The Consistently Inconsistent Dallas Cowboys

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Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett watches game action during 1st quarter of a game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Garrett and the team still do not understand how to manage the time clock.  Games like the Detroit game and the Denver game were both winnable situations where they didn’t squander enough time.  The Denver game, they came out throwing with the lead and no run game.  On the flip side, the Detroit game they ran it three times and didn’t throw.   This is not good clock management.   What was extremely upsetting in the Detroit game was having two time outs and seven seconds on the clock and Romo throws it complete to wide receiver Cole Beasley who tries to get cute with the ball and lateral it backwards.  They need to understand with two time outs they had at least two plays.

Finally on offense is scoring in the redzone.  It’s embarrassing that now that Dallas has a reliable kicker they rely on him too much.  The Cowboys offense seems to hit the 20 yard line in the redzone and stall leaving it up to the foot of Dan Bailey.  Now I completely understand this is Bailey’s job and he’s really good at it, probably one of the best in the league, however, kicking field goals 85% of the time in the redzone usually doesn’t win games when other teams are scoring touchdowns.  It’s great to have such a solid kicker but it’s even greater to have an offense that doesn’t putter out in the redzone too.

Now onto the defensive side of the ball, whatever defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is doing it isn’t working.  It’s not that the 4-3 isn’t working, the defensive line which has been decimated and mostly has scrub players on the line, it’s the “Cover 2” that isn’t working.

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  • Simplyseth

    The organization seems to want attention whether it’s positive or negative. Jason Garrett should be fired by 10 am this morning. He has had epic loses each year of his tenure. Twice against Detroit and remember he iced the kicker Arizona game. Win early, you wouldn’t need to win and get in late. Ultimately, the media has to stop pouring gas on the fire by highlighting Dez blow ups, but embrace the kids passion to win. The Cowboys simply are not playing winning football and the media knows it. Blow the whole thing up Jerry. SimplySeth

  • SmartThinking

    Ten Thoughts: 1. Waters’ injuries are very troubling. The Dallas offense improved dramatically the instant he lined up at Rt. Guard. 2. DeMarco Murray was sorely missed yesterday. If he could have played as Jerry Jones states, then he should have been in there. 3. Zone coverage on a player like Calvin Johnson is a recipe for ….. Well, exactly what happened. 4. As much as I want Claiborne and Carr to be spectacular, they weren’t yesterday. Something has happened to Claiborne. If he doesn’t improve to the level of expectation, he needs to be shopped while he has maximum value. 5. This team will never be successful until it acquires or builds world-class Safeties. 6. Bryant is an amazing player in so many ways. Romo must focus on getting the ball to him from the first snap. Worst case is more interference penalties because no one can cover him. What’s wrong with that? 7. Offensive play-calling, currently, is NOT working. Third down running calls are counter productive. Third and 13 running plays are suicidal. 8. There are so many really good things Garrett has brought to this team. But, sadly, his on- the- job-training is killing the cerebral side of the Cowboys’ game management. 9. Sean Lee is everything he was advertised to be. For the second season in a row, it’s a crying shame the Cowboy’s defensive line injuries will be the death of this team again. 10. At 4 and 4 by the middle of the season, this team is far from dead. Dallas could finish as high as 10 and 6 realistically. Even 9 and 7 is an improvement over the norm. Bonus Thought: 11. And, this one seems more evident the more I watch how the inner workings of this team function, Dallas will never be a winner again as long as Jerry Jones is in direct control of this team and everyone, from the coaches down, have to look his way for an approving nod before they make a move on their own. This whole thing could be so much better and it’s a damned shame it isn’t. The fans deserve better.