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Predicting the NFC East

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Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Current Record: 4-5 (0-4 Home/4-1 Road, 2-2 Division)

Remaining Games (7):

> at Packers – certainly helps that the Eagles will face Seneca Wallace instead of Aaron Rodgers in this game, not to mention that from the looks of their road record, they prefer to travel (WIN).

> Redskins – winless at home, not sure Nick Foles - despite throwing 7 TDs last week – is the long-term answer at QB (LOSS).


> Cardinals – another home game coming out of the bye week; normally a blessing but maybe not for this team (WIN).

> Lions – third home game in a row and this one is against a much improved Lions team (LOSS).

> at Vikings (WIN)

> Bears – Luckily for the Cowboys, Cutler is likely back for this game (LOSS).

> at Cowboys – remains to be seen if either of these teams will be in the hunt or will be spoilers (LOSS).

Predicted Finish: 7-9 (2-4 Division)

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  • terell28

    Todd I dont think 8-8 will cut even though the division looks that bad now, the Redskins are heating up and we are still inconsistent. I also don’t see Redskins losing to the Giants in the finale where the Giants will have given up. We must get to 9 or 10 wins to clinch the division, this involves beating New Orleans/Green Bay/ and or Chicago we win 2 of those plus the other games we are supposed to like the Raiders/Giants/Eagles at home I think we can get 10 wins.

  • SmartThinking

    In re: your predictions for Dallas winning the division — I think many Cowboy fans think this team is going to skate through the last three division games on their merry way to a division title and a date with San Francisco. With the way this Dallas team is playing right now coupled with the re-emergence of all three division teams, the Cowboys could, conceivably lose all three. Here’s how I see it. New York’s season is lost. The Dallas game will be their Super Bowl. The Giants always crank it up in the second half of the season. Their opening season loss to Dallas , for the second time, will make them play lights out football and the pressure will be relentless in The Meadowlands stadium. It’ll take everything Dallas has to come away with a win. As for Washington, you’ve predicted them a winner in the second game. I do too. They’re playing much, much better than their first outing with Dallas. And their horses will be bigger than our horses. There’s been an renewed vigor in Philadelphia since the first game. Currently, they’re one game back in the division. If Dallas loses to New York and Washington, as I predict, then that last game is going to be for the division crown …… Again. Dallas has its hands full with the balance of this season. Until they begin to play much better, like a team that can take games away from their opponents and win, I’m not getting my hopes up for any more of a season better than 7-9 or at the very best, 8-8.

  • Old Frog

    Wish I had your faith. I’m thinking the Boys go 8 and 8 but the Eagles go 9 and 7. Another mediocre season with our hopes for 2014 predicated on the draft.

  • Ed

    Espn is launching their 2013 “playoff machine” after week 11. It’s a total pipe dream but fun none the less. Cowboys just need to win the division strait out. None of this 11th hour junk.