12 Things That Should Really Tick Off Dallas Cowboys Fans

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Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys hasn’t been easy for the last few years. The promise of a talented team reaching their potential every season only to have them promptly fall on their faces can dishearten even the loyalest fan. Still, every preseason is filled with promise. Every media commentator taunts us after every win and dashes our hopes with every loss.

Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan holds a sign during the game against the Denver Broncos at AT&T Stadium.

Now, here we are at the mid-season point, staring another 8-8 season dead in the face. And due to the lack of talent in the NFC East, the Cowboys have their greatest chance in years to make the playoffs. Yet every fan has that nagging itch in the back of their minds: “This Dallas team always finds a way to screw things up. How will they do it this time?” Then you shake your head like your shaking that thought out of your mind. “No!” You tell yourself. “They can do it this time! They…can…do…it.”

It’s that sense of hope every fan has at this time of year. Before the reality of December busts through our television screens, like Jerry Jones break dancing in a Pizza Hut commercial.  Still, the wombs of past failures haunt us. More than that, they tick us off!

They say admitting there is a problem is the first step to resolving it.  Well, there are some big problems in Big “D” that we need to resolve. Here are 12 things that should really tick off Cowboys fans. Let’s hope admitting them gets us that mush closer to a winning solution.

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  • Earl Robertson

    With jerry u can count on it

  • jeff holtkamp

    Not bad I get mis offencst of what you say. But here were you got it wrong.
    1)bad mouthing romo well if you do it then do not talk aboug others doing it.
    2 ) fire rod marinelli with how the injuies have left him with out starters and they just pull guy off the street that do ok. And give monti a chance he got no help this year in the draft or free agency.
    3) the offence is offensive 4 turn overs by the defence and the offence only gets 19 first downs. And Detroit had 10 more minutes on offence. Poor offence making defence look bad. Just look at New Orleans. Come on throw to a RB or a screen play.

    • Jack Farguson

      Last year the cowboys offense finished with 1/2 a point below the SB champs in average points per game. Dallas put thirty points on the scoreboard against Detroit, but the defense couldn’t hold the lead. Against the broncos the offense scored 48 points. that should have been a blowout but our defense was as bad as theirs. It doesn’t fall on the Offense. Think about what the offense could do if the defense gave them the ball back more often in these games. We do agree on the defensive coaching staff I think the problem with the defense is that we have been bouncing them back and forth between coaches. From Phillips to Ryan to Now Kiffin, and Marinelli. If we keep bouncing them around they will never gel together. Hopefully they will gel before its to late this year. All we as fans can do is hope.

  • jeff holtkamp

    Work on the site asshole

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    I agree with everything but the coaching. The writer states the problems with drafting, salary cap management, injury prone players and disgruntled players. Since all of that is true it would require coaches with magic wands to establish a team capable of winning the superbowl. There is an old saying that goes something like this: “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit”. If the Cowboys were winners then you wouldn’t hear as much nick picking about coaching decisions.

  • MrIntuition

    May be the most insightful article I’ve seen in years. The one thing I’d add is line play but that would fall under coaching and Jerry Jones as GM.