New Orleans Was the Perfect Place for the Cowboys to Lose

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New Orleans - where bottles of Titos magically appear

New Orleans – where bottles of Titos magically appear

When I went to sleep that morning, there was one bottle of Tito’s in the freezer. When I woke up, I discovered two bottles. So I closed the freezer door and took another nap in hopes the magical freezer would create four bottles! Alas, thanks to airport security and the laws against liquids on an airplane, the person that drives gets all of the leftover liquor. I even managed to find time to play nine holes of golf at the Bayou Barriere golf course. This holiday weekend was rapidly coming to an end.

New Orleans is a football city that “gets it”. Even while wearing Dallas Cowboys apparel, strangers still provided accurate directions and answered questions. You can see that the city and its citizens support the team but the bond is strong because the residents have witnessed the team supporting the city in return. Sure you’re going to get teased for being outside of “Who Dat Nation” and experience some good-natured ribbing, but there was a phrase I heard repeatedly afterwards – “Thank you for coming to New Orleans.” Well New Orleans, thank you for having me. I’ll be back and hopefully our Cowboys will have the last laugh during the playoffs.

New Orleans was the perfect place for the Dallas Cowboys to lose because it allows them to enter a bye week focusing on their weaknesses. They can also rest up and get healthier before the short rest between the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders games. It’s hard to relax and become complacent during a bye week while everyone is talking about how bad the team is. The Cowboys still control their own destiny and I see us winning the division and making the playoffs.

Since you’ve made it this far – the speech about being intoxicated all of those days in the first paragraph is from Denzel Washington’s character in the movie – Flight. (You can view it here) So, don’t start writing angry letters, I encourage everyone of legal age that chooses to drink – to do so, responsibly.

Finally, while many of us can focus completely on a sporting event as if it is a life-altering event. Many families are suffering in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan – also known as Typhoon Yolanda. There are many people missing and thousands have perished. Survivors are still desperate for aid. I request that you keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers and consider making a contribution or donation of any size to the charities involved in the rescue operations.


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