Does Dez Bryant Need to Shut Up? Comments Spark Megatron

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The Dallas Cowboys young wide receiver, Dez Bryant, said it best himself earlier this week on Twitter:

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) makes a catch in the end zone for a touchdown while being defended by Detroit Lions strong safety Glover Quin (27) and cornerback Darius Slay (30) during the second quarter at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

“I see I have to be extra careful about what I say.”

Bryant tweeted this after he made several comments during an radio interview comparing himself to the Detroit Lions’ wideout Calvin Johnson earlier this week. Although he later retracted those statements and clarified himself, the damage was already done. Johnson got the message loud and clear. And Megatron let his performance speak for him in Sunday’s last minute win over the Cowboys, 31-30.

Johnson had a record setting day with 14 receptions for 329 yards and a score.  Dez finished the day with three catches for 72 yards and two touchdowns. Not a bad day for Bryant, but nothing like the dominating performance by Johnson. Ladies and gentleman, there is no comparison. Not right now anyway.

But Bryant words not only sparked Johnson, they also could have done damage to the Cowboys’ sidelines. Several times during the game, Bryant was spotted yelling at coaches and teammates. Specifically, quarterback Tony Romo, head coach Jason Garrett, and tight end Jason Witten.

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  • Dave Collins

    No problem at all. He wants to win. He was man to man all day and should have been targeted earlier and much more often. Romo did not play well, although he was pressured much of the game. To be honest, I wish more Cowboys showed this desire to get the job done. maybe then we wouldn’t consistently be .500 and lose games we should win.

  • cowboys66

    Nope. He needed to shake things up a bit they were stinking up the field needed to get some motivation going because it look like everyone on the cowboys were still in the locker room.

  • Ed

    How many times have we seen a QB get a receivers face? Lots. Romo did it to Tannihill when he dragged a defender into the passing lane intended for Beasley. QBs are not gods.

  • Ron

    Isn’t it really great to see players that let there talking come out with them making plays vs. when they open up their mouths. It’s Positive and Refreshing. Otherwise it’s just bad Karma … Maybe in Life Dez will eventually get it…

  • Jeff Simon

    Wasn’t it just a couple seasons ago that Ryan was claiming Dallas had two or three receivers just as good as Megatron that they practiced against every week? Calvin catching a touchdown pass despite triple coverage at the end of a come from behind win is what I remember from that game. Laying 300+ yards on you while less than 100% physically is what I’ll remember from this one.

    If I may paraphrase Jim Croce:

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
    And you don’t light a fire under HIM.

    But everytime we meet, some Dallas Blowhard cannot resist running his mouth….

  • PaulATX

    I’m not sure what exactly Dez said. I do know that someone needed to get on Romo and Callahan. 268 yards total offense is obviously someone’s failure. If a Harbaugh brother was coaching the Cowboys and not Howdy Doody, Dez would not have to say anything. I saw a few things from this game. 1. Randle is not the future RB of Dallas. 2. Monte Kiffin still does not know how to make adjustments on defense, or just refuses to make them. 3. The playcalling of Romo/Callahan is sub-par. I am not sure where Romo’s head was at, but it was not in the game.