Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) looks to the sidelines during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo Positive In Postgame Press Conference

In the postgame press conference following Sunday’s close loss in Detroit, Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo offered his insight into the game that dropped Dallas to 4-4.

Writer’s Note: All quotes are from this video. They are not 100% accurate because Jerry seems to think investing in a high quality media player for his website that allows you to scroll back a video without freezing is a waste of money. And I’m not gonna spend my entire Sunday night refreshing a page to count how many times Romo said “uhm”. So the quotes are more like 87%-93% accurate. Hope that’s cool.

On How This Loss Compares To Others:

It literally feels the same way every time.

His General Thoughts On The Competition:

That was a very good front that we played against, it felt eerily similar to the Minnesota game up in the dome in the playoffs, just the way that scheme wise and then a little bit with how they were able to rush the passer. If you can rush the passer like that in this environment it’s going to be a very tough place to play. You’re not gonna be able to get through progressions and you’re not gonna be able to get the ball to certain spots. I thought the guys did a good job as the game moved on in giving us a little more time to get to second and third reads and we were able to exploit that a little bit when we did.


Yeah I don’t think he’s ever, I mean I don’t know what, I mean I’m sure you’re referencing him getting emotional which is, happens every game, he’s emotional in general. But he’s a competitive guy, he’s never complained to me about getting the ball. You know (chuckle) he knows that the ball is going to where it’s supposed to…he knows that. So I think, more than anything, it’s about him wanting the team. When you guys see emotions from Dez it’s more about being ‘rah-rah’…a me guy, that’s not who Dez is.

Is Dez Distracting In Such A State?

Nah, not really…(smiling) it probably happens twelve times a year in a game, so, you know, it’s just some guys are emotional during the games and others keep it in a bit, so, it’s what helps him play good.

On An Angry Locker Room And Moving Forward:

Yeah I mean our football team has been through this, uhm, you know, a tough loss. You’ve gotta be able to put it behind you and come right back. It’s not gonna happen today. It’ll happen tomorrow. You know after guys get a chance to review the tape find out what we could’ve done better and then go back to work.


What you do is you grab a bunch of people and you put them on your football team who have the ability to, mentally, understand that there are gonna be good games and there’s gonna be bad. You’re gonna play well, you’re not gonna play as well. You’ve gotta come back the next week and be at your best, and uhm, that’ll start during practice. If you let that hangover it’ll creep into the season, as it gets later, and each game, the next one coming up, and our football team has a bunch of guys in my opinion who care about each other, stick together, and are competitive and mentally tough individuals who will go back to work. And they’ll get better. And it’s the only approach that you really can take.

Have you seen that hangover happen in the past?

Yeah…but I think this football team is different than five, six…four years ago.


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  • Frustrated Faithful Fan

    You know, I’ve been a Cowboys fan all my life. Tonight’s loss was one of those that just stuck in my gut. Tomorrow I may feel differently, but right now I don’t care who was at fault: the defense, Romo, Callahan, Jones, or all of the above. The problem is, there always seems to be a problem…when we can least afford it. Cowboys, in the name of all that’s reasonable, just friggin’ get it together. – signed Frustrated Faithful Fan

    • Kenny Spotz

      I’ve been a fan my whole life as well, and for some reason this one isn’t sitting as badly as the Denver game. Part of that feeling is due to the Romo press conference. If you watch the video he’s still confident. And since he’s the leader of this team I’ll roll with what he thinks. I know, I know, it’s not like he can come out there and say “we’re gonna lose next week now” but I think he’s right in saying the team has the right mentality to not let this effect them.

  • nickbrunson

    There were a lot of extremes in this game. Detroit went off for 600 something yards. They turned it over 4 times. Their D-line dominated Dallas’ O-line in a way I haven’t seen in years. They kept Romo to less than 50% completion rate, which hasn’t happened in years. Despite running for his life every play, Romo managed 3 TD passes and 0 interceptions.

    You take all these extremes, put them into one game, the result could be anything. That’s football.

    But what I can’t stand for is the officials effecting the game so egregiously.

    It was open season on Romo in the first quarter. He was hit high twice, neither were called.

    The PI on Scandrick was a terrible call. That gifted Detroit points.

    After the Dez’s TD to make it 27-17, Lions have 2nd down. Stafford rolls right and finds Calvin for a huge play. Blatant hold to give Stafford room and time to get that ball off. No call.

    That’s four, just off the top of my head. I can understand one here and one there, but this game had 7 or 8 terrible calls/non-calls, with most benefitting Detroit.

    The officiating has gotten progressively worse the lat 4 or 5 years, likely due to so many rule changes and additions. Very frustrating to watch.