Cowboys Hunt Lions, Another Leap Towards Playoffs

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Yes Dallas would be just a game ahead of Detroit with a win, and still holding the edge for the 2nd wildcard slot.  However, there is a difference between the two teams.

While the overall records are the same, the conference records are far from that. Dallas is 4-0 in the NFC, while Detroit is 3-2.  As a matter of fact, the other teams currently in the race all have 2 or more NFC losses.

With a Cowboys win on Sunday, not only would they move to a respectable 5-3 overall, they’d also gain a rock solid advantage sitting at 5-0 in conference play.

An undefeated conference record half way through the season is gold where tie-breakers are concerned.

Even more important would be the head-to-head win over Detroit in the event they had the same record in the end.  Head-to-head victories are the trump card in determining which team gets the playoff nod.

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  • SmartThinking

    This writer makes a valid point: Dallas needs this win against Detroit to (a) remain a full game ahead of Philadelphia, (b) remain in sole control of the NFC East, (c) stay in the hunt for the NFC Wildcard spot and gain the right to face off against the 49ers and have the stuffing kicked out of them. But wait! Dallas still has to play the Saints, Packers, and Bears just for the right to face the 49ers and have the stuffing kicked out of them. And, of course, that’s after facing the unbeaten Chiefs, Broncos and, quite possibly, division-leading Bengals. I’m not sure any other team this year has faced the kind of quality competition that Dallas has and will just to get to the wall that will be the 49ers. This season is like one of those teenager’s slasher movies: the busty young teenaged girl slowly walks down the dimly lit hallway while thunder and lightning rage outside. We scream and yell for her to run because we know what grim fate awaits her just behind the door. She doesn’t. We wince and close our eyes to the bloody outcome. But, it’s entertainment nonetheless. Run Cowboys! Don’t go down that hallway! It’s the dreaded 49ers!!!! ……… I’m still not leaving my chair even though I know how it’s gonna end.