Cowboys Could Trade Two First Round Draft Picks for Adrian Peterson

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Jul 21, 2013; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What if Jerry Jones traded just the Cowboys’ 2014 first round pick. After we win the Super Bowl this year, that draft pick would be the 32nd pick of the first round. It’s not like the Cowboys would be surrendering a future top 10 draft pick for a franchise factor back. Even if the Cowboys gave up the 2014 and 2015 first round picks, our future is secure. The Cowboys roster currently has eight players over the age of 30.


Tony Romo



Brian Waters


Long Snapper

L.P. LaDouceur


Defensive Tackle

Jason Hatcher


Defensive End

DeMarcus Ware


Tight End

Jason Witten



Ryan Cook



Kyle Orton


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  • Tok20000

    Robert, I think AP is on the downside of his career. He was awesome in his prime, but he does not have much left in his tank. I am a huge Cowboys fan as well (growing up in Dallas), and I went to college in Maryland (aka Redskin country).

    The running back position is arguably the easiest position for a college player to adjust to in the NFL. It also comes with one of the shortest average career spans. Dallas needs to draft a running back.

    The other problem with AP is his huge contract. Dallas is going to be ~$30M over the salary cap next year, and adding AP is only going to make that number go up.

    Because of the new rules for rookie contracts, drafting a RB in say the 1st round could become an even more economical solution for Dallas.

    The draft will not improve us in the present; however, I have some faith in Murray returning this season and helping the Cowboys make a playoff run. Murray may not be our future, but he is a pretty good choice for our present.

  • Old Frog

    Somebody please put this story to rest. Last thing the Cowboys need to do is mortgage their future for one aging player, no matter how good he is. JJ screwed the Vikings with Herschel Walker. I’m sure they would love to pay us back with an AP trade.

    • I hate dumb sports fans

      What future? Read the whole article before making yourself look stupid.

  • jrcowboy49

    AD is not worth one 1st round pick and Dallas does not need him!

  • REAL Cowboys Fan

    AP WAS THE FREAKING LEAGUE MVP LAST YEAR! STOP, JUST STOP IT ALREADY! He is not on a decline, he just as good as he was pre-knee surgery. Good lord its amazing how quickly people are ready to toss a player in the trash just because of their age. Tje Cowboys dont need him? You guys are positive that Murray (injury prone) and that Tanner, Randal, and Dunbar are the future backs? Jesus, just cut the crap already and get off of that high horse Jerry has made us to believe we are on. Step back and realize how great this wold be! In the 1995 season we were one player away from getting another Super Bowl, that player was Deion Sanders. I’ll let yall think about that.

    • SmartThinking

      Well. I’ve thought about it. And I think you’re certifiable. By his own admission, Peterson’s a cripple. Read the pro wire today. It’s a quote: ‘My knee started hurting so I slowed down.’ And if you want to make it even more real, all you have to do is watch him play. He’s a slightly faster, harder headed, significantly overpriced version of RGIII with less brainpower. Last year’s model that will never fit into Dallas’ garage.

  • Kenneth Harmon

    Are you kidding? The Cowboys obtain Petersen and instantly become world champions? Even with Petersen, they probably aren’t going to beat the 49ers or Seahawks. Personally, I think the team is moving in a good direction. The last 3 drafts have added some stellar talent. No need to rush out and mortgage their future based on the assumption that AP would make them a super bowl winner. As exciting as it would be to watch AP running for the Cowboys, I believe they should stay the course and continue to build through the draft. Continue to work on the offensive and defensive lines next year, find Romo’s replacement to groom him, etc. etc.

  • Jack Farguson

    Problem with AP is his contract numbers plus the cost of getting him. I would however like to see Dallas get Mark Ingram from the Saints. He is young. He doesn’t fit in the Saints offense, so he should be reasonably priced. and in college he looked a lot like Emmitt Smith.

    • SmartThinking

      If you don’t follow the Saints’ wire then you may not be aware that they think Ingram is lazy. He’s a lowly #3 on their depth chart and going nowhere. Certainly, he’s no better a solution than paying two number one’s for him or some other crazy idea. At least according to those touts who know a thing or two about ranking running backs, and certainly more than me, they say Ingram’s got a year, maybe two left before he gets traded to Oakland or Tampa Bay or some other out of the way dump before he quits or doesn’t get his contract picked up.

  • SmartThinking

    When did Jerry Jones start writing stories for this website? Whoever this writer is ought to have his head examined. Or, at the very least, never be given the keys to the draft room. Peterson isn’t worth one #2 in his present condition. Didn’t you read the nfl report today that quoted Peterson as saying his knee hurt this past week and he slowed down? Great! Just what Dallas needs! Another expensive star who plays five games and gets rolled to the sideline in a wheelchair. Mr. Carroll, if you can’t come up with a better storyline than for Dallas to give away the ranch for a cripple, then you need to go write about gardening or something less strenuous for your brain.

  • Jake

    The worst cowboys piece I ever read. “Solidify their place as the top team in the NFC” Hahahaha. Good one

  • Grizz

    Cowboys don’t need AP? Your Crazy.
    And its not his knee, its his hamstring. Cant you read.
    I trade 2 1st for Peterson in a Heartbeat. His only 28. We need a RB like AP.

  • RealG33

    Cowboys fan here….this story sounds great but anyone who really knows and understands salary cap knows this deal is as close to impossible as impossible gets. As much as I would love to see AP in a cowboys uniform it’s just not gonna happen.

  • Nick Sanguino


  • Mick

    Are you like 5 years old? Do you realize that the cowboys have no cap space to even accommodate AP? I’d rather not waste valuable draft picks on a max contract kind of player. Jerry takes care of his players, but we need picks for the O-Line and for Ware’s replacement next season. We also need to extend Dez maybe as soon as this offseason.