Dallas Cowboys: The Cold Hard Truth!

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Well how many of us Dallas fans actually finished watching the slaughter of the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints?  From the Facebook feeds of loyal Dallas fans a majority of them turned the game off and found something else to occupy their time.  A few of us, the vast minority, finished watching the game like a bad car wreck, you just couldn’t look away.  The Dallas Cowboys have finally taken away what fans enjoy the most: their emotions.

Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan holds a sign for Dez Bryant (not pictured) during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After three years of the same old predictable, average Dallas Cowboys it’s becoming very easy to predict which team will show up and when they will show up.  An interesting statistic for those who may not know, current Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is now, with the loss to the Saints, 4-20 verses teams that are over .500 and 17-1 verses teams that are under .500 which makes a grand total of 21-21 in his three-year tenure as head coach.  It’s plain to see; this team is average and will continue to be average.

The cold hard reality has finally set in with the Dallas Cowboys fan base.  Dallas Cowboys Nation is beginning to realize it’s no use getting mad when the Cowboys are what they are; a smoke and mirrors want to be good team.  They are not.  There are a handful of reasons why and I’ll do my best to explain them.

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  • Earl Robertson

    I don’t understand why people will waste time writing an article about what is wrong with the Cowboys??? We all know it is Jerry and nothing going to change. Jerry did one thing right after Jimmy left and that was hiring Bill. But he still couldn’t stay out of the way by signing that cancer T.O. And he only hired Bill to get the new stadium! We all know it is about the Benjamin’s and the Lombardi’s with Jerry!! So ones should write articles about what team Cowboy fans should start rooting for!!! That would be more productive then beating a dead horse!!

    • Earl Robertson

      Meant to say not the Lombardi’s

  • philyew

    You need to add us – the fans – to this list. We continue to enable Jones’ rule of mediocrity. Year after year expecting the same old same old to produce different results, and paying for the privilege of being disappointed…again.

  • Neil Davis

    It makes me sad to see jerry run our team into the ground keep hoping he will hire a gm but his track record on hires speaks for itself sadly.I personally refuse to spend any money on anything dallas til he fixes things maybe if enough people did this jerry might get the message we as fans have had enough of his mismanagment skills

  • Old Frog

    I wish someone out there would circulate an online or facebook petition to fire JJ and hire a new GM. Maybe if enough fans signed it and the numbers were made public it would make a difference.

  • JTracker

    Rob Ryan for hc I say.

    • Jd

      This isn’t a defensive league anymore. Although the top teams all have top defenses, it’s a qb to receiver now. Pep Hamilton should be the next HC, OC in Indianapolis. Marinelli should get promoted to DC, unless Rex gets fired by the Jets. Than I get his a$$ here ASAP. Rex brings his guys with him. Happened from Baltimore to NY & it will happen from NY to Dallas.

    • californy

      How about JJ for the Hall of fame. he has to retire to do that.

  • Jd

    I am in complete agreement about jj being the major issue, obviously. But no 1 can tell me, if Dallas was healthier on defense & we had a younger more creative, innovative OC, we wouldn’t be better. And furthermore, Jerry or not, if this team had one of the top, elite qb’s, we wouldn’t be 5-5.
    There is absolutely no question Jones makes awful decisions, over and over. And 2 of the biggest was hiring Garrett & giving Romo an extension.
    If Jerry really wants to win, they he’ll make the necessary changes in the off season and during the draft to make this team better.
    Do I think he’ll do it, laughable. Not even close.