Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) jumps in the arms of tight end Jason Witten (82) after he threw the game winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dallas Cowboys: Where's The Intensity?

There’s a plague on the house of Jones, and it’s difficult to know what to do about it.  I’m sure many of you would immediately shout that getting rid of Jones is the answer, but I really don’t see that fixing our problems.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

I went to a small high school where I was able to play every sport that was offered, including tennis.  If there is one thing I remember from that sport, it was my coach talking about a winning mentality.

He talked about a player he once coached that could hang in there with the best players in the district.  He would stay neck and neck with them, barely losing in the end.

Other times he would play mediocre players (guys that swung a a racket like it was a 2×4), and still stay neck and neck with them, still often barely losing in the end.

Our coach described him as a great player without a winning instinct, he didn’t possess that intangible ability to put people away.

This is the Dallas Cowboys.  We have the ability to go toe to toe with the best teams in the league (anyone remember the Broncos game?), and then the tendency to go back and forth with the worst.  

So, is it really a lack of winning instinct, and if so…on who’s part?

A lot of people like to blame Romo, which I think is ridiculous. The man has not only delivered us countless come from behind fourth quarter victories, but he put up numbers against the Bronco’s that only 5 quarterbacks have accomplished in the history of the NFL.

I really can’t understand how someone could call Romo a bad quarterback when he has put up numbers that surpass hall of famers!   As far as those who say he always chokes, how did he manufacture so many come from behind victories?  Face it, Romo does everything he can every game, and when it doesn’t work out he is accused of “choking”.

Many will want to blame Jerry Jones, stemming from hatred for God knows what.  There is a lot of talent on this team, I really believe that.  Jerry is responsible for bringing in the talent we have. Are there places we could improve?  Absolutely, us and every other team.  Were there some bad gambles made along the way? (see answer above…)

I am happy the we have an owner as passionate as Jerry and as loose with the purse strings.  Could you imagine if there was no cap limit?  We would probably be known as the Yankees of the NFL.

I think the problem is a lack of intensity and consistent aggression.  See, the problem with the tennis player was that he always let the other opponent control the pace and style of the game instead of playing his own.

We came out against Denver like our backs were already against the wall, like we had to make every possession count, and for the most part we did.  If we are capable of playing that way, then why aren’t we playing that way every game?  Why are we letting our opponents dictate the pace and style of the game?  Where is our intensity?

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  • SmartThinking

    Well. You’re wrong as you can be, bub. Jerry Jones’ role as General Manager of the Dallas Football Cowboys is, indeed, precisely where the problems for this team begin. His, to be kind, less than objective choices and impractical decisions have impacted every crack and corner of this team. Rather than spend money and relinquish some of the more important, bedrock decisions for how this team is built and guided, he’s taken this responsibility for himself and is doing it, essentially, part-time while spending the majority of his time as as Chief Executive Officer of the most expensive sports franchise in the known universe. Jerry’s ego has destroyed this team. He’s personally responsible for at least twenty years of very poor draft decisions that have hamstrung this team in countless ways. His decisions for hiring and employing head coaches during his tenure as owner have been disasterous. That includes Garrett, who I like as a person but who’s on-the-job-trading has cost this team several years of continued non-productivity. He is directly responsible for creating and allowing to continue an image of flash and dash cockiness and smoke and mirrors operational expertise. This attitude has permeated throughout this team, from the top to the bottom. Although I greatly admire Jones’ business acumen and abilities in building a very profitable company, his product is considered throughout his industry as a laughing stock. The Cowboys’ will not generate an intensity until they find something worthwhile to shoot for. Obviously, The Lombardi Trophy isn’t it. When Dallas has a coaching and management staff that encourages greatness, from the CEO down to the waterboys, and not looking over your shoulder to see if the boss is watching and nodding approvingly, then and not until then will we as fans be able to enjoy watching a successful football team.

    • truebluetotheend

      How can you call yourself a fan and refer to your team as a laughing stock. I am a true fan who stands by his team and the organization faithfully. It is fans like you that the media thrives upon. Be proud! Hold your head high! Dont be a hater from inside. You say we are an embarassment. It is you who is emarassed. We are a GREAT franchise! Get with the program or switch teams.

      • grkorbel

        Personalizing the Cowboys’ mediocrity as a laughing stock is the sign of someone who lives and dies by the Cowboys’ fortunes. When they hoisted Lombardi’s I bet he said “WE won.”; when they lose it’s “THEY are laughing stocks”. Either way he’s either pissed off in general or needs to spend a few hours in a kid’s cancer ward to get some perspective,

        • SmartThinking

          Unfortunately for me, I’ve spent more hours in a kids’ cancer ward than you can ever possibly imagine or I ever want to spend again in a lifetime. But, to the point of your criticism: I’ve followed the Cowboys since the pre-season of 1960. My dad took me to the first draft Dallas ever had. I knew, met and shook hands with Tom Landry a half dozen times. I watched and learned how this franchise was built with quality at every point … from the ground up. And, it sickens me to see what it has become under the ownership of Jerry Jones. I don’t know your depth of football knowledge but I do know mine. Currently, this franchise more resembles the old Oakland Raiders franchise led by an eccentric, ego-oriented Al Davis than a long-term quality franchise like Pittsburgh or or the old New York Giants franchise when the Meara’s owned it. You can keep your head in the clouds and remember twenty+ years ago memories and that’s just fine. I prefer to know the truth, warts and all. When you know where the bleeding stops, you’ve got a better chance of stopping it. I stand by my condemnation of Mr. Jones’ mismanagement of one of the world’s great sports franchises. Oh, I’ll still root for them to win. I’ll just do it from a position of knowing how poorly this team is run compared to the golden years’ teams. Your turn.

          • grkorbel

            I once shook Steven Spielberg’s hand. That doesn’t make me in any way well-informed about directing. I also chatted with BenntyAnderson (formerly of Abba) at length about music; that doesn’t make me qualified to say I know how to write or produce records.

            Impress me: tell me about the events that led to the Cowboys landing Emmitt Smith; who it was that talked Jimmy Johnson out of trading Michael Irvin, and what had to happen on the final week of the 1988 season for the Cowboys to be in a postion to draft Troy Aikman.

            These should be no-brainers fo a guy who knows hopw the 1992-996 Super Bowl team was built.

          • SmartThinking

            Ancient history on Smith. Ancient history on the last Super Bowls — at or near twenty+ years now.

            You’re actually agreeing with me when you point out Smith’s draft. They built a three-year champion then let it go to seed.

            Tell me where the quality is on this team when they’re getting shellacked by a just decent New Orleans team (now 28 – 10 at the half). My point remains. Jerry Jones’ lack of football knowledge, fundamentals and his monumental ego have damaged this team, possibly irrepairably. Look at the size of the New Orleans backs and compare them to the Dallas defensive secondary. Watch Ingram kill this team from the backfield. The very foundation of this Dallas team has been compromised by the lack of elite players being drafted for all the positions over the past years. Sure, Dallas has stellar wide receivers and big-time Middle Linebackers. But the offensive front line has not been good for three or four years. Dallas Safeties are terrible. This is Exhibit A as to how Mr. Jones has focused on the flash and dash players and forsaken, for the most part, the core foundation it takes to keep a team strong and viably competitive. When you look at this team as a whole, it’s mediocre and has been for several years. Mediocre teams are the result of mismanagement over time. Sorry you can’t see it. Makes me wonder if you’re just a spectator or if you’re an actual student of the game.

          • grkorbel

            So, basically, you had at least an answer to even reseach the questions but you chose to go to a default “ancient history” which suggests to me you don’t know much about one of the most–if not the most impressive four year stretch in the history of the franchise. I figured as much.

            Your quote:

            “I watched and learned how this franchise was built with quality at EVERY point … from the ground up.

            Apparently you didn’t or this is somewhat of a hyperbolic claim.

            Your responses are full of such vapid, biased superficial observations I wouldn’t know where to start.

            The Cowboys one their last Super in 1996. Four years later Charles Haley, Aikman, Deion Sanders, were out of the league–the first three because of injuries: Haley’s back, Aikman’s concussions, and Sander’s turf toe.

            But enough of this: you don’t even know how the Cowboys backed into Aikman and Smith and you have the arrogance to consider yourself some sort of creditable Dallas

            And I stand by what I said and NOTHING you can say will convince me that you are anything else than a fair-weather fan who revels in the Cowboys’ glory years and than acts like a petulant child when the run ends. There have been fans who have had season tickets to the Mets and the Redsox–the latter which when they went 86 years between championships and they still came out to Fenway.

            There are at 10 teams that have never won a Super Bowl and four that have never gone. You have elevated a sports franchise to the position of an object of deification,
            pontificate like some entitled snot because YOUR expectations have not been met.

            And furthermore, of the 10 teams that never won a Super Bowl or even gone, most had capable G.M.’s–unless you consider capable means a G.M. who is on the payroll of a Super Bowl.

            By my guess you’re either in your 50′s and 60′s and you still labor under the infantile illusion that the world should conform to your expectations.

            I would sign off with “Good night” but venomous fans like you suffer after nights like this, while those ofus less enlightened, move on, tuck in our kids, curl up with our wives, and think about more mundane things like healthcare, second mortgages, and the job market.

            How sick is that?

          • SmartThinking

            Gee. Don’t candy coat it, bub. Tell me exactly what you think! Of course, it’s worthless rhetoric from a biased spectator. Also, it was too long so I only read the first graph. But you go on believing whatever it is you believe and so will I. Last comment: Jones took an awful lot of credit for those three Super Bowls you’re so proud of back in the nineties. With tonight’s absolute disaster of a game, which has significant impact for the balance of this season, shouldn’t Jones take the blame as well for the team he’s built this year? I’m sure you’ll have an excuse for that as well. I’m going to keep on commenting about what I see, good and bad, about this team. I’m sure you’ll grace me with your flowing fountain of all things Cowboys knowledge again. Personally, I can’t wait.

    • grkorbel

      Sm,art Thinking: Jerry Jones was the reason behind Dallas’ the three Super- Bowl run beginning–or are you so blinded by your frustration you can’t even acknowledge that. If I want to buy am airline and I find one that was once great but is now hemmorhaging money, losing routes, and the moral is low, buy it despite the resistance of the feds, and among the many CEO’s available–potentially hundreds, choose one who is just right for the time and affect an historic turnaround, I am as equally responsible for its great success as its eventual return to medicruty after 9/11 and when fuel prices, inflation, and a sick economy begin to cannabilize the bottom line.

      I don’t think you really get sports history. Despite who was an owner or G.M. the GREATEST dynasties in all sports eventually wxpereinced a prolonged droupt and occupancy of the ranks of the bottom feeders.

      Check out what happened to Edmonton after winning five Stanley Cups in seven years or the Islanders after four-peating. Look at the drought the Yankees experience after early success with Steinbrenner at the helm. And then look how long it took for the Steelers to be among the league’s best again after winning their fourth Super Bowl in 1980. The same thing happened to the Celtics 49er’s and Bulls–as well as the Bills, perhaps one of the NFL’s most underrated teams.

      Basically, your problem is you refuse to accept the inevitable and rather than admit in sports team have great runs and are never heard from again for many years–almost each of the teams I mentioned went 12-18 years before the tide turned again.

      So, it’s all about Jerry for you. When your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem in terms of a nail.

      • SmartThinking

        Pardon the comparison, but you sound very much like a Cleveland Browns fan. Twenty+ year droughts as you call them, aren’t droughts. They’re years and years of mismanaged teams. And when you accept mediocrity in your work, your life, and in your recreation, that’s exactly what you’ll get in return for your time. Kinda like the last twenty years of watching Cowboys football. Oh. And thanks for telling me what my problem is. I don’t think I could carry on without knowing your assessment of me.

        • grkorbel

          You might check your calendar, Twenty years ago the Cowboys were on their way to repeating; eighteen years ago they won their third Super Bowl, so you’re talkjing about the same kind of dry spell the Yankees have had and the other dynasties I mentioned.

          More importantly, as i suggested you are in need of perspective. Your assertion that a person “mediocrity in recreation”–whatever the hell that means–will inexorably carry over to one’s profession or family life doesn’t pass the laugh test.

          I know an internationally known heart surgeon who will respond “It was O.K.–nothing special” about a cruise or visit to the theater does not have such a jaundiced attitude
          when he is elbow deep in someone’s chest.

          I can say the same thing about other pilots I know. They do not bring the same standards to their entertainment room when their park theoir butts on a sofa to watch a football or baseball game that bring to the cockpit.

          Your welcome–about my gratuitous assessment. of your lack of perspective. From time to time we all need someone to say “Snap out of it.”

  • Juanito Juanito

    easy, the cowboys sucks becouse jerry jones, when cowboys won the last 3 rings jerry jones did a good desition just to put the money and not interfere in football things, after jimmy left and jerry jones put is hands in football side the cowboys are a mess and shame, it is what it is