A Different Cowboys Offensive Coordinator or Same Old Garrett?

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October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys offense huddles around quarterback Tony Romo (9) against the Philadelphia Eagles during first quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys offense huddles around quarterback Tony Romo (9) against the Philadelphia Eagles during first quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The offense continues to feel scripted.  The Cowboys feel like a team that comes out on offense and plays the plays they run through and stick to them.  They forgot somewhere along the way that the game of football is a game of adjustments and not of strict game plans.  The Dallas Cowboys always seem to play better on offense when they go no huddle or even when they play typical “backyard” football and make plays as they go.  From a fans perspective they are a lot more fun to watch when you get that feeling that quarterback Tony Romo is calling the shots.

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  • Earl Robertson

    I feel sorry for Romo when he isn’t turning the ball over people complain saying so what you need to take more chances. When he throws an int people complain that it is Romo fault they lose and he needs to be more of a bus driver! The offense not the problem it is the defense it has been the problem for many years now. The reason most of the players on the defense not that very good

    • blueflame

      Romo gets burned by receivers forgetting their routes due to bad coaching and he gets set up for failure by obvious play calls in game after game.
      His biggest mistake was resigning with Jones as GM. Romo could be like Alex Smith having success on a new team.

      • Jimmy D

        Your partially correct. Let’s remember, under Phillips, Romo had leeway to call plays if he felt the defense knew what was coming. And his lack of effectiveness & getting the job done is what lead to taking that away from Romo. And can you blame anyone for that? He’s proven time after time, while definitely having spectacular moments, he’s just not a clutch player, a top of the hill qb. How many times have we seen Romo throw 2, 3, even 4 picks in huge games that cost them the playoffs? Too many for me. And it’s time for a complete change from coaching to qb.

    • Jimmy D

      I have to disagree a little here. I cannot, nor will I put the blame on our defense this season. They have yet to cost us a game. If you want to claim the second half collapse against San Diego, okay. But look at that game. We couldn’t run the ball at all in the second half, Williams fumble at the goal line was awful & we held the ball for 9 minutes & 40 of the 4th quarter and couldn’t score. And not being able to score more than 21 points against a Chargers defense who can’t stop the run and can’t cover tight ends is a joke. And as for the kc, Denver & Detroit game, all 3 losses are on the offense & play calling. Romo’s fumble in the 4th cost us the kc game, an awful defensive read by Romo cost us the Denver game & absolutely atrocious play calling against Detroit cost us that game. Remember, even with us giving up 543 yds, before the last 80 yard drive given up, we had the ball twice with a chance to run the clock, get a first down & end the game. I can’t, for the life me understand why people continually protect Romo as our franchise qb, that’s simply not the case. Bad defensive play, awful play calling and mistakes, all great qb’s overcome those things and find ways to win game’s. Romo is not one of those guys. From kick off to 5 minutes renaming in the 4th quarter, Romo is one of the best. From 5 minutes of the 4th to the final whistle, Romo is below avg & flat out not a good qb. That’s how he came into the league, that’s how he continued to play and how he will be forever remembered. Parcells, Phillips and now Garrett, 3 different coaches, same results from Romo. The old saying, if the same thing keeps happening to the same person over and over, well, it’s you, not them.

  • SmartThinking

    Boring, predictable, conservative football? There’s nothing wrong with that. When you win. The Cowboys don’t have the horses on either side of the front lines to stop anybody. That’s the core problem with this team and has been for at least two seasons. Until Jerry Jones quits admiring the paint job and fixes the problems under the hood, boring, predictable, conservative football is about all this team can generate. Principally, because they simply can’t execute anything any better with the front lines they currently have in such constant disarray.

  • jrcowboy49

    Both Garett and Callahan should be fired. The conservative play calling and clock management in the last game cost them a victory.

  • blueflame

    One of the best critiques I’ve read on an NFL team. The Cowboys are a different team when they are no huddle and are creative and improvise plays. But when Garrett calls the plays they are too predictable and uncreative to succeed.
    The fact that they even have 4 wins and were close in their losses says alot about their potential IF someone else called the shots.
    If you go back to Jones comments about the 90′s teams it’s obvious he thinks anyone can coach a talented team into the Super Bowl. And that one misconception is destroying this team.
    The Cowboys coaching staff seems to overestimate their abilities and attempt to assert themselves in each game. And worse; they never, EVER learn from their mistakes.
    The Cowboys are so predictable that most of us can even see their turnovers coming. In their loss to the Broncos, Garrett was over relying on the pass. So the Broncos knew late in the game what was coming. And therefore Romo was going to get picked eventually. And everyone knows what’s coming in every game. The fans, the opponents, everyone!
    Garrett is simply NOT a coach. Garrett is an absurd joke of a coach. And he and most of the staff especially the defensive coordinator should be fired. But then you have a problem of finding someone willing to deal with Jones the imbecile GM. No great Coach would work for Jones.

    The Cowboys will finish at 6-10 behind the 7-9 Giants. And they will continue to lose until Jones resigns or dies.

  • Jimmy D

    The sad truth about our football team is that’s is the same thing every year. And as I’ve heard throughout this season, our defense is what’s killing us the most. To me, that’s laughable & just not true. There are more teams in football underachieving way more than Dallas & playing even worse. The Redskins, Houston, Miami & Atlanta. All teams clearly picked to be better than Dallas and playoff teams. So let’s not sit here and act surprised that we’re once again 4-4. Reason being, history & atrocious coaching. Screaming injuries is a joke, every team has them and some even more so than Dallas. But the problem with using the injury excuse is that’s it’s all on defense. Next to Denver, Dallas has the most talented collection of offensive weapon’s in football. And every season, a game after Romo makes one of his usual game losing plays, the offense always goes stagnant. Reason is, someone or ones within the organization just doesn’t trust Romo to win game’s. And that’s been the case for some time now. & truth be told, would you really trust him anyway? Why would anyone? Romo has shown, in the big moments he doesn’t have the mental “it” factor to win more games than he loses.
    Now, I will absolutely admit our play calling is unequivocally awful. But this team is on the positive side of being able to close out games and win more than not and they can’t get the job done. And watching the play calling in our last 2 possessions of the Detroit game is just another example of not trusting our qb to win the game. Bottom line, Garrett & Callahan play not to lose. And it was like watching 2011 all over again when Dallas did the exact same thing against Arizona, the Giants & the pats. And if you think playing conservative and not to lose works, ask the saints how that worked out for them 2 weeks ago against New England.
    If you have no running game, which clearly Dallas doesn’t have, even with Murray on the field, and you still won’t let Romo run the offense to get a first down with Dez or Witten in man coverage, then why is Romo our qb?
    Yes, the holding penalty killed them, I get that. But my god, go for the kill. Get a first down & end one of these close games with the ball, on a knee. Or better yet, go for the jugular and score.
    Our offense has struggled mightily vs Philadelphia, Washington & Detroit, that’s completely unacceptable. We should be shredding these teams defense’s. And blaming our defense for losing games, seriously? Our defense didn’t lose the kc game, Denver game or the Detroit game. And I don’t care that we gave up 543 yds, before the last 80 yard drive. Our offense had the with needing one 1st down to win it, & we didn’t. We can all sit here and say without hesitation it’s time for a complete overhaul of coaches, except for Marinelli. But, isn’t it time for a new quarterback too? One who doesn’t wilt under pressure in big moments and wins more of these close games than we lose?
    And using the 9ers ot win & the Buffalo comeback as references to his big time moments. I’ll give you Seattle playoff game, Giants playoff game, Jets opening night game, Detroit debacle on Thanksgiving, the Giants & skins games last year and many many more.
    Dez, Austin (when healthy), Williams, Beasley, Harris, Witten, Escobar, Murray(when healthy), Dunbar, Randle, and Tanner… And we can’t move the ball consistently? Are we using the excuse as play calling & wrong rout running, are you people serious? And please, stop with the offensive line play, it’s been pretty good this year, way better than previous season’s. Aside from jj, which won’t change, so we can stop with the, Jones is ruining us, that’s like calling the fat kid fat. The constants on this team keeping us down is Garrett & yes, Romo. Teams with this much offensive talent should not struggle this much, bad playing calling or not.
    The time has come to move on from the Romo era & get a true “franchise” qb in here that can win.

    • ajp

      I agree, jason garrett sucks and tony romo has a mental problem ever since the Denver interception. But he will probably be there again next year.should have brought norv turner in.

      • Jimmy D

        I completely agree. I don’t care who it is, but we need a new direction. The play calling again today almost cost us the game. And the complete lack of disrespect for not running the ball is a joke. Callahan is a dinosaur who doesn’t understand today’s game. I’m tired of sub par play calling & always playing down to poor competition in big games.

  • james j

    its not Romo it is Garrett….Garrett is forcing him to run it up the middle two or three times whenever they get the lead…and then they have to punt…and get beat…When Romo is allowed to pass..in no huddle…they almost always score….people are so uptight..about ints…he only has 5…vs..18 TDs….a punt is almost the same as a turnover….especially against a good offensive team…