Does Dez Bryant Need to Shut Up? Comments Spark Megatron

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FOX announcer Brian Billick described Bryant’s outbursts like this:

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates with kicker Dan Bailey (5) after catching a pass for a touchdown during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

“We talked about the class of Calvin Johnson. This is the point Dez Bryant has to understand. This serves no purpose. If I’m the coach of the Cowboys you have to get this under control. This temper tantrum, I don’t know what else to call it, Dez Bryant, want to help your team? Grow up.”

When does Bryant’s passion cross the line? I think Dez’s behavior came off as immaturity, broadcasted live across the country. Bryant’s first mistake was opening his mouth about Megatron. His second was being a perceived jerk on the sidelines. It appears Bryant still has a lot of growing up to do. Yes, he could learn a lot from Calvin Johnson. Mainly, how to let your play on the field speak for you.

After the game, Bryant defended himself and his actions to the Dallas Morning News:

“We were talking about the game. It was a critical situation that we were talking about. It was all playing football….My passion is always positive. I’m not saying anything wrong. I’m not saying anything bad. It’s all positive. I’m expressive on the field and off. Even when I look angry, it’s all good passion. I feel that’s what I need. I love this game. In order to win you have to be passionate about this game. You have to let that dog come out and put it all on the line….I’m trying to win a ball game. That’s all it was. This is a team full of talent…There’s no such thing as being too passionate. You have to have that to win games. I’m sorry. If anybody disagrees with that they have a serious problem.”

As a Cowboys’ fan, do you have a problem with Dez’s actions? Leave your comments down below.

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