Cowboys Sign a Rod Marinelli Prospect: DT Marvin Austin

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Due to the negative rumors, Austin fell out of the first round. He landed with the New York Giants in the mid-second round, just one selection prior to the Chicago Bears pick. Ironically, it was in a preseason matchup just a few months later against the Bears where Austin tore his pectoral muscle and prematurely ended his rookie campaign.

Oct 6, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Marvin Austin (58) in the second half at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

By the time Austin made it back to the field in 2012, he hadn’t played in a real game in nearly three years. Unfortunately, a back injury limited Austin to just eight games in his second season as a Giant. He played a total of 103 snaps last season and only recorded eight tackles. During the offseason this year, New York tried to trade Austin. But they found no takers. Instead, they simply cut him.

After trying out with several teams, Austin was signed by the Miami Dolphins late last month. After three weeks, 28 snaps and one tackle, Austin was waived again. Now, he has landed in Dallas with a defense line coach in Marinelli who has believed in his talents since the beginning. Austin will add depth to an over-achieving but ailing group that includes unknowns like Nick Hayden and George Selvie as starters. Let’s see if the old-ball coach can do some more of his magic and change this draft-bust into the newest productive member of the Rush-Men.

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  • Ed

    I’m sure he’s coming cheap and is easy to cut. What do we have to loose?

  • SmartThinking

    Marinelli is a true motivator of men. The most important and crucial gift he brings to the team, however, is how he’s taken a group of men who have been dropped by the wayside of professional football and given them the once-in-a-lifetime gift of a second chance to be great. From what I read on these Cowboy-oriented websites, I do not get the feeling Jerry Jones or his son have an appreciation for just how much these new arrivals bring to a defense that would be, quite frankly, nothing without their over-achieving efforts. I’ll bet if you asked George Selvie what he thinks of Marinelli for giving him an opportunity when absolutely no one else would, he’ll tell you he’d walk through fire for the man. These no-names, as they’re called, have banded together, Dirty Dozen-style to achieve what no one but Marinelli ever thought they could. And like those dirty twelve, their football lives depend on how well they perform with the last chance anyone in the game will ever give them.