The Consistently Inconsistent Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys lost a heart breaker in Detroit on Sunday and many things went wrong.  Most fans want to talk about Dez Bryant’s temper tantrum on the sidelines in Sunday’s 31-30 loss in Detroit.   So why are the Dallas Cowboys so inconsistent? Well for starters the offense is not clicking so whatever they are doing on offense during the week, they need to stop because it’s broken and it needs to be fixed.  The Cowboys offense has proven in Week Five that we can be explosive and keep up with the best of them.  Since that Week Five shoot out with the Denver Bronco’s the Cowboys offense has been stagnate and pretty much non-existent.  So what is it?

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) escapes from being sacked during the third quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Playcalling is one the biggest Achilles Heel of the Dallas Cowboys.   This has been an on-going issue with the Cowboys for a long time now.  Either they trust quarterback Tony Romo or they don’t.  The past several years with Jason Garrett at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys, the play calling has been way too conservative.  Whether this is due to a lack of talent on the Cowboys offense or it’s the offensive coordinator’s problem, I don’t know.

For lack of better terms this is the first year that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan has called the plays but it doesn’t really seem any different than Jason Garrett calling the plays.  Another issue with the play calling is the run game.  Blame it on the offensive line if you’d like but so far this year those guys have held their own.  Understandably the best running back, DeMarco Murray, cannot be counted on to be in the lineup with his injury history.  Now to be fair to Murray he’s injured a lot because he runs hard and they over use him at times.

Having a secondary back is not a sign of a weakness of a running back but as an aid to give him a rest.  If Dallas went to the two back set it would alleviate that problem in ways.  The problem with the run game is even when it isn’t working as well as the coaches would like, they completely abandon the run.  Even when we are ahead they abandon the run.  There is no happy medium in Dallas it’s either throw the ball too much or run the ball too much.

Abandoning the run brings us to the next problem on offense, clock management.

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