Nov 10, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reacts on the sideline during the first half of a game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Why The Cowboys May Have To Lose To Ultimately Win; Suck For Chuck

After all the hype. All the hoopla. All the coaching changes this offseason. The Dallas Cowboys are who we thought they were. They are the same team who went 8-8 in 2011. The same team that went 8-8 in 2012. And the same team that is currently 5-5, and tied for first place in the worst division in the NFL. But it may take another losing season for the Cowboys to ultimately find success.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones made it somewhat clear during training camp that regardless of this season’s outcome, head coach Jason Garrett’s job is safe.

“If you’re in close here, you see how Jason is responding to obviously unsatisfactory times. And I can tell you firsthand that’s impressive. So I like that as far as looking ahead at the future. It is very good. And so that everything I’m thinking about is not only about how to beat the Giants when we open up but also about what our future is in a positive way with Jason. And I look to the future with Jason and not just through his contract that we’re sitting here with right now…But it is not what is implied when you say, ‘Well, this is an Armageddon year. Well, it is not that with me.”

But do you really believe him? If Garrett pulls out another 8-8 season this year, which is very possible, then he keeps his job? Honestly, the three mediocre seasons aren’t all Garrett’s fault. Jerry Jones and his son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, shoulder a lot of the blame. Their decisions have negatively impacted this team: The firing of Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator in January. Their selection of tight end Gavin Escobar in the second round of this year’s NFL draft. Their salary cap limitations. Placing the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer for the second year in a row. The entire Jay Ratliff situation. A lot of the blame lands in their executive laps. But they will not fire themselves this offseason.

No. If there will be one head to roll this offseason, it will be Garrett’s’ by default. And assistant coaches Bill Callahan and Monte Kiffin’s heads should be right beside him. Current defensive line coach Rob Marinelli should become our new defensive coordinator. And Monday Night Football analyst Jon “Chucky” Gruden should be our new head coach. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening if Dallas makes the postseason this year. And it needs to happen.

I’m not saying Dallas needs to intentionally lose . That’s ridiculous. But my biggest fear is that we go 8-8 again, and Jones thinks that’s okay. Three straight years of 8-8 are okay. That to him, it means we are almost over the hump…again. That we are one player away, one assistant coach away, one lucky break away from being a Super Bowl caliber team. An nothing…nothing is farther from the truth. This team needs a spark. It need to be resuscitated back to life.

Garrett has proven himself an ineffective coach. Whether that is because he’s young and inexperienced or because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Jerry Jones, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of the various injuries or of his positive effects on Jones’ decision making, it simply has not been enough. If Dallas is going to win a Super Bowl anytime soon, it will happen quicker under Gruden then Garrett. The sooner the switch is made, the quicker Dallas can start down a more successful path. Because the one they have been on for the last three seasons is leading nowhere.

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  • tyrell

    great article, agree 100%

  • SmartThinking

    Fear not! You don’t have to worry about Dallas intentionally tanking games to get Jerry Jones to make a decision on Garrett’s tenure. They’ll commit suicide by their own hand. I’d be surprised if Garrett lasts past Chicago if Dallas loses. In my opinion, Jerry Jones is directly responsible for the condition this team is in due to his paternal management style. Jones has made so many mistakes it’s hard to keep up with them all. This team is handicapped in so many ways and you can blame Jones’ terrible decision-making for almost all of them. Jones is the first one in line to take credit for those three Super Bowl wins everyone remembers from the nineties. It’s only right for him to take responsibility for all the bad decisions this team has made as well. Fifteen to twenty current Cowboys players should not be on this team next year. All the coaches but Marinelli and the special teams guy should be summarily fired for the miserable way this team has performed under their leadership. Jones desperately needs a real General Manager with professional football experience. And, finally, Jones needs to employ a new head coach who understands and demonstrates that discipline and character are as important assets to have as physical ability. Dungey, Gruden, Lovie Smith are a few names I ‘d consider. Jones has no problem overpaying for his football players. He should pay big money and get a Super Bowl winning or numerous playoff winning coach regardless of the cost and task him with the responsibility go getting a handle on this team and drag it kicking and screaming back to respectability once again.

    • Sam

      Agree 100%. As long as Jerry Jones is GM and making personnel decisions, you could bring in the ghosts of Landry and Lombardi and Jerry Jones would find a way to let his ego get the best of him to the point he would think he knows more than the winningest coach in NFL history. He and his wife (Gene who gives him draft advice), along with the whole clan of kids (Jerry Jr., Stephen, and Charlotte) and grand-kids are in the draft room treating the NFL draft like The Jones Family annual fantasy football league draft. Because you are rich enough to own a team, doesn’t make you or anyone in your family qualified to run every aspect of the team.

    • mindsweeper333

      Dallas only needs 4 things to be competitive;
      1. Complete new offense
      2. Complete new defense
      3. Complete new coaching staff
      4. New owner
      Then you will have a competitve team

  • Lawrence

    whats everyone obsession with gruden? he is overrated. Without dungy’s players no one would be talking about gruden. And even if he was a great coach why in the heck would any good coach come to dallas? Nobody wants to deal with jerry and his huge ego. Nowadays coaches want a lot of authority and that’s not something your getting with jerry. Jerry will continue to hire puppets as coaches until people stop watching the cowboys and stop going to the games.

    • Pridenpoise

      If Gruden would have stayed in Oakland he would have won the Super Bowl there, where he should have, to say Gruden is overrated is nonsense, but fear not because he won’t be coaching Dallas, frankly who in their right mind would want to.

  • ajp

    Thanks jerry Jones for firing jj.thanksfor hiring barry s. Chan g. Dave c. Wade p. And jason g. Not to mention giving tony romo a ridiculous contract. But u do that all the time marion b. Jay r. Anthony s. Miles a. Wonder why we can’t win fire ur self please because no matter what I will always be a pissed off cowboys fan!

  • Sam

    Gruden is a more recent version of Barry Switzer. Without Jimmy Johnson, Switzer doesn’t win a Superbowl. Without Dungy, Gruden doesn’t win a Superbowl. Please don’t give Jerry another unoriginal idea, as this team doesn’t do any better under Gruden as long and Jerry is running the show. The term “the buck stops here” does not apply to Jerry. In his eyes he was the reason the Cowboys had success in the 90′s. Anyone with any football smarts knows that 100% of the credit goes to Jimmy Johnson for the wins, and 100% of the credit for the money that brought in the talent goes to Jerry, that’s it. That’s like my Wife paying for my entry to a fantasy football league, and I draft the team, set the lineup each week, work the waiver wire and win the Championship 3 of the 4 years we are in it, She thinks she is the mastermind because she paid for the league, takes over as the GM, and for the next 18 years, has terrible drafts, take mediocre players in the early rounds, doesn’t know when to drop players or how to find talent in the deep rounds and only has 1 playoff win in 18 years. At some point she has to realize she doesn’t know what she is doing. Jimmy was the real GM the first 5 years until Jerry fired him. Who fires a coach after winning two Superbowls??? Jerry is a classic narcissist who has let his ego get in the way of putting together anything that resembles the teams assembled by Jimmy Johnson. And the sad part for Cowboys fans is he never will, but will continue to try to prove people like me wrong and will convince himself that 8-8 is a successful season, because he will never admit he is a failure as a GM.

    • SmartThinking

      You are correct, sir, in your fantasy football analogy using Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. Johnson was the second best coach this franchise has had. Jones needs to hire a known commodity who can command the attention of players and motivate them to be great again. Furthermore, Jones should be content in the role of ‘designated payer,’ then pay up and shut up.

  • Old Frog

    I think Garrett is safe because I think JJ understands this is a much different/better team without all the injuries and he will not hold JG responsible or accountable for that. Callahan is a different story. If anybody leaves it will be him.

  • Jd

    If we’re going to get a new HC, I’d like to see Pep Hamilton get the job. Young, bold, creative and known around the league as an innovative OC. And let’s not forget, he developed Andrew Luck.

  • Old Frog

    I’m wondering how much worse/better off we would be if everytime one of our “best players” was given a big contract based upon past performance we had traded him for draft picks instead. Think of the possibilities if we had traded Ratliff, Romo, Spencer, Austin, Ware, Barber, etc rather than paid them all that money. Buy low; sell high. We seem to buy low and then buy higher at the top.

  • PaulATX

    I think this is going to be a long process. Dallas has to get out of these contracts that Jerry has made, and at the same time, bring in new young players and gradually phase out the old ones. Sadly, this means no Romo, Witten or Ware, maybe Lee is still around. There has to be a complete change in philosophy. Maybe then, we get better. I think JJ is capable of doing this. He almost did it with Parcells, but he meddled with the TO thing. Gruden is a great coach. Cowher is out there. A great coach is a start, but JJ changing his managing style is what will need to happen. We know he won’t step down…

    That being said, is Romo hurt? Play calling has sucked, but Tony seems off since the Denver game. I know Waters is out, but watching the games, the protection is still better than last year. Tony seems to be off the mark on a lot of throws.


    Enoughs enough! This team says all the right words, and look prepaired to compete, but in the end they fail. Even when they win it’s a close nail bitter, and that’s with teams they are suppose to steamroll! JG has the looks of a great coach, but his team is not buying into his philosophy. You can blame JJ for that. No one is fearful to lose anything on this team. There is a lot of turmoil going on. Maybe Ratliff saw this for too long. That’s why he left the way he did. Cowboys losing ways are not going away anytime soon. Will be lucky to end the season 8-8. Injury’s, lack of urgency, no clear leadership, and JJ are to blame for the debacle of the Dallas Cowboys. Damn, JJ needs to stop reading from the book of Al Davis. That story didn’t end well.

  • californy

    I don’t think John Gruden is dumb enough to join the Cowboys, word has it the Falcons may be looking at him. The falcons are young and they have their Core player lock up for another 5 years,. Cowboys Core player are old and they represent like 80-90 million of their budget for next year. A bad Falcon team may mean a high draft pick and thus a chance of turning it around like KC and Indy did with a high draft selection.

  • Hank

    Ok, this team just needs time. We are on the verge of greatness. We have core players who will be around for many years. Cutting Felix Jones was the biggest mistake. Letting Sam Hurd go was mistake #2. Give it time people,,,we are almost there.

  • californy

    If you are Gruden where would want to coach at Dallas a middle of the road team or Atlanta a team that may have a high draft pick and a core who can win it all, similar to What KC had prior to this year. The answer is easy if you ask me

  • cleve

    Does anyone know the last time a superbowl winning coach went to another team and won a superbowl? ………..NEVER !!

  • Kenneth Harmon

    This team needs so many things…new GM, new coaching staff, QB for the future, OL (especially guards), better running game, TE for the future, DL, LBs (Lee is great when healthy), Maybe one CB, and new S. But most of all, a new attitude. The Cowboys of old came out to dominate.