NFC East Race: Eagles' Road No Cakewalk

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Despite popular opinion surrounding these troubled Cowboys, the prevailing notion of doom and gloom is far from a forgone conclusion.  Unfortunately that’s the rollercoaster mindset of today’s average NFL fan.

The knee-jerk reactions from one week to the next are becoming outlandish and rarely accurate.  Perception of a team’s prowess often bounces from playoff contender to goat, or vice versa, in a matter of days.

Losses are microscopically dissected through a purely negative light.  Wins often result in mass disregard of faults as long as the “W” was collected.

Often ignored is that each week carries it’s own unique roster considerations, player match-ups, etc.

As of today, aside from being a Jacksonville Jaguar or Tampa Bay Buc, there is plenty of fight left in most of the teams without winning records.

Sure Dallas has several holes to plug to right the ship.  So does every other team without more wins than losses.  That’s what bye weeks are for…regroup, heal, and correct inadequacies.

Luckily for Dallas their biggest threat in the race for the NFC East crown, the Philadelphia Eagles, are far from an infallible football team.

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