Cowboys Face Their Toughest Opponents This Sunday...Again

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Another area of concern is Dez Bryant being held and interfered with nearly every play.  Don’t believe me?  Pay special attention to him in today’s game. Rewind all the pass plays if you have to.  Keep doing this until you are too furious to continue. 

Oct 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams (26) reacts to being called for a foul on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) during the third quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

You may have learned from last week that you literally have to tackle Bryant and be lying on top of him before the ball gets there to receive the flag.  Typically he is pulled, pushed, held, and tripped all the way down the field.  Then when Bryant attempts to push the defense off of him he is called for offensive interference.  

It’s always interesting to me when the tv talent makes the comment that the refs are “letting them play”, but anytime Bryant tries to fight back he gets flagged, and anytime Claiborne plays aggressive it’s interference.  I thought we were letting them play?

I read an article after last weeks game that briefly discussed what a horrible one-sided officiating effort it was.  In the comments if that article, someone raised the question, “what difference does it make when we won?”.  

I’ll tell you what difference it makes.  The NFL season is grueling trial of endurance on these players and their bodies.  That’s why the National Football League has the shortest season of all professional sports.  Inevitably, the hits received over the season take their toll on a player, and even those that remain on the field for the last game are hardly %100. 

This is where roughing, unsportsmanlike, and defenseless player penalties come in.  I can’t help but get angry when we are penalized for pushing RG3 out of bounds (because he was allegedly heading out of bounds on his own), when Griffin has admitted to faking going out of bounds to trick players into letting him cut up field.  Meanwhile, in the Eagles game, Tony Romo is sacked.  He is on the ground and has already been touched when another defender not only dives on him, but throws an elbow to his helmet as well. No flag. 

I have countless times (including last week) seen Bryant take defenseless hits, face masks, and helmet to helmet shots.  Not once do I ever remember seeing any of it called when committed against him. 

This is what I find most irritating.  These rules were put in place to protect these players from serious injury.  Allowing these type of shots against certain players may not only shorten their season, but possibly end their career.

So, regardless of any preconceived bias against any team or individual player, regardless of where a particular referee’s loyalties may lie…I at the very least expect that you should protect all of these players equally.  Repeatedly allowing dangerous hits on specific players or teams should be punishable by termination in a league that claims to be so vigilant about player safety.

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