Cowboys: Against Eagles, Injuries Never an Excuse

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No excuses allowed. The Cowboys are getting bitten by the injury bug on both sides of the ball but that’s a part of the NFL that all teams have to deal with. It’s time for players to prove that they have earned the star on their helmet. The Cowboys have found diamonds in the rough that have become regular contributors. This list includes our multiple Pro Bowl, record breaking, undrafted quarterback Tony Romo.

Oct 13, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball against Washington Redskins linebacker Perry Riley Jr. (56) at AT

Last year, the Cowboys defense was decimated with injuries and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan seemed to snatch fans from the stands to play a few downs. Our defensive line is being called “The Scrubs”, but if you’ve ever washed dishes, you know how effective a Brillo pad can be. I don’t believe our Scrubs will be pushed around or bullied. Conditioning may be a problem, but these are guys that have been anxiously waiting for their shot — their chance — perhaps their one opportunity to become a game changer, to make their mark, to make their friends and family proud.

I expect to see a lot of hustle from our Scrubs and a lot of fundamental tackling. There should be a lot of solid play up-front.  The rest of the defensive unit is healthy but the entire unit will need some help. That help can come from the offense by extending drives.

Even without running back, DeMarco Murray at full strength, the Cowboys offense needs to run the ball effectively. This requires the use of the run to get first downs, extend drives and keep the Eagles defense from becoming pass rush/blitz happy. The Cowboys have a potent group of receivers from Dez Bryant to Cole Beasley, but becoming one dimensional offensively makes it easier for the Eagles defense to stop us. It also contributes to short drives, consisting of less than 8 plays which won’t give the defense an opportunity to rest.

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