Does Dez Bryant Need to Shut Up? Comments Spark Megatron

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After the game, Romo had this to say about Bryant’s sideline ranting:

“He’s a competitive guy. He’s never complained to me about getting the ball. He knows that the ball is going to where it’s supposed to. He knows that…When you guys see emotion sometimes from Dez, it’s just trying to ‘ra-ra’ more than it is being a ‘me’ guy. That’s not who Dez is. I think that would be completely out of character for him if it was ever a ‘me’ situation. Sometimes he gets emotional just about ‘C’mon, guys! We’re better than this.’ \things like that really emotionally. He’s never a self-first guy.”

Romo made it clear during his post-game press conference: Dez simply cares about winning. He wants the ball, but his sideline screaming isn’t about getting the ball. It’s simply about winning. Romo called him a good teammate who cares about his players.


This is what Garrett had to say about Bryant’s sideline antics:

“Dez is a very passionate player. A very competitive player. And he gets a lot of attention from the opposing defenses. And he wanted the football. And we want guys who want the football. Dez has never been a distraction to our football team. He’s a really positive asset to our team, on-the-field and off. The way he works. His passion for the ball game. That’s good stuff. It’s competitive. He wants it. He  wants to make a difference in the game. I though the communication was good.”


It appears this is “no biggie” to the Cowboys players or the coaches. Although, it didn’t appear that way on the sidelines as there appeared to be some “C’mon Dude. Seriously”-type stares pointed Bryant’s way. As you can see above, Witten and Bryant appeared closed to blows as DeMarcus Ware breaks them up. So much for team unity. (Witten and Dez reportedly hugged it out in the locker room after the game)

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