This will not end well. I can see it. The crash. The landing. Devastation waits ahead. The Cowboys are at it again. They're doing that thing where they stroll us along long enough to capture our attention. Our hearts. Of course, we care. We watch. We cheer. We can't look away. Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) runs on the field to greet his teammates before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cowboys Can Lose

This will not end well.

I can see it. The landing. The crash. Devastation waits ahead.

The Cowboys are at it again. They’re doing that thing where they stroll us along long enough to capture our attention. Our hearts. Of course, we care. We watch. We cheer. We can’t look away.

But it’s coming. You know it. You felt it last Sunday minutes before Tony Romo tossed the go-ahead touchdown win to Dwayne Harris.

You brace yourself. You prepare. You hold your breath, and imagine how the team will find a way to lose. Because they do. And they will.

The Cowboys are swimming in murky water. As hard as they fight, and as much effort as they put forth, a collapse is imminent. We have seen this act before: Dallas fights out of the murky water only to find themselves in worse conditions.

This is an average team built around a circus of fun. Winning isn’t a priority. Getting high off television ratings? Yes. Worrying about selling seats? Containing “America’s Team” title? Remaining relevant?

Yes, of course, a priority.

While these action items sit towards the top for general manager Jerry Jones, the flaws of this team is obvious to the common eye.

With the worse defense in the league, the Cowboys are inviting NFL Films in to record highlight reels for the rest of the year. Four quarterbacks have already surpassed 400 yards passing.

Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan cheers after a touchdown during the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dallas heads to New Orleans next. Drew Brees is showering in holy water for his rebirth.

Former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan waits. Hungry. And angry. While he’ll want to prove himself to the Cowboys, his cancellation and the hiring of Monte Kiffin is looking more like a mistake each week.

Even Jerry Jones looks like he has diarrhea these days.

The Cowboys could not make the Vikings look bad. Quarterback Christian Ponder looked decent. Adrian Peterson rushed for 140 yards on 25 carries. The Cowboys are letting teams pile up stats on the ground and air quicker than FedEx.


Adding more dirt and grime to the murky water is the running game. Or does one even exist? That’s an issue going into the second year now. More power to opposing defenses. Give the wide receivers some cushion. Breathe down Romo’s neck.

He’s going to throw. To stay in the game. To win. Because this offense is one-dimensional, and worse — predictable.

But a win is a win? Only, it’s not. It’s a curtain. When it comes up again this Sunday, the scars, the bruises, and of course, the flaws, will be right there.

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  • Jimmy D

    While I understand the history of the Cowboys collapses, which are very well documented. And how Romo and our Cowboy’s break our hearts year after year. But let’s take a moment to look at the reality of the situation instead of the “we know it’s coming” scenario. First off, aside from the Giants having significant injuries, no one in the division has been decimated more with injuries than Dallas. Other than Hatcher, our entire front line and backups are out, and we’re missing 2 linebackers & have had injury after injury in our secondary. And for as inconsistent and perplexing our offense has played this year, we’re still in first place. And what’s different from years past, we are the best team in our division. The last 2 times we actually were able to say it and be true, were our last 2 playoff appearances, (09 & 07) both times we won our division. And if we delve further into our division, the Cowboys are slowly getting healthier week by week. And if we look at the other 3 teams, the Eagle’s are as healthy as they’ll be for the remainder of the season. And we already dominated them in their own building. The Redskins, are as healthy as they’ll be all season, and we beat them soundly. While it was pretty much special teams play more than our offense, our defense played pretty good in that game. & the Giants, they won’t be completely healthy all season long. And while people want to point to 6 turnovers as the reason we beat them. Shall I remind everyone, the reason they beat us last season was, ironically enough, because we had 6 turnovers. And were less than half a pinky of winning that game. And while saying Dallas has the worst defense in the league, that’s based on 2 games, Denver & Detroit. And looking deeper at our division foes, Philadelphia’s offensive line is awful and if you put any sort of pressure on Foles, he’s usually getting carted off the field. And on offense, their receivers can’t handle man coverage, Dallas proved that, 80 yards passing against us. Washington, while they’re getting better, their secondary is awful and have absolutely no pass rush, nor can the stop the run consistently. And if you want to say, look what they did to San Diego, really? Down 10 points twice and they had to abandon the run in order to strike quickly to try and win that game. And the Giants, seriously? They can’t protect Eli, have absolutely no pass rush, counting the Vikings game while they used the game as a try out for Freeman instead of actually trying to win, doesn’t count. And Philadelphia, they had 2 turnovers in the red zone on back to back possessions or the Giants, who only could muster 5 field goals against an awful Eagle’s defense, shows how “good” the Giants offense is and they more than likely lose that game. And did I forget to mention their secondary is absolutely atrocious? Dallas has been in every game they lost this season, with the exception of the Chargers game because their offense completely disappeared in the second half. You cannot say that about Washington, the Eagle’s or the Giants. They’ve all been absolutely blown out multiple times, while Dallas, again, with a depleted defense, hasn’t. So while everyone can expect a collapse and as we’re all just waiting for it to happen. I believe Dallas has played and shown enough grit to prove they can get the job done this year. And one last point, we have 5 wins with having absolutely no running game. I think that has to & will change going forward. & if they get they balanced attack sorted out, this season will end with a playoff appearance.
    Just an opinion from a long time Cowboys fan believing in my team this year.

    • SmartThinking

      Jeez! Are you being paid by the word? I managed to get through your theory for how Dallas will win the division because everyone else is uglier than we are. You remind me of the guy on the Titanic who kept telling everyone what a pleasant night it was while the ship slipped out from under him. Dallas may, indeed, win the division this year but, really, what have they won? They get the prize because they have fewer injuries? At best, whoever wins the NFL East will have a hollow victory and be first in line to be crushed by the 49ers. Sure, Jones will puff out his chest and crow about winning the crown. It’s a hollow victory at best and, although it’ll go down as a win in the books, is hardly anything to be super proud of. Beating the Niners in their house. Now that’ll be a victory!

      • Jimmy D

        Okay, so what you’re saying is, a team like Cincinnati, who is more talented collectively than Dallas, both sides of the ball. And plays in another horrific division, hosts Denver or kc, whichever team gets the wild card and gets smashed, that’s a good thing. But if Dallas, less talented than Cincinnati, COLLECTIVELY, goes into Seattle or Sf, and gets thumped, it’s a bad season? Why, because they’re the Cowboys? Let’s be realistic for a moment here. Look at Atlanta and Pittsburgh, 2 teams ravaged with injuries, not as much as the Cowboys, both teams picked to go to the post season, where are they? How many team’s in the NFL are playing without 3 starting DL, 2 LB, 2 safeties out & a starting corner back, and an avg, at best OL and leading their division? No one. And why is it Dallas’ fault that the Giants, Eagle’s & Washington are bad, it’s not? There’s no such thing as excuses when you lose or apologies for when you win in this league. So if Dallas makes the playoffs, with this rag tag, held by duct tape defense, and loses to whomever, it’s a step in the right direction.

  • JTracker

    What in the world is wrong with this so called, “most talented team of the NFC East”, the Dallas Cowboys?

    Seems like only yesterday (it was) the Dallas Cowboys who were supposed to overwhelm a team that is at the bottom of its division at 1-7 barely came up with a victory. In some sports circles the Cowboys were a 2 touchdown favorite. So how in the world do you let this caliber type team scare the fans half to death in the final minutes of the game.

    Somebody needs to take responsibility for what the “product” on the field is like. Whether it’s good or not so good the product has a brand and the brand happens to be that of America’s Team, the DALLAS COWBOYS!

    The Dallas Cowboys is perhaps the most internationally recognized name in all of American Sports. It is for this very reason that Mr. Jerry Jones should reconsider letting himself go as the General Manager.

    The brain trust for this organization should step back and re-evaluate a new path for its future. It’s been almost twenty years without a significant win and by the looks of it it will be another 20 years before we can become a Super Bowl winning team again.

    Can someone out there please ask Mr. Jerry Jones if he understands the definition of insanity? Perhaps someone in his inner circle should enlighten him and explain what the definition of insanity really is.

    Some people say that Mr. Jerry Jones is a very astute and an excellent business man. I say he isn’t, because if he was he would recognize that he isn’t this great General Manager he believes himself to be and would have fired or replaced himself with a capable and proven General Manager years ago.

    Now don’t get me wrong I like Mr. Jerry Jones and understand why he wants to be hands on. After all, aside from his family, his team is perhaps his most prized possession. But like with any prized possession it should be placed in a safe place where only the most trusted of people can observe and praise it from afar.

    Mr. Jerry Jones with all due respect, I ask that you re-evaluate your General Manager-ship and use your head and not your heart to make the difficult decision of replacing yourself. You have 3 Lombardi trophies added to the mystique that is the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t you want several more?

    Yours truly,   

  • Jimmy D

    And @smarthinking.
    Did Seattle apologize when they won a NFC West division title @ 7-9 and beat a 13-3 saints team? Or how about a 9-7 Arizona cards team who played in another atrocious NFC West division and went to the Super bowl?
    It’s about getting in.
    Ask the Giants in 07 & 11. Both teams were winning games early on, barley. Then played terrible down the stretch and got healthy on defense and what happen?
    That’s all my point is. Just get in & anything can happen.

  • jrcowboy49

    On any Sunday a bad team will rise to the occasion and beat a better team. The Cowboys have been hurt with defensive injuries, an offensive line that is not ready for prime time, an OC and Head Coach that are too conservative in play calling, and a GM who still makes major cap mistakes and doesn’t know talent. What could go wrong? Too bad Sean Peyton was not the Head Coach as he has the Saints pedal to the metal every year!