Nov 10, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) walks to the locker room following their 49-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys: One 32-point Blow Out Does Not Define A Season

So the sky is falling following the Cowboys 49-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints Sunday night. Apparently the lop-sided loss proves Dallas won’t make a run this year, so there’s no point in watching anymore… Bring on the 2014 draft.

As if getting blown out by a good team on the road nullifies the tight-scoring competitive efforts against other quality opponents this season. Sometimes teams get blown out. The opponent exploits a mismatch; every tight call goes the wrong way; the ball bounces funny; the opposing QB gets red hot; an offense calls all the right plays at the right time; an undrafted rookie free agent safety forgets how to tackle.

It happens. In fact, it happens to good teams in the NFL pretty regularly.

The 2012 Superbowl champion Ravens were crushed in Week 15 at Denver last year. The final score was 34-17, but Baltimore was trailing 31-3 to start the fourth quarter. They made it look a little better in garbage time, but they got manhandled.

Baltimore’s opponent in last year’s Superbowl, the San Francisco 49ers, were blown out at home 26-3 by the New York Giants in Week 6. The eventual Superbowl favorite got abused on both sides of the ball by a team that would finish the season 9-7.

The Giants won a championship the year before, and in Week 12 that season they got beat down 49-24 in New Orleans. Again, the game wasn’t as close as the score suggests, with the G-Men putting 14 points on the board after the game was long out of reach.

Good teams get blown out in the NFL. This is not said with the purpose of suggesting the Cowboys are a good team, but just to remind the world that blow outs happen. Anyone see the lowly St. Louis Rams’ 38-8 beat down of the 6-2 Indianapolis Colts earlier on Sunday? Does that mean the Colts are done for the season?

Getting embarrassed hasn’t been the big problem in Big D this year. Quite the opposite – they play teams maddeningly close, then lose more of those games than they should. That’s still their identity – a team that’s knocking on the door, but has so far been unable to kick it in.

One blow out in 10 games does not make a season, and does not define a team. The 2013 Dallas Cowboys have issues, but they head into the bye week leading the division, and with time to address their deficiencies.

This is the kind of loss where you burn the tape and move on. There’s a lot off football left to be played in 2013, and the schedule sets up nicely for 8-8 or even 9-7 – either of which is likely enough for a ticket to the dance.

Date Opponent Record
Nov. 24 at NYG 3-6
Nov. 28 vs OAK 3-6
Dec. 9 at CHI 5-4
Dec. 15 vs GB 5-4
Dec. 22 at WAS 3-6
Dec. 29 vs. PHI 5-5

It’s not crazy to think the Cowboys could run the table and finish 11-5. This team is due for a few breaks, particularly on the injury front. There’s a lot of season left – jump off the 2013 bandwagon at your own peril.

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  • D Fan

    You speak of quality teams when they lose close games, but yet point to the fact that their remaining schedule is weak and full of poor quality, they can run the table and get to the ‘Dance.’

    Poor article.

  • SmartThinking

    I don’t know which one of you is more delusional, this story’s writer or the D Fan commenter. There’s not going to be any ‘running the table,’ not from this team. And, although other teams have come back from a complete, systematic thrashing like the Saints administered to the Cowboys last night, the symptoms of confusion, malaise and loss of confidence this Dallas team has exhibited all season clearly indicate they’re through. Dallas doesn’t have a winning offensive or defensive scheme good enough to get them to the end of this season, let alone the playoffs. The injured players on this team, combined with the poor quality of the back-ups aren’t good enough to compete at a championship level in this league. Last night’s exhibition proved that. There is no will to win. There is no confidence, in each other, in the game planning or in the coaching staff, except for Marinelli and his group. Chaos appears to rule on both sides of the ball. If it were any other team, I’d give them a shot at fixing one or two things that might keep them from competing during the bye. But this team is critically broken at so many places, I don’t see, based on how they’ve performed so far, Dallas even beating New York or Oakland without a fight similar to the Minneapolis game. Sure, the season’s not over and miracles do happen. Dallas this season, unfortunately, isn’t that miracle-making kind of team.

  • Artie C

    Commenting on the title: yes, one game can define a season and a franchise. However, the Denver game was THAT game

    • Michael Vu


  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    There is an old saying that certainly holds true for this game. “It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.” The New Orleans game did in fact define the Cowboys. Not only did New Orleans complete passes to receivers at will but their receivers had no cowboy defenders within five yards of them the majority of the time. Also, the New Orleans offensive line completely dominated the Cowboy’s defense on run plays. The Cowboys are mediocre at best and will be lucky to finish 8 and 8. Hopefully that record will not win the NFC East and we will see a merciful end to the 2013 season.

  • californy

    The boys didnt even show up in this game, 111 net offense after you sub tract the 82 yards in penalties. Then fact in NO had 40 first down when they only ran 79 plays. That a first down every 2 plays.

  • Jd

    People seriously need to relax. When you looked at our schedule before the season started, This was the game, and should have been for every Cowboys fan that was supposed to go the way it did. And let’s add in all the surrounding factors just to spice it up. The Saints just got beaten up by the Jets Dallas is decimated on defense and of course, the Ryan factor.
    Let’s be real here. It was the first game we’ve been blown out in all season, and that’s with playing Denver who destroyers everyone in their wins, yesterday was the exception and even with giving up 600 yards of offense to Detroit, wesshould have won that game.
    But mko, because the Giants win 3 games in a row against 3 of the crappiest teams in the league & philly beats the Packers in Greenbay, minus Rodgers, the Cowboys are no longer the favorite? First of all, we beat all three teams in our division already, and soundly. And the philly game wasn’t even as close as the 17-3 score indicated and neither was the 5 point victory against the Giants. Plus, in the philly game, we knocked out Foles, who threw for 80 yards. And this was with our so called, atrocious defense. And please stop with the, Giants are getting better crap, seriously? The Raiders have one of the worst pass rushes in football and got to Eli, an awful secondary, who played pretty decent against the Giants trio of receivers. And the Giants are still that same old turnover machine they were since week one. We’re on a bye, we’re getting a little healthier. And absolutely, the Lee injury hurts. But last year, playing even worse football on defense, we had a shot against the Giants & the Skins to make the playoffs with a win. And if anyone thinks either of those teams are better this year, you’re crazy.
    Are we mediocre, absolutely, do we deserve to make the playoffs at 8-8, probably not. But last I checked, even 24 hours removed from getting obliterated by the Saint’s, we’re still in first place with our own destiny in our hands. Let’s wait to see after the Giants game where we stand.
    It’s simple, beat the Giants & we should win 9 games & get in. Lose to them & we’re proud 6-10, 7-9 @ best and going home early again.
    And just to be clear, the Giants defense, front 7 and secondary is still awful. And their offensive line is worse than ours. And their special teams, next to the Redskins is brutal. If we lose to the Giants, then write em off and declare this season done. Until then, let’s sit back and watch the Eagles & skins and the Giants & Packers, with Flynn, not Wallace or a guy who used to be on my bowling team a few years ago. Our playoff season starts in 2 weeks, it’s put up time or go home.