnessed watching the other 9 games, the Cowboys will not take first place again this season. Despite what others may think they just don’t have the talent or drive to succeed.

    • David Perez

      I agree. The Eagles will take the east.

  • Marc M

    disqus_kLJwdEdnOL You are one of the only to have enough balls to say the cowboys are done! We both know they don’t have enough talent. I wish everyone could see the same thing. After we get destroyed for the rest of the season, I hope we acquire the people, hire a GM, to draft the linemen we need to help get us compete in the playoffs at least.

  • David Perez

    Our Boys are a mess. I feel it’s time for a new HC/playcaller.

  • David Perez

    JPP has called out the Boys. It’ll be interesting how they respond. I don’t have much faith in our Boys, but i’ll still be watching and hoping.

  • californy

    I believe If Dallas win the east with a 8-6 Record JG will stay. If you want real change, then the Eagle must win the division. How can JJ allow a rookie HC to win the division when he been here for 23 years plus. Philly winning the division would be the embarrassment the boy need for real change.

  • californy

    Last year the boys ran the ball 34 % to 66 Pass, this year it 35% Rush to 65% Pass. What the difference beside a worst defensive ranking