4-4 Record Or Not, These Aren’t The “Same Old” Cowboys

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Your “same old” 4-4 Dallas Cowboys who “can’t close out a game” were just eight points away from being 7-1, perched atop everyone’s power rankings, and the sexy midseason pick among the TV genius class to win it all.

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett congratulates players during the third quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The two canards in quotes above simply don’t ring true – this isn’t the same team that went 8-8 the past two years, and these Cowboys have shown they can close.

The Cowboys’ failure to close last week against the Detroit Lions was so epic, one can understand the universal overreaction to it. But that doesn’t make it any less lazy to assert the 2013 Cowboys can’t close out a game. One game is all they’ve really failed to “close” this season, and one game does not make an identity.

The simple truth is, the 2013 Cowboys can close and have closed. In fact, they closed out a huge divisional game just a few weeks ago – did you forget already? Have you been afflicted with the selective recall of most TV experts, and can remember only as far back as the last set of highlights you watched?

The 2013 Cowboys began the season by closing out the New York Giants all the way back in Week 1. It was a messy game where the offense had trouble clicking and the defense got abused on several big plays. With two minutes left and the Cowboys protecting a 6-point lead, the Giants had the momentum and the ball. Brandon Carr’s 49-yard pick-six boosted the lead to 13 points and closed that game out.

In Week 6, the Cowboys closed again. The offense struggled all game to move the ball, but managed to build an 8-point fourth quarter lead. With 9:40 to play, backup defensive end Kyle Wilbur strip-sacked Robert Griffin III as part of a four-man rush, leading to the game-icing touchdown – game closed.

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  • CowboyFan Dan

    Whoever wrote this article is clearly delusional. These ARE the same ol Cowboys! He makes mention that we could be 7-1. Well the reason we aren’t 7-1 is because they are the same ol Cowboys, blowing leads, turnovers at inopportune times, bad clock management, horrible play calling and an even HORRIBLE defense. We are the 32nd ranked defense, dead last. Which makes us the WORST defense in the league. We are the laughing stock of the league, and until Jerry dies, or gets too old to run this circus, we will always be that way. I’ve said before, you take this ENTIRE roster and put them in New England with Belicheck and that organization, and they would be multiple Super Bowl Champs. Jerry is running a circus with a losing culture, and you just can’t win in an environment like that.

    • Paul

      CowboyFan Dan, You took the words right out of my mouth! Well said.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      Good comments. How the writer can say this team is different when they are ranked last in the league on defense completely baffles me. Some things may have changed but like always the Cowboys have figured out how to continue their mediocrity.

    • 87544

      On the mark, Dan. I don’t understand how the writer can’t see that this is exactly how the past 2-3 seasons have gone. Kyle Wilbur closing out the awful Redskins? We should be blowing them out. Losing to above .500 teams in heartbreaking fashion? Sounds like the Wade Phillips era. At best this is a ‘keep the faith’ article but we all know who the Cowboys are: A Mediocre Team

  • Marc M

    As long as we do not have a GM who knows talent, OC and DC who can not adjust to opposing schemes this is what we will always be. Dallas has wasted the career of probably the best pass rusher of our generation by drafting and trading for mediocre players to surround him. Romo could be great but never will because he has no time to throw. JJ drafts running backs that are on the PUP list as soon as the they sign. I have been a life long die hard fan and it kills me to see fans hearts get ripped out every Sunday due to piss poor coaching and management.

    • John

      Jerry is a different GM with Garrett in the organization. The worst decision Jerry’s made in the last decade was not hiring Garrett when he wanted to after the 2006 season. It was the presence of Wade who set this organization back. Garrett makes Jerry better.

      • Marc M

        Garrett could be a great coach IMO. He needs a GM that can provide the talent he needs to be successful. Giving away your draft spot for a 5th rounder and then moving up to get a center is horrible management no matter how great Frederick is. Our Defense is last for a reason. I do not want to hear “if this would have happened or that would have happened”! The game is played either you adjust or you don’t, if you can’t you lose! Prime example – Megatron eating up Carr all day with no help!!!

        • Corey Butler

          Garrett has not shown anything that would suggestthat he could be a great coach?

    • Corey Butler

      Romo`s overall problem has not been time to throw.

  • ctcowboy1968

    You are what your record says you are (Parcells). Lots of games are very close. You just can’t focus on 8 points in losses. Sounds great, but it’s not the whole story. As always, this team will only go as far as Tony can carry them.

    • John

      That’s who the Cowboys were. This Cowboys team doesn’t need Romo to make a play in order to win.

  • BC1968

    I mean my team is bad, so we can get past that for mho . They failed to close out the broncos game too, that was there to be had

  • mk

    I have been a cowboy fan since 1976. Right up to year of 1995. Done! Tony Romo is a choke artist and will be. The cowboys 2nd issue is jerry jones owner acting as GM. 3rd issue sorry coaches and control freak owner. 4th need to get some thugs on the roster. Mk.

  • ed

    We can see from the comments that humans hold nothing so dear as their preconcieved notions. Challenge them with facts and let the squealing begin.

  • Corey Butler

    You have too many writers trying to bring attention to themselves these days. The cowboys cannot beat good teams. That is the point.

  • Corey Butler

    Jaon garrett is a puppet. He never should have been hired as coach.

  • 87544

    Its time that someone with seniority on the team call out Jerry. I know this is a pipe dream and its never a good idea to bad talk the boss but hear me out: If Romo were to be in a press conference and hold Jerry accountable for building half butt teams and caring more about himself being the face of the Cowboys than the players on the field, I would feel a ton better. Just publicly throwing some egg on Jerry’s face would at least make me feel like I’m not crazy. There’s this weird fear of Jerry cuz he’s charming enough to be considered nice and rich enough to hold sway, but this has gone too far. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Jerry is freakin’ crazy. He needs a massive helping of humble pie or the Dallas Cowboys will slowly go the way of Al Davis. You can bet a Jamarcus Russell pick type melt-down is in the near future.

  • terell28

    Well said Cowboy Dan I was about to type the same exact thing you said.

  • deloach

    firing Rob Ryan was a pisspoor decision 1st season no offseason due to strike had to learn on the go. 2nd season injuries hurt us on that side of the ball bring in Monty kiffin his usc defense was horrible and Rob has the saints defense one of the tops in the league