What’s a Cowboys Fan to Do?

So you’ve put all your eggs in a basket. You bought into the idea that the 2013 Dallas Cowboys are going somewhere. We’ll I’m here to tell you you’re not completely wrong in that regard. Every team is going somewhere, it just might not be the somewhere they were hoping for. And that is the situation the Cowboys, and their fan base, are dealing with. All the hope in the world surfaces when Dallas is winning. When they lose, and lose bad, the sky is falling. With the roster that could contend at any given moment, you would think this wouldn’t be the case, but dysfunction seems to follow the Cowboys these days, more so than in year’s past. The question then begs, what’s a Cowboys fan to do. Here’s my take on the situation. Like it or leave it, it’s how I see things shaking out. You’re more than welcome to add your two cents, but do any of us really know the outcome of such an unpredictable bunch? Probably not.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Most fans and followers of the Dallas Cowboys can agree on one thing; Owner and general manager Jerry Jones is the primary source of dysfunction. And when dysfunction is at the top, it has a funny way of funneling its way down the pecking order. The bad news is this dysfunction is going to remain until Mr. Jones kicks the bucket. If you’ve ever met a self-made man before, you now one characteristic is dominant. They do not like handing over power. Hence my observation that Dallas won’t truly compete for a championship in the remainder of his lifetime. Not unless some weird stroke of luck comes to town.

Adding onto my previous point, that the dysfunction that oozes from Jerry’s pores is killing a potent roster, players today are much more susceptible to outside forces than in years past. In the days of Jimmy Johnson, the team pushed through adversity, and outside distraction didn’t tear the team apart. Now it seems as if one coach, player, executive or other says or does one thing out of line, it sends the team into a whirlwind. If the Kraft or Rooney family was running this organization, things would be different, but we’ve got the Joneses. Not much we can do there.

What am I getting at with all this ranting and raving? There’s got to be an ultimate point right? Well I want to answer the question I asked in the title. What’s a Cowboys fan to do? Dysfunction and erratic play is going to haunt this team for the foreseeable future. Hunker down and hold on to the memories you still have of the glory days. 1993 is gone my friends. The only thing us true fans can do is brave the storm and hope for better days. And if you’re like me, you’ll be back and ready to go come Week 12. Isn’t that all we can really do anyway?

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  • SmartThinking

    In one way or another, Jones needs to be made aware of how fans and followers of the Cowboys see the damage this man is doing to a Dallas institution. It may take a class action lawsuit. It may take a general boycott of his product both at AT@T Stadium and through not purchasing anything Cowboy’s-related. Two ways to get an entrepreneur’s attention are to take away what he desires most and that’s money and adoration.

    It might take Mr. Jones’ ultimate demise although his son, essentially his business clone only not as smart, in interviews to date, hasn’t indicated he’s any different an individual than his father.

    And, saddest of all, it may take the ultimate demise of the Dallas Cowboys football franchise to get Jones’ attention. Jones’s decisions related to acquiring player personnel and his constant finagling with the cap are moving this option along quickly.

    One thing is absolutely for sure, Jones hasn’t gotten the hint yet and he won’t until it impacts him directly in his pocketbook. Then, and only then, will he pay attention to what we’ve all been saying for years now. And even then, there’s no guarantee he’ll listen. That’s how self-made owners with monumental egos roll.

    • Jd

      A buddy of mine, big Cowboy’s fan like we are, said to me earlier, the only way Dallas wins another super bowl is if Jerry sells the team, which you and I both know isn’t happening, or he passes away.

  • Old Frog

    20 years of mediocrity and yet the Cowboys are still the most valuable NFL franchise. How is that possible? Obviously the fans that buy tickets and jerseys aren’t boycotting anything – not now and probably not in the future. All JJ has to do is create hope for a playoff team every year and the money keeps rolling in. And seriously, how many ticket buyers read these boards or pay attention to what the media says. They want to go see a football game and hope their team wins, that’s about it.

  • Marc M

    I agree with the writer. The only way to make JJ change his dictatorship is to hurt him where it hurts. Stop filling up the stadium when we play. If people call themselves fans then it’s time show JJ that we are tired of being the laughing stock of the NFC. Boycott the games and items that keep him thinking it’s OK to be mediocre. We deserve better than this. We need a GM that can make this team better and not someone related to him that “thinks” they know talent. The entire coaching staff is a joke!! He will continue to place” yes men” in place as long as he owns the team. I know that we will not see a super bowl for at least another 15-20 years,I estimate he will live that much longer. We are sitting on players that do NOT do anything for the team, trade or release these guys and bring in new and young talent , move on! Austin, Spencer, Murray use these guys to get at least one decent player for our team, these guys are useless, believe me we will not suffer from their departure, are they helping now? This is what a good GM or coaching staff would have done already!

    • Jd

      The point about getting rid of useless players, definitely agree. But it’s not as simple as just get rid of them. I completely understand what you mean, because I feel the same way. Our roster is littered with players who don’t contribute that should, are always hurt or just aren’t as talented as projected. But getting rid of players like Austin, Murray, Spencer, I’m with you. But with their salaries & injury history, that’s going to be a tough task. Players like Durant, Hannah, a decision between Scandrick & Claiborne needs to be made and Hatcher are more likely players who will have seen their last games as a Cowboy come season’s end.
      But the issue with players leaving is Jerry’s undying belief that most have value to this team. And to a point, I agree with him. Forget about our defensive woes this season for a second. If Austin & Murray were healthy this year, we’d have at least 2 more wins.
      And to your point about boycotting games and not buying merchandise, I actually like the thought process, but on a different level. See, I believe, Jerry thinks if he rebuilds this team like he let happen in 89-91, he’ll lose his fan base & money. My belief iswquite the opposite. I think if he flat out throws out this mediocrity of football we’ve been getting since 08 & rebuilds, the Cowboy fan base would love it & embrace it. I know I would.SDon’t get me wrong, this team has talent & injuries has absolutely put a wrench into what most thought was going to be a very good year for us. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Jerry just won’t look in the mirror & realize he’s the first problem for this franchise.
      I believe it’ll be 2 more years of Jerry thinking his way works before someone makes him realize it’s not. And I’ve been saying this for 3 years now, he should hire Jimmy Johnson as the gm & let him run. Do I think it’ll ever happen, no way. What I do think he’ll do is, fire Garrett, Callahan & Kiffin at season’s end and go in a different direction.
      But we all should remember, we were right on the cusp of super bowls in 06 & 07. And that’s why I think Jerry believes his way works or will work again.

      • Marc M

        Well said JD. You have very good points. The one thing I cant accept is Jerry’s “way”. If he is a business man he has to see that this is not working, hell he’s in the VIP suite or on the TV screen just as much as the team. It’s not been working since Jimmy left. I understand that he is the owner and wants to be involved, if your way doesn’t cut the mustard then bring in someone to help you. I know I would if I had invested million$. He just isn’t good enough to select talented players.

        • Jimmy D

          I agree Marc. I think one of many mistakes Jerry made, which was a big one, he should have let the 2010 season play out and not hired Garrett. And of course was the Romo extension. Only Jerry would give an extension to a qb based on what he hopes he will be. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Earl Robertson

    A die hard fan is what I am but I’m dying it took almost. 20 years but Jerry is a fool and staying any longer will just make us into fools also